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Apparently, GOD HAS ARRIVED!!! (Movie)

PostPosted: 03 Jul 2013
by enlightened


PostPosted: 03 Jul 2013
by ex-l
With or without all capital letters?

Usual BK stuff framed as an upper middle class Father speaking to his young son. Soon to be followed by "God of Gods" in which they screw up their apostrophes yet again ... only thing time it's the other way around! Who is Ingrid Urich-Sass and is she in it?

PERSONALLY ... (whoops, too much upper case) ... personally, I prefer "humankind". It's less sexist. Why even in the BKs is it man, man, man ... and it should be lay hidden not "lied hidden" unless that is a Freudian slip ... as in hidden lies. Sorry, I expect God to be particular about dotting the i's, crossing the t's and grammar. Therefore, it's proof enough for me it is not god.

John Urich-Sass, our Beverley Hills/Mexico BK, has been doing the usual and sending around film festivals as a way of getting any non-BKs to watch it at all; e.g. here, here and perhaps more including a different Monaco Angel Film Festival (cast and director attended). Previously mentioned here, however, I see no longer exists.

Ethics of using your kid to do BK service?
John Urich Sass using his kid for BK service at Monaco Angel Film Festival.

We missed this "wing" ... the "International Film Group of the Brahma Kumaris" produce a film festival of their own called "Seeing Through a Different Lens: a Short Film Festival for the Spirit" ... "an initiative to bring together the creative minds within the global Brahma Kumaris community (BKs and friends of the BK family), a chance to discover all the talents that could offer so much to a global audience and build a community of like-minded artists going forward". Had a festival in 2010. Doesn't look like it happened in 2012.

No one told or invited us, as usual. :sad:

Looks like they (BK Marie Edery) tried to float, Dadi JANKI: THE MOVIE too.
GOD Has Arrived (A True Story ...) a John Urich-sass Film (Download here).

This story is my personal experience of how I found God, or how God found me.

It is a story that began when I first questioned about the origins of man. Questions that took me to the mountains of Oaxaca in Mexico in the search of answers. To my surprise, those answers lied hidden in the other side of the world, in the mountains of Rajasthan, in India. I not only found the origins of the man, I found the origins of my own existence. I found the mind of God.

There is no greater truth that I can leave behind to my Son than the truth God stamped in my heart.

There is a higher quality English trailer ... complete with "invading vikings" type movie music (turn your volume down).


PostPosted: 04 Jul 2013
by enlightened
I thought the BK's God arrived in 1937 :-? :-? :-?


PostPosted: 04 Jul 2013
by raistlin
Scary movie. :-?


PostPosted: 27 Nov 2013
by BK John (Mexico)
Hi. This is John Urich-Sass.
I just have one question for the administration.
I would like to know who gave "enlightened" permition to upload my film GOD HAS ARRIVED on your page? Or who gave you (Brahma Kumaris info) permition to show it?
Thank you.

by enlightened » 03 Jul 2013 ... dSZ_ylwbIV ... dSbUSlwbIU ... dSa2ilwbIU


PostPosted: 27 Nov 2013
by Pink Panther
Who put it on Youtube John?

And then you provide links to the same on other sites, with ads?

I can only assume you are piggy-backing off this site to gain more click-throughs and advertising revenue (and ego gratification) to add to any gained from your association with the BKs. What do I mean by that? (You may ask. I will answer)

As a film maker you are a small fish in a large ocean. As a film maker in the BKWSU you are a big fish in a small pond where superficial, glamourous skills are highly valued and whose membership provide a captive audience that will drool over any Gyani PR that has a modicum of a ”slick professional look to it”, and you’ll be celebrated by them. It is seductive indeed.


PostPosted: 27 Nov 2013
by ex-l
Thank, Pink.

Enlightened does not need anyone's permission to post links on this website.

Nor are they doing anything wrong by doing so.

As Pink point out, your video is on Youtube. If you have a beef with that, take it up with Youtube.

Beyond that, there is a concept called of "Fair Use" that as a content creator you ought to be aware of.

Just out of interest, we're discussing issues related to the BKs in Mexico right now, perhaps you could comment or clarify on some of the issues arising from that? Are you still a BK, swallow the whole "God has come ... the bombs have been made ... Destruction is coming soon" business?

If you are really interested in the BKs, you might have a look over our history section because we uncovered some amazing things about the BKs ... like no God Shiva in the religion until after 1955, multiple failed predictions of Destruction, historical cover ups and revisions and so on.

Do you think all that could really be the work of "God" ... and can an "Age of Truth" be built on such lies as they are currently telling?


PostPosted: 27 Nov 2013
by BK John (Mexico)
If someone broke the law by uploading it on Youtube, does that mean you too can break the law? Yes, I will remove it from Youtube. I have done this seven times now. People want it on Youtube, but I have never authorized this. There is a reason for this.

