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Media campaign against Brahmakumaris

PostPosted: 07 May 2017
by Zenobia
Dear friends,

I have been in BKs now for almost 5 years and some of which are as a center resisdent. I came looking for a way to calm myself after going through a break-up of an important relationship. I just wanted to meditate and what I got sucked into is so different ... a cult. I am surprised how did I buy it all? They are fraudsters, thugs, con artists who know how to brainwash people into giving money, time, labour for nothing in return.

I am over it ... thanks to this website and the contributors countless hours spend on writing here.

But I discovered this website recently and it's blessing that I am not the only one who is struggling to live with the flawed BK philosophy.. There are many more who have seen the truth and left to pursue better lives.

I want to bring out a media campaign against Brahmakumaris in India - that's where their roots are and the money comes from.

I would request the Admin of this site and other contributors to guide me or link me with others who have the data on how many families have been split up, suicides of followers or any other legal or human rights violation by the BKs.

If it's documented or the victims can record their experiences on a video, we can forward it to the news channels.

Re: Media campaign against Brahmakumaris.

PostPosted: 07 May 2017
by Pink Panther
Welcome Zenobia - Jennifer, Guinevere :-)

There is no database that details how many families have been split up, the number of suicides, legal violations etc. What we have on record here, from personal anecdotes, research, hearsay etyc is probably the tip of an iceberg.

As the song lyric goes ”Men go crazy in congregations, they only get better one by one”. The truth that people share on a forum like this one helps those, like yourself, who’ve sensed there is more to the BKs than the public face or even the current teachings & beliefs. There have been articles in the media over the years but, like the scandals and crimes of the Catholic Church, they are seen as aberrations, and there are enough believers to sustain them, who will believe and donate and attend, no matter what.

It is part of a free society that people have freedom of religion - or if you prefer, freedom to believe any nonsense they like. It's part of that same free society for people like us to report what facts we can, share our experiences and express our cynicism.

My opinion is that if the BKs were to dissolve tomorrow, most BKs would drift into the orbit of a similar group and belief system. What is actually happening is that the BKs keep shape-shifting to keep attracting followers. What they do and how they present themselves in the West is different to India, different today to what it was 30 years ago, and different again 60 years ago ... and so on.

And any scandal is mostly hushed up anyway. Any cases where it is serious criminal activity, the persons involved are either moved on, or if that is impossible, claimed to be renegade, not representative, and cut off by the BKs for their own preservation.

Maybe you can start a topic and tell us some of your story?

Re: Media campaign against Brahmakumaris.

PostPosted: 07 May 2017
by Fearless.soul
Hello Zenobia,

I am with you.

Tell me more about your planning to start such campaign??

Re: Media campaign against Brahmakumaris.

PostPosted: 07 May 2017
by sandoc kumar
BKs have a strong Media Wing and an equally powerful Legal Wing comprising of lawyers and judges. These wing people are kept happy and contented by annual retreats at Mount Abu, where they are given a warm hospitality. Only good spiritual lectures by best of BKs or Non-BK teachers form the acedemic agenda. The Real Hidden BK motives and beliefs are not touched in these retreats.

It will be difficult to convince these people about the harms caused by and of the BK cult.

This forum alone is standing against the ills of the BKs.

The forum can be strengthened further by the collective propaganda.

Re: Media campaign against Brahmakumaris.

PostPosted: 08 May 2017
by ex-l
Hi Zenobia

I would not worry about the BKs legally. As long as you always stick to the truth, there is nothing they can do. We have been doing this for 10 years or so now. When we first started the BK tried to crush us with legal threats. They failed to do so and because they did *even* more and even *worse* truths came out about them and so they ran with their legs between their tails and we have never heard about them since.

It created such a stink within the leadership that I think they have adopted a policy of just ignoring criticism ... because they don't want even dirtier truths to come out.

It would create too much bad press for them.

The Media Wing is a problem in that the BKs think the "highest service of humanity" is boasting about themselves and how wonderful they are, therefore your biggest problem is the BKs trying to bury any "inconvenient truth" under mountains of stupid and dishonest press releases for things like "The World's Most Stable Mind (untrue)" or "The World's Biggest Shivalingum made out of Coconuts" ... or whatever thing they think of next.

