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PostPosted: 10 Oct 2007
by arjun
Prashna No.SM-63: Avinashi pad ka khata jamaa hota rahey, uskee vidhi kya hai?
Uttar: Sadaa buddhi may swadarshan chakra firtaa rahey. Chaltey-firtey apnaa shaantidhaam aur sukhdhaam Yaad rahey toh ek taraf vikarma vinaash hongey aur doosrey taraf avinaashi pad ka khaataa bhi jamaa hota jayega. Baap kahtey hain tumko light house ban-na hai. Ek aankh may shaantidhaam, doosri aankh may sukhdhaam rahey.

Question No.SM-63: What is the method of continuously accumulating the account of imperishable post?
Ans: The swadarshan chakra (cycle of self-realization) should always keep rotating in the intellect. While moving around one must remember the abode of peace (shaantidhaam) and the abode of happiness (sukhdhaam), then, on the one side the sins would get destroyed and on the other side the account of imperishable post would also go on getting accumulating. The Father says – you have to become light house – abode of peace in one eye and the abode of happiness in the other eye.

(taken from the revised Sakar Murli dated 17.08.07, published by the BKs in Hindi and translated by a PBK)

PostPosted: 11 Oct 2007
by arjun
Prashna No.SM-64: Dehi-abhimaani bachhon kay mukh say kaun-say shabd nahee niklengey?
Uttar: Merey man ko shaanti kaisey miley? Yah shabd dehi-abhimani bachchon kay mukh say nahee nikal saktey. Deh-abhimaan vaaley hee yah shabd boltey hain kyonki unhay aatmaa ka gyaan hee nahee hai. Tum jaantey ho aatma ka swadharma hee shaant hai. Man kay shaanti kee toh baat hee nahee. Aatmaa apney swadharma may tik jaaye toh man shaant ho jaayega. Aatma so parmaatmaa kahney vaaley hee is baat ko samajh nahee saktey.

Question No.SM-64: Which words cannot emerge from the mouth of soul-conscious children?
Ans: How can I get peace of mind? These words cannot emerge from the mouth of soul conscious children. Those with body consciousness would only speak these words because they do not have The Knowledge of soul at all. You know that the own/self religion (swadharma) of the soul itself is peace. There is no question of peace of mind at all. If the soul becomes constant in (the stage of) its self-religion, then the mind would become peaceful. Those who say that ‘a soul itself is the Supreme Soul’ cannot understand this matter.

(taken from the revised Sakar Murli dated 23.08.07, published by the BKs in Hindi and translated by a PBK)

PostPosted: 12 Oct 2007
by arjun
Prashna No.SM-65: Baap ka pyaar va adhikaar kin bachhon par rahta hai?
Uttar: Jo achchi reeti padhtey aur padhaatey hain, saboot detey hain. Un par Baap ka sabsey adhik pyaar rahtaa hai. Jo achchi reeti padhney vaaley hain vahee mala may piroyengey.

Question No.SM-65: On which children does the Father shower his love and rights?
Ans: Those who study and teach well and give proof (of service). The Father loves them more than anyone else. Only those who study well would be threaded in the rosary.

(taken from the revised Sakar Murli dated 24.08.07, published by the BKs in Hindi and translated by a PBK)

PostPosted: 13 Oct 2007
by arjun
Prashna No.SM-66: Bhavishya dev pad praapt karney ke liye apnee kaun see jaanch karnee hai?
Uttar: Jaanch karo daivi gun dhaaran karney may kaun-kaun say vighna aatey hain, un vighnon ko yukti say udana hai. Apney ko dekhna hai ham paavan kahaan tak baney hain! Koi bhi kaanta rukaavat toh nahee daaltaaa!

Question No.SM-66: In what aspect should we check ourselves in order to achieve the future deity post?
Ans: Check – what are the obstacles that emerge in the path of inculcating divine virtues. One must remove those obstacles tactfully. One should check oneself – how far have I become pure! Does any thorn create any obstacle?

(taken from the revised Sakar Murli dated 24.08.07, published by the BKs in Hindi and translated by a PBK)

PostPosted: 14 Oct 2007
by arjun
Prashna No.SM-67: Is samay sabhi bachchon ko Baap dwara kaun Silver Age certificate leney ka purushaarth karnaa hai?
Uttar: Paavan duniya may jaaney kay liye paavan arthaat laayak ban-ney ka certificate lena hai. Jab is samay pavitrata ka pran karo tab buddhi Golden Aged baney. Pavitrata ka certificate leney ke liye Baap kee raay hai – Bachchey, aur sabsey apnaa buddhiyog nikaal gyaan chitaa par baitho. Ek maat-pitaa ko follow karo. Paavan rahnaa hee hai, yah pratigya karo. Baap kay saath sachchai say chalo.