So I am asking you through this medium to please remove the links from your page.

I will comment anything you want (regarding Mexico or anything) when you have the courage to take off your masks. Why hide when you possess the truth?

I did not "use" my kid to do BK service, as you state under my picture. I shared this adventure with my son so he would have a nice memory of his dad for the rest of his life. Just want to clarify this before you try to destroy this memory ...

You people are hurting inside. That is very clear to me. Just know one thing: nor I nor my kid are your enemies.


PostPosted: 27 Nov 2013
by ex.brahma
You address yourself as "BK John", and you expect to be called a FRIEND ?!


PostPosted: 27 Nov 2013
by lokila
John, I am not the only one here who witnessed how the lives of small kids, brought up within the BK doctrines were ruined.

When they are old enough to decide for themselves not to live the life of a BK, they are left with nothing. No education, no support, no clue how to interact socially in the real world. Haunted by ideas of bad karma and eternal loss of hapiness, depression will take over.

Please, give your boy a chance. Like kids all over the world, he has the right to make choices for himself when he grows up. Without fear, without haunting thoughts of being worthless, ugly and vicious.


PostPosted: 27 Nov 2013
by jann
I totally agree with you Lokila.

I list below some beliefs which whether accurate or mistaken interpretations of Raja Yoga can be used very differently by a child from that intended by the teaching adult. These are in no particular order
    My centre teacher is God’s representative.

    God takes upon himself the bad karma of Raja Yogi failings.

    My senior teachers talk to God and are never wrong.

    All anger is absolutely wrong.

    All human love or attachment is absolutely wrong.

    There is no valid or good reason to leave Raja Yoga.

    To leave Raja Yoga is to curse oneself forever.

    The body is only a vehicle.

    The world is about to be destroyed in a nuclear holocaust.

    I should love my Raja Yoga family more than my original family.

    I should not follow the instructions of non-Raja Yogis.

    The Cycle of history repeats identically.

    My life as a Raja Yogi dictates all of my future lives.

    Past karma dictates what happens to me.

    All human and natural history is within a 2500 year time span

    My mistakes as a Raja Yogi are repeated ad infinitum in future cycles.

    All sex is absolutely wrong.

    My parents were only meant to look after me until I found Raja Yoga.

    The brain is merely part of the body, it is the soul that thinks.

    It is the destiny of me as a Raja Yogi to rule the world.

    Raja Yoga is the one true religion.

    Only Raja Yogis will go to heaven, the rest will only have limited happiness in what is for Raja Yogis hell.

    India is the true cultural home of the world and of my true identity.

    Only God as revealed through Raja Yoga teaches true knowledge.

    All science is wrong.
Anyone experienced in the child sciences will immediately be able to imagine some very toxic interpretations by children of such ideas both individually and when combined. And it is in the compounding of such beliefs particularly –when two or three or four are put together - that the damage from the effects can grow exponentially.

Therefore, it not surprising that the young seek to emulate those that they admire. But living the life of a monk when you are 60 is very different than when you are 16. And such a life includes the following:
    No friends outside of Raja Yoga

    No cinema, TV, radio, novels or magazines.

    Indian dress rather than local.

    No food cooked by non-Raja Yogis (including ones own parents)

    No socialising with the opposite sex.

    No romance or sexual experimentation whatsoever.

    No socialising with ‘bad’ Raja Yogis.

    Complete shower and change of clothes after bowel movement.

    Early morning meditation at 4 am followed by morning class at 6.30am

    please read: Child Abuse and Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (Raja Yoga)

    A personal assessment of child protection in BKWSU, documentation of proven risk, abuse disclosure and the ongoing campaign for child protection provision.

    June 2004
By E Romain


PostPosted: 28 Nov 2013
by ex-l
lokila wrote:Please, give your boy a chance ...

Yes ... and don't use his innocence and purity to promote a parastical End of the World cult like the Kirpalani Klan.

Besides, you're a relative newcomer to the BKs. There's a very good chance that will come back to haunt you in later life.

What right have you got to use your child in this way? He's clearly too young to understand what is going on and give consent.

It's a form of exploitation and typical of BK parents (... and, yes, I would say the same about Christians or Jews etc).

Has God come? Well, the interesting thing we've discovered about that was that there was no mention of God Shiva within the Brahma Kumaris until after 1955. The 1936 story is a complete fabrication. If you believe it, you've been fooled'; and you if recycle it, you're de-frauding others.

Your movie is downloadable from some website or another, I have no idea who uploaded it there. We are not "showing it", we are documenting it for the critical discussion of the ethical issue it raises. That would be covered under Fair Use, in my opinion ... and there is certainly a strong "public interest" element.