Likewise, at a local level, as soon as any bad press starts to come out, they send some sweet, young Sister around to offer journalists and editors prasad (toli) and, as above, invitations to free holiday retreats where they are treated nicely and looked after by the unpaid BK female slave workers.

Unfortunately I cannot speak Hindi so I am limited to how much I can help you, however, you are free to take any information from this site. It is very, very accurate. We researched the early history of the BKs and found the current version to be utterly false and we have documented and exposes many of their crimes and abuses.

There is a huge army of hurt and damaged people in India; ex-BKs, friend and family members. There are 10,000s if not 100,000s of broken families. Families who have lost property and wealth to the BKs, parent and family members. Especially women who have been conned out of their jewellery and into giving up a family life and who now are, in essence, trapped within the BK system as they have no one to look after them.

Some women, both young and old, have been "given" to the BKs as part of a deal, e.g. widows if the husband donates his property to the BKs. When young girls "surrender" - and they may just be escaping marriages - the parents must donate their dowries and pay for their board and lodgings.

The important thing is a adopt the right attitude and not to simply be an "Anti-Party". The BKs would love to have an "Anti-Party". For them, it would signify the End of the World has come ... and it is the most easy thing for them to discredit to their followers.

Note, I separate BKs from BK followers. Most BK followers are just victims. Focus on the abusive, dishonest leadership.

Don't be "anti-BK" but be "pro-" something ... pro-truth, pro-rationality, pro-scientific accuracy, pro-accountability. pro-accountability (find out how much money and property they have and how they spend it), pro-women's and workers' rights *within* BKism etc.

Demand that the BKs be *more* better. That is the worst of all for them.

Documenting any crimes and corruption within BKism to stop them is fine, but try and take the "moral high ground" ... avoid making it easy for the BKs to criticise you as "angry" ... or a "hater".

I think we have a Hindi forum here but no one uses it because we are mainly international, so start a Hindi blog or forum to bring together the many BK criticis ... encourage people to freely discuss, documend and speak out the truth of the BKs.

There was a women social worker in India who deeply criticised the BKs for their mass marriages of virgins to the god spirit. Her name is on this forum. There are a few India academics who have criticised the BKs (e.g. Prem Chowdry) ... but always be prepared for the BKs to contact them too and try and seduce or silence them.

In my opinion, the BK inner circle operates like a secret mafia with numerous "clean fronts" to distract people and make them think they are good. Yes, many of the fronts are benign ... largely ineffectual but not damaging ... but they really are just fronts, not BKism itself.

And again, in my opinion, BKism is essentially a "long con" ... a long confidence trick. We say in English, "to play a long game". A "short confidence trick" takes a little time and takes a little money. BKism takes a longer approach, involving many elements and actors, and in the end take as much as possible to the point of everything out of its victims, confusing and trapping with their ideas.

In my book, "god does not lie", "god does not trick", "god does not make false prediction", "god does not need money". "god is universal and not elitist" ... therefore BKism is not of God.

You can appeal to religious people in this way, or from a secular, humanistic, non-religious, scientific point of view.

You might also focus on the caste elements of BKs and their bogus claim to be Brahmins and their calling of everyone else and all non-BKs are Shudras.

If you like, you can help us by translating ito Hindi what you read here ... but try and gather friends and allies around you.

Do some detective work ... like try and find out more about their front person Shivani or the nasty thing their zones-in-charge have done.

Focus on how rich they have become doing nothing, when there is so much hunger and poverty in India.

Their biggest weakness is their pride, so shine a light into their darkest corners and expose where they are the ugliest and most hypocritical.

It costs them a lot to chase and trap VIPs, so If they contact one and boast about it, contact the VIP or their people too; warn them about the truth of the BKs and how they use people.

Re: Media campaign against Brahmakumaris.

PostPosted: 08 May 2017
by Zenobia
Dear All,

Thanks for your replies and ideas. I am of the view that if a group of people are determined enough, anything can be achieved. Now we saw this at work in "service". Illiterate, village-bred women with hysterical concepts are roaming around the world to wake-up so called "shudras"... So cannot we also do the same? Don't we have the same sanskaars of service, albeit this time it'll be real service for humanity.

