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What is so wonderful abouth the Murli?

PostPosted: 28 Jun 2008
by jann
What a bunch of bull ****.
Wah oh wah, the guru that makes me and followers sick, you (the guru, Dadi's) shall burn in hell.

"The supreme court and the county courts outside the city of New York, shall have the power to appoint one or more temporary conservators of the person and the property of any person over fifteen years of age, upon showing that such person for whom the temporary conservator is to be appointed has become closely and regularly associated with a group which practices the use of deception in the recruitment of members and which engages in systematic food or sleep deprivation or isolation from family or unusually long work schedules and that such person for whom the temporary conservator is to be appointed has undergone a sudden and radical change in behavior, lifestyle, habits and attitudes, and has become unable to care for his welfare and that his judgment has become impaired to the extent that he is unable to understand the need for such care." (13 )

Re: What is so wonderful abouth the Murli?

PostPosted: 29 Aug 2008
by jann
"If you want to punish someone, stop giving them the Murli."

Dadi Janki – 9.1.08 – GCH, London
Murli is life
Baba gives us so much knowledge. We should give double the amount of time we give to listening to knowledge to revising it. So, if we sit and listen for one hour, over the course of the day we should continually be revising a little bit at a time. By revising, we will be able to have the power of realisation. Baba gives us so much power. Baba said today, "It’s the real children who take power." When you are not experiencing power from Baba, what is your life worth? We are God’s children. Baba spoke clearly today about Bap and Dada. We are the children of Shiv Baba, the Resident of Paramdham. When we go to Shiv Baba in Paramdham, we receive His strength, His power. From Brahma Baba we receive His love. If you haven’t received His love and power, it means you are the step-children. What are step children like? They require a lot of effort from the parents and do such things… Their parents say, "What can I do?" But the real children don’t take so much of the parents’ time and effort. They receive blessings and good wishes, which the step children would not.
Today Baba said, "You receive blessings filled with good wishes." Not only now but in the future you receive such happiness and everything is successful. In lokik life, when gurus give the ashirvad (blessings), people are so happy. Here God Himself is giving those blessings! Even amongst the real children Baba said there are very few who have never had any doubts.
In the early days, when Dadi was looking after all the children in Baby Bhavan, Baba said, "No matter what, you must never get angry with them, you must never hit the children." One of those children is now looking after a centre in Kolabha. Baba said, "Give a lot of love to the children." I was 21 at the time and, while the mothers who came with the children became free, Baba gave me the service of looking after the children. I thought, "That’s not why I’ve come to Baba." But, because Baba said so, Dadi did that service and received so many blessings. I want you all to do such things that you receive Baba’s blessings. If a child did something wrong, I would not punish them in any other way except to say, "Today you will not receive toli, because you have been naughty." If you have not considered what your condition will be in your final moments, you are like a step-child. The song today was, ‘Don’t forget the days of your childhood’. This journey is a long path but we pass through the days laughing and singing.
Baba’s Murli is so lovely and gives so much nourishment. When someone says, "I am not enjoying Murli," what does that mean? Murli is life. Baba used to say, "If you want to punish someone, stop giving them the Murli." Nowadays people just study the Murli by themselves; there’s less value in that than listening in class. In the early days, people had to come to class to hear Murli. Baba is teaching us. What is He teaching us? Where is He taking us? He is showing us the path to the Highest on High place – Paramdham. It’s such a beautiful Murli. Instead of reading and listening to the Murli, we are busy with reading and writing about other things. There is no need for all of that. Let Baba love you so much. Just cling to Baba all the time! Not even Lakshmi and Narayan will have the intoxication that Brahma Baba has – that he is the benefactor of the whole world and all his children are his helpers.
What is not possible with the power of Yoga? See how in London we have come from Tennyson Road to Global Co-operation House. Whose work is this? Who has made us sit here? Each one should say for the self, "What is it I need to do?" It will have been worth me coming here, if everyone now takes a high jump, saying, "This is how I have to change – not how someone else has to change - I have to change and mould myself. And not: "Baba, how can I come? I like this; I like that." No!
Never forget that, whatever service you do, Baba gives you blessings. When you donate, you receive the return of that, even on the path of Bhakti, but not as much as you do by serving. A young child receives the love of the parents but, as he grows older, his eye is turned towards the wealth of the parents. When you have that wealth, you experience happiness in donating – and at the same time it increases.
No matter how much you tell Dadi not to speak, she is always speaking. Didi used to say, "Even when your body goes, your corpse will be speaking." Baba has given me this blessing, so why should I shut my mouth – whether Baba’s children listen to me or not? Whether the children listened to Baba or not, Baba never left them alone. One way or another, Baba would give them love and knowledge
Om Shanti