Please tell us "the reason" you state?

Are you doing a BK Robin Ramsay and blurring the edges between your own personal/professional interests and Brahma Kumari evangelism? Spinning two plates at once as it were, and using BKism for professional advancement as a film maker?

Oh, weren't you entering it into competitions and festivals too, just like Robin? And the festivals demand it must not have been shown publicly elsewhere. It's obviously another "service yukti" (strategy) the media BKs have worked out.


That's an awfully strong word but clearly one that used of us within the Brahma Kumari world ... along with "traitor", "Shudras", "defamers", "lowest of the low", devilish ... and so on. We never get any credit for the good we do. They even continue to ignore the factual truths we raise ... they are very 'ignorant' of us.

And are you our "enemy" ... or even "humanity's enemy"?

Well, I guess that all depends on whether you believe "giving courage to the scientists to using the bombs" or "Baba hitting the button", like you watch in Madhuban, to annihilate 7 billion human being is a good thing or a bad thing.

I, personally, don't know. Sometimes humanity depresses me and I think it would be better if we wiped ourselves ... but not destroyed the rest of the planet with us. The other species all seem to be able to harmonise with nature. It's only we human beings who appear to be possessed by such evil genes. But, at the very least, I believe that we, as a whole, should openly and honestly discuss the issue ... the opposite to what the secretive, clandestine and habitually dishonest Brahma Kumaris elite believe.

If there is a public interest issue, e.g. the manner in which the Brahma Kumaris and their adherent using innocent children, then there's a good case to keep the links. I don't think the BK leaders should be allowed anywhere near children minds, any more than a pedophile Catholic priest should be allowed to go near their bodies.


PostPosted: 28 Nov 2013
by Pink Panther
Worth revisiting those words Jann. Thanks.

Why are these so much more harmful for kids?

Well, we’ve discussed before the cognitive dissonance that adult BKs are infected with. For there to be cognitive dissonance, there needs to be at least two different paradigms or rationales that are contradictory, and the psyche finds switches and routers to turn them on and off as required without immediate harm (although what happens in the longer term has been made apparent through the experience of many) .

For children to be raised in a strict religious environment - well, there’s only one rationale, one logic, one paradigm and it includes a belief that it is the only valid one. It is not pluralistic, ecumenical, secular. It considers itself ”tolerant” of other ”unfortunates". An adult has chosen to become a BK and knows there are alternatives.

As the BK child grows it will eventually encounter the cracks and flaws in the ideal.

But whereas a ”normal” child becomes old enough to be told "yes what you heard at school is correct, there really is no santa claus, it’s a fun story we have for little kids and you are obviously old enough to know the truth now, but don't tell your little Brother yet", a BK child is surrounded by puerile adults who will reinforce every aspect of the BK theology.

I know a few boys who grew up in BK families... Only when they go through older adolescence do they hit a wall, of hormones, peer presures, widened horizons and education, and a growing awareness that parents and teachers might all be so wrong. It is very hard, a major crisis that different kids respond to in their own ways.

Some cope, some are permanently scarred - more than a adult BK convert who had a stable upbringing beforehand..


PostPosted: 28 Nov 2013
by Misty
Hello Mr. John, welcome at the forum and pleased to meet you !

My name is Misty and I would like to ask you a question.

Some time ago we were making a survey of the status of the BK in different countries (a thread started by Pink Panther). We were investigating how many adherents the BK has (by estimation).

You can find it here :

Then Mexico came into speaking and I pointed at the SMLcourse that was introduced in Mexico by former president Mr. Fox.

You can find it here :

Lateron, in that last thread, we discussed the importance of this SMLprogramme in Mexico. I am looking for someone that can tell me more about the way the introduction of BK-ism in Mexico developed. I think you are exactly the one that can help me further. Maybe you can tell me something about the situation. Or you can ask the senoirs in your country, maybe.

Information is welcome. You know, I really think Baba brought us together ...

Furthermore, I was wondering if you couldn't make a film about the whole project. There is plenty of interesting material involved : VIP's and their interaction, probably the Mexican mafia, drugs, Coca Cola, election fraud, triangulation, money whitewash, corruption, the supernatural element and amongst all the BK. I think it would make a wonderful movie and attract a large audience. Plenty of free advertisement for the BK. And you can to serve God. What do you think ? Is it worth a try ?

Regarding your profile I think you would be interested ;
short description of interest in joining forum :

I have not left Baba or the BK family, but something has to be done to STOP the abuses with the Seniors. I am not here too serve them. I am here to serve God. My aim is to try and implement a system (by law) in the Yagya where Seniors should have to pass certain tests to be considered Seniors There is too much corruption in this organization. Global Functioning is a Mafia controled by a selected few.

Bye for now,



PostPosted: 29 Nov 2013
by Misty