German BKs make a Kunst of The Knowledge

für Deutsch sprechende Ex-Bks aus Nederland, Osteuropa und Russisch-Staaten, ihre Freunde und Familie
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German BKs make a Kunst of The Knowledge

Post11 Feb 2009

Germany BKs make a Kunst of The Knowledge ... See, for all those that remember BKs "Kali Ma", who it seems still lives half the year in Germany and half the year in India and others like Claudia and Ursula. As far as I remember, the "Maha Lila Theater" (Great Drama/Kalpa Cycle Theatre) was what