Question No.SM-67: Now the children should make efforts to obtain which certificate from the Father?
Ans: One must obtain the certificate to become pure, i.e. worthy of going to the pure world. When you take a vow of purity, your intellect would become Golden Aged. In order to get the certificate of purity, the Father’s advice is – children, disconnect your intellect from everyone else and sit on the pyre of knowledge. Follow one mother and Father. Take a pledge that I have to remain pure without fail. Be true with the Father.

(taken from the revised Sakar Murli dated 27.08.07, published by the BKs in Hindi and translated by a PBK)

PostPosted: 15 Oct 2007
by arjun
Prashna No.SM-68: Sabsey mukhya tyohaar kaun Silver Age hai aur kyon?
Uttar: Sabsey mukhya tyohaar hai rakshabandhan kyonki Baap jab pavitrata kee raakhi baandhtey hain toh Bhaarat swarg ban jaataa hai. Rakshabandhan par tum bachchey sabko samjha saktey ho ki yah tyohaar manaanaa kab say shuru hua aur kyon? Satyug may is bandhan kee darkaar hee nahee. Lekin vah kah detey hain yah rakshabandhan toh paramparaa say chaltaa aayaa hai.

Question No.SM-68: Which is the most important festival and why?
Ans: The most important festival is Rakshabandhan because when the Father ties the Rakhi of purity, then Bhaarat becomes heaven. On the occassion of Rakshabandhan you children can explain everyone that when and why did the celebrations of this festival began? There is no need for this bond in the Golden Age at all. But they say that this Rakshabandhan has been going on (since a long time) as per tradition.

(taken from the revised Sakar Murli dated 28.08.07, published by the BKs in Hindi and translated by a PBK)

PostPosted: 16 Oct 2007
by arjun
Prashna No.SM-69: Jo bachchey dehi-abhimaani hain, unki nishaaniyaan kya hongi?
Uttar: Vah bahut-bahut meethey lovely hongey. Vah Shrimat par accurate chalengey. Vah kabhi kisi kaam ke liye bahaanaa nahee banaayengey. Sadaa haan jee karengey. Kabhi na nahee karengey. Jabki deh-abhimaani samajhtey yah kaam karney say meri ijjat chalee jaayegi. Dehi-abhimaani sadaa Baap kay firmaan par chalengey. Baap ka poora regard rakhengey. Kabhi krodh may aakar Baap kee avagya nahee karengey. Unka apnee deh say lagaav nahee hoga. ShivBaba kee Yaad say apnaa khana aabaad karengey, barbaad nahee honay dengey.

Question No.SM-69: What would be the indications of the children who are soul conscious?
Ans: They would be very-very sweet and lovely. They would follow the Shrimat accurately. They would not make excuses for any task. They would always say ‘haanji’ (yes, please). They would never say ‘naaji’ (no). While the body conscious ones feel that I would lose my honour/respect by performing this task. The soul conscious ones would always follow the order/directions of the Father. They would give full respect to the Father. They would not disobey the Father in anger. They would not have any attachment for their body. They would make themselves prosperous/happy through the remembrance of ShivBaba. They would not allow themselves to be ruined.

(taken from the revised Sakar Murli dated 29.08.07, published by the BKs in Hindi and translated by a PBK)

PostPosted: 17 Oct 2007
by arjun
Prashna No.SM-70: 21 janmon kay liye maalaamaal ban-ney ka saadhan kya hai?
Uttar: Avinaashi gyaan ratnon ka daan karo toh maalaamaal ban jaayengey kyonki yah ek-ek gyaan ratna laakhon rupayon ka hai. Jitna jo daan karega, Baap kee Yaad may rahega utnaa usay khushi ka paaraa chadhaa rahega.

Question No.SM-70: What is the means to become prosperous for 21 births?
Ans: If you donate the imperishable gems of knowledge, then you would become prosperous because every gem of knowledge is worth lakhs of rupees. The more one donates, the more one remains in remembrance of the Father, the more one would remain happy.

(taken from the revised Sakar Murli dated 30.08.07, published by the BKs in Hindi and translated by a PBK)

PostPosted: 18 Oct 2007
by arjun

With due respect to BKs, I would like to inform that I would not be posting any more Q&A from Sakar Murlis henceforth. Instead of this I am starting a new thread where I would be posting extracts from the latest Sakar Murlis published by BKs. I would not like to discuss the reasons for this. Whatever I had to write about this thread, I have already written in the first post and some other posts of this thread. But I will try to continue the thread of Q&A from AVs since these Q&As are very limited in numbers.

But, if any BK is interested, he/she can continue to post Q&A from Sakar Murlis in this thread if they can either translate from the Hindi versions or if they can quote from the official English versions of the Sakar Murlis that they might be receiving as a soft or hard (i.e. printed) copy.