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Re: BapDada - New season 2007-8

Post08 Apr 2008

If that is true, about numbers/cards/ids ... talking about control, hu ??!! :roll:

Good day , everyone ...
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Re: BapDada - New season 2007-8

Post12 Apr 2008

yogi108 wrote:Guest no2: He is a famous industrialist and owner of a FMCG company called Nirma group. They make detergents and soaps for the not-so-affordable Indian market ...

Dear Brother,
Omshanti. I have checked up with the original Hindi version of the last Avyakt Vani and it has not been mentioned anywhere that the Guest No.2 is the owner of the Nirma Group (of companies). In fact, like in the official English Version, the offical Hindi version also contains a separate paragraph on Avyakt BapDada speaking to Karsan Bhai Patel (Owner of the Nirma Group).

So, the Guest No.1, 2 & 3 continue to be a secret for the outside world.:lol:

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