für Deutsch sprechende Ex-Bks aus Nederland, Osteuropa und Russisch-Staaten, ihre Freunde und Familie
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Post09 Feb 2009

enlightened wrote:Hi, on browsing the website below, there seem to quite a few inconsistencies in the authors of books; bkpublications.com

Some books have no authors against them, some have Brahma Kumaris, some Sister jayanti, some Dadi Janki, Some Mike George etc. Has anyone found out who the proceeds actually go to when these books are sold. Is there a reason why all the books haven't got Brahma Kumaris as the author?

What do you need to publish a book ... or more to the point, publish it and get it distributed? Good connections within the BKWSU, it would seem. This bookseller/publisher appears to have pulled the entire catalogue of usual suspects taken from the very artful German BKWSU front ; BKmedia.info.

You know who ... all the usual "Alpha Punkts"; Barbara Bossert Ramsay, Dadi Janki, Anthony Strano, Living Values, Mike George, Marneta Viegas, Enrique Simó, Dr. Stephan Nagel, Michael Timmins, Kim Cunio etc. And, as usual, gives plugs for the private businesses, Oxford Leadership Academy, Augere Foundation, Relax 7, Masterpiece Meditations and so on.

What is interesting about BKmedia.info, is the way they plug their artistes, utterly downplaying their Brahma Kumari involvement, or even that they are all BKs, as it was an embarrassment. Spiritually, to those in the know, it is a very confusing message. The BKWSU service is used for personal professional, and in some cases financial, then becomes just a knotch on their professional belt ... which then is used back by and advertised by the BKs for 'their' consummer shopping experience. It is awfully nepotistic.

Meanwhile, all the other BKs are donating their bones in service and the little old Indian widows, their paises, e.g.;
Barbara Bossert Ramsay has been an actor and a writer for more than forty years.

Her career as a writer encompasses areas as diverse as television drama, syndicated newspaper columns and children’s books as well as stage plays and musicals. A spiritual student all her life, she has made more than twenty-five journeys to the East in her own search. What she has found forms the basis of much of her writing.

In 1995 her critically acclaimed play, The Accidental Mystic opened at the Edinburgh festival. It toured India for the Australia-India Council before opening in Australia. Highly successful, it held pride of place in Chicago Illinois at ‘The Parliament of World Religions’.

Her writings on the journey of the soul can be found in many diverse places in the world. A light and sound show near the Aztec ruins in Mexico talks about spiritual power and in India on the top of Mount Abu in a spiritual art gallery is the story of The Cycle of time, Her writings in ‘The Peace Pavilion’ built as part of the 2000 Olympics, helped people to access the peace to be found within and near the Somnath Temple in the West of India, another light and sound show tells of humanity’s link with God.

The Knowledge contained in Traveller has been her ‘doorway to the Divine’. http://www.taotraveller.com

Who are they advertising to for what ... and what is it all about but the money, surely!?! Anyone else remember when they used to "spiritually cleanse" their artistes of any artistic pretensions? What is even weirder, from a BK point of view, is that they go on selling the products, even when the individuals have left Gyan and engage in the poison of lust etc, see below.

Just out of interest, most folks know that Barbara is Robin Ramsay's wife, who also advertises The Accidental Mystic and other BK service for his professional benefit and vice versa, and how Baba kept their family together etc. Did anyone else notice that, "Marry a Baba asserts Rob" is a perfect anagram for "Barbara Bossert Ramsay"!?! :shock: Its must be her karma ...

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Re: BKmedia.info

Post11 Feb 2009

In the BKmedia.info Links section, they list all the usual BK service and public relationship ventures. I think IndiaCare was the vehicle by which they were able to able to procure charitable donations of medical equipment etc to support the establishment of the Global Hospital ... which is also actually a business and primarily to serve BK interests on Mount Abu. It was reported here before that when the German BKs first started up Indiacare, the senior were dismissive or unethusiastic until, one presumes, it became apparent one could get things for free via it.

There is an interesting story about the establishment of the Global Hospital and how they got around being able to charge for services to tell ... later.

    Global Hospital
    Inner Space
    Images and Voices of Hope
    The Janki Foundation for Global Health Care
    The Visions of a Better World Foundation

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