Soorya Bhai and Atam Prakash Bhai

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Soorya Bhai and Atam Prakash Bhai

Post28 Feb 2008

Any views on these Indian Brothers in Madhuban ... keep hearing a lot about them. I believe Atam Prakash Bhai joined the organisation since he thought there would be a lot women whom he can pick up.

What other experiences others have had with these Brothers?
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snake charmers

Post28 Feb 2008

Hi, and love to everybody. I feel like replying to this mail because, curiously, I have thought about these Brothers a few days ago in connection with self-suggestion techniques and self-hypnosis.

They are - as well as Ramnath Bhai from the toli department - renown Yogi souls, sought after by many students for counselling about the subject of Yoga, supposedly experienced in concentration and how to link with God. They are charming and sort of introverted. Keep a low profile (I don't think they travel much outside Madhubhan lecturing etc.), and BKs tend therefore to trust them. Part of the establishment but not so obviously involved in the marketing aspects of the BKWSO.

I don't want to add much more, especially since I haven't been to Madhuban in a while, so I don't know what impression and vibes I would get from/about them if I was to meet them now.
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Ramnath Bhai

Post28 Feb 2008

I hung out with Ramnath for a time. He has great stories -- coming face to face with a tiger, being on a bus that rolled over -- always protected by God. He also teaches a particular systematic way of going from thinking about BK knowledge to experience. He seems to have a deep fulfillment. Not a bad world to live in, if it is really your world.

My world has proven (despite surface longings and intentions) to be rather different from Ramnath's and the BKs in general. This morning (visiting a place called "Temple of Peace") I thought about 'silence power' for the first time in about ten years. I access my internal powers in my own ways, not relying on the image of lotus or tortoise.

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