What I am planning is - please give me the names of members here who have suffered at the hands of BKs. I'll email them to record their experience if possible with proofs and store it. If someone can help in filing the data, it will be indeed very helpful. Then I'll forward this to some famous media contacts of national TVs and proceed ahead. If someone wants to remain anonymous their faces can be blurred.

I request the current BKs to do some real service - record the meetings (especially the parts where members are encouraged to bring money, VIPs, rich people into the organisation) and send it to me. Innocent youth are being exploited by the BKs, families are torn apart ... How can we just be mute spectators?

Out of the thousands affected, some 2000 are members here. So I request the Admin and others to recommend those profiles of people who have suffered and most likely will like to be a part of this campaign.

I am not trying to wipe Brahmakumaris from the face of earth but warn society at large of possible implications of this cult ... By this even if we can prevent a few hundreds from joining the BKs, waking up current BKs and shaking those who are sponsoring them, I would consider it the real service for the world ...

Thanks Fearless for your enthusiasm. I count you in. I hope your bf realises what he is doing? You are brave women and can save others from suffering by your sincere efforts. Can you travel around area to document experiences of victims? Though I suggest don't do it alone. A single young woman in our country gets unwanted attention and risk. Do you have a male friend who will help ...? You must be from Gujarat ... which city? Email me, I will share more details as I get time. Why cannot we disclose our locations so that our campaign can be more cost-effective. It easier and cheaper to start from grass roots.

I am sure there will be many victims ... We will find out in the next few days who and where are they.

Suggestions -
    - Women followers are being dropped and picked up from the centres for morning Murli class. At most centre's its between 7-8am. Why don't we approach their sons,husbands while they are waiting outside, give a brief introduction and ask them to share their experience.
    - Every centre maintains a register of their member's addresses.Visit their family members when the BKs are away on a class or service programme. Current BKs or existing BKs can pitch in here.
    - Get friendly with some novice BKs who is still in the honeymoon phase and ask them about the importance of VIP service as per their god.
    - Download and save the Sakar and avayakt Murli spoken by Gulzar especially those which are Destruction. Once some media campaign, BKs will block everything.
More suggestions are invited.

Re: Media campaign against Brahmakumaris.

PostPosted: 09 May 2017
by Fearless.soul
Hello Respected Members,

Above platform will be helpful to file​ petition first. Through collective sign and support such petition will be open publicly and will delivered​ to all concern authorities to resolve it or to stop such activities mentioned in petition.

Need collective support for worthy outcome.

Should we expect such support from all the members of this forum!!

Re: Media campaign against Brahmakumaris.

PostPosted: 09 May 2017
by ex-l
Zenobia wrote:I am not trying to wipe Brahmakumaris from the face of earth but warn society at large of possible implications of this cult ...

That's the right idea. In the first place, it's about protecting the weak and vulnerable from exploitation.

The BKs have invested million of dollars and multi-millions of workers' hours establishing an false idea about what they and BKism is. Few people buy it or are interested but the media tends to copy and paste it ... Blah blah blah Brahma Kumaris ... United Nations ... blah blah blah.

You can start by working across social media and new sites establishing a different and more accurate meme about the BKs as the exploitive, destructive, dishonest, supremacist End of the World cult they are. All it takes is a little investment of time every other day consistently until you have peppered the internet sufficiently to effect the search engines. You want to work in Hindi or whatever other Indian language you have as criticism in the English media is pretty well established.

Follow the BKs and find out which VIP or government department they are chasing, and write to them.

I think the rights of BKs and especially the BK slave class, the kunyas (virgins) and unpaid workers within BKism, is important. At present BK adherents have no rights. They don't exist. They could be chucked out tomorrow or, if the cult collapses, left with nothing. No pension, no insurance, no education, no real skills. They are not even "members" of the cult, they are just donors with no rights. You might discuss that.

Please understand that I, at my end, have been doing this for about 10 years and am a little sick and tired of them, therefore my support is with you ... but I will be a slow. You've got to be self-motivating as I cannot provide that for you.

If you want to start a Hindi blog about the BKs, or to translate material here, we can webhost that for you if you want.

Also, try and get into real media ... newspapers, magazines, TV etc ... as not everything is dominated by the internet in India.

Advertise for "victims of BKs", organise events inviting them to come forward, tell their story and support each others. Document their corruption.

