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One cannot chase two rabbit at the same time

PostPosted: 27 May 2008
by jaycdp

there is no need to gossip about BK or PBK because it is very clearly mentioned in their studies that it is only for those who want to become deva or devi. If someone does not want to become deva or devi then he or she must accept the truth and be happy with the subject status. OK, I understand if you do not want to become neither Raja nor Praja, in that case it is OK. Honestly, i do not want to be a raja but i chose not to be a praja. There was a story in grade three about the fox who tries to reach the grapes. And when he realized he could not reach the grapes he came up with a statement that those grapes are not good perhaps those grapes are pungent in taste.

I have never try to be a BK or PBK because i know my limit. But I never laugh at BKs or PBKs. I have used the BK and PBK knowledge in my life and i am happy with it. I am not saying it is not practical to be a pure. I honestly think purity is a principle and when you try to become perfect you are wrong. Purity has its application in different level. A pure Brahmin cannot be a pure police man. A pure Brahmin cannot be a pure doctor. A pure doctor cannot be a pure Brahmin.

Buddha once said one cannot chase two rabbits at same time.

Om Shanti