BK News: Overcrowding Problem in the Subtle Regions

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Re: BK News: Overcrowding Problem in the Subtle Regions

Post03 May 2017

sandoc Kumar wrote:Each BK should reach out to ways of physical and mental torture. They can stab themselves with sharp knife, burn with fire, undergo surgeries without anaesthesia, jump from heights and break bones etc. etc.

I prefer they use a blunt knife

It's funny, we joke about such things ... we call it "gallows humour" in English meaning "grim and ironic humour in a desperate or hopeless situation" ... but these things actually happen within BKism. BKs are that desparate, no one notices or they have no one to talk to and their Baba does nothing and not answer them. They have no one to talk to or cannot talk to their real family because they are divorced from them and they are indoctrinated not to show "weakness" or speak Maya, or against seeking outside from "ignorant", "body conscious" shudras (non-BK).

A beautiful and talented young women at our centre committed suicide but jumping from a high building not once but twice ... 5 stories like it says in the Murli.

In Dehli, a man cut himself to death.

In Abu, a man hanged himself to death.

In Panipat, a young woman burned herself to death.

They are been more suicides most unspoken about, or covered up.

Why does their god spirit or enlightened leaders see their unhappiness and help them? Oh, the BKs say, "that's Drama ... that was there karma ... their role ... it cannot be helped, the same thing will happen every 5,000 Years".

And, instead, the mad old BKs who are driving people to these actions are treated like gods or gurus and never questioned.

It is time they admitted their god is a fake and their psychic experiment a multiple failure.

sandoc kumar

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Re:Follow Brother

Post06 May 2017

These BKs by killing themselves renounced their bodies and thereby also body-consciosness. They have very Intelligently neutralized their karmic accounts through intense suffering in one go. They are sure to be re-incarnated in the Emperors' Dynasty, along with all those with surname Kriplani, in the Golden Age and richly rewarded with jewels and palaces. They will then continue to rule and enjoy for next 20 births.

Then in the next Confluence Age, they will again kill themselves by burning and cutting and come back as rulers in the next Golden Age.

The other BKs should Learn from such brave acts of their would be deities and follow their path henceforth, to be successful.

From the tormentous early death in Confluence Age, the ultimate gain is huge and very tempting.

Brahma Bap's Legitimate Child
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Re: BK News: Overcrowding Problem in the Subtle Regions

Post07 May 2017

Sandoc Kumar, you are hilarious. You may enjoy a novel by Gore Vidal called ”Messiah” where the eponymous prophet teaches suicide as the highest spiritual path, and the new religion takes over the whole world, except for ... the Muslim world because of its strong teachings against suicide (which proves how suicide bombing is anathema to Islam so those terrorists aren’t Muslims - as if killing civilians wasn’t enough to show that!).

He eventually confronts the fact that he has to practice what he preaches! A great satire.

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