Good luck, I really mean. *Someone* in India really must take this work or supporting victims and stopping people being recruited on as the majority of BKs are still there. It is still a very small fringe religion in the West.

Tell people the truth about what BKism *really* says and teaches to save them from being slowly sucked in by the peace of mind courses.

I have a few contacts in India, some of whom are very dedicated and having success ... I will try and put you in touch with each other.

Thank you.

Re: Media campaign against Brahmakumaris.

PostPosted: 09 May 2017
by sandoc kumar
Anything concerned with Lord Krishna is a matter of great religious faith among Indian Hindus.

Lord Krishna is the Hindu God and not just a deity.

BKs claim of Brahma Bap to be Lord Krishna can be a very sensitive issue with the Hindu Organisations and lead to a
major backlash.

Since BKs keep this knowledge of theirs confined to their own clan, the Hindu Organisations are mostly unaware. Only this fact is to be brought out in the open, in the Hindi speaking Belt states of India, through Media etc .

The BKs will have the lesson of their life.

Some Hindu Organisations that can be conveyed about the BKs' misuse of the name of Lord Krishna are as follows;-
    Vishwa Hindu Parishad
    Hindu Jagran Manch
    Hindu Vahini
    Bajrang Dal
    Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh
These are few names there are many others.

Truely, a BK well wisher

Re: Media campaign against Brahmakumaris.

PostPosted: 12 May 2017
by Zenobia

Please forward me the emails of those contacts.


Re: Media campaign against Brahmakumaris.

PostPosted: 12 May 2017
by ex-l
Give me a day or two ...

I am pretty sure an India TV show or magazine would be interested in running a story about what we do here.

One day perhaps I will make it to India to speak out about BK abuses. It might interest the media in a Westerner doing so.

Re: Media campaign against Brahmakumaris

PostPosted: 15 Sep 2017
by Maui
I am stunned right now; I don't even know what to say to all of you. I feel like I've turned myself inside out and lost a big part of myself for almost a decade now ... as well as effects on others.

For Zenobia ... Madhuban has a huge, powerful media dept. They are well compensated for their work ... be careful.

Re: Media campaign against Brahmakumaris

PostPosted: 16 Sep 2017
by ex-l
Maui wrote:For Zenobia ... Madhuban has a huge, powerful media dept. They are well compensated for their work ... be careful.

How man people are employed by them and how are they compensated?

It sick really ... the Brahma Kumaris take money, property and jewellery off the poorest people to "purify their karma" and "serve humanity" ... but "serving humanity" really just means promoting and advertising themselves. Doing PR.

Small truth resonates with people. Far biggger corporations and governments, with far more professional and effective PR agents, have been brought down by simple exposés of their ways.

The thing to do is aim for their vulnerabilities; their habit of lying and exaggerating, their money and property grabbing, their failed predictions of the End of the World and how they have used them to manipulate people to get more ... and, if you know them, abuses by Seniors at a personal level.

Re: Media campaign against Brahmakumaris

PostPosted: 18 Sep 2017
by Maui
I don't know how many Ex-I; but there are a great many at Godlywood studios ...

A year ago I was there and it was enormous amount of work going on. They have a lot of freedom from both Dadi Janki and Jayantibhen ... they make a lot of their own decisions and there is a lot of jealousy present when I was there as to who does what and what is worked on.

The media in Gyan Sarover is very busy too and a great many movies being made and they are given spending money and compensation to promote these all over. I witnessed with a friend there much money in various denominations being given by a Brother sent by Brother Nawair ... he knew my friend so it seemed nothing was being hidden. When we left, my friend refused to elaborate.

Re: Media campaign against Brahmakumaris

PostPosted: 18 Sep 2017
by ex-l
Maui wrote:... they are given spending money and compensation to promote these all over. I witnessed with a friend there much money in various denominations being given by a Brother sent by Brother Nawair ... he knew my friend so it seemed nothing was being hidden. When we left, my friend refused to elaborate.

You mean, payment given to the coders, editors, technicians etc ... or money to promote, ie expenses or bribes, showings of the videos made?

Rupees or other currencies?

Amazing ... so they pay followers to do "service" now? It's just a huge business?

I remember they were paying to show BK Shivani on TV. Her show was a paid for advertisement, not a proper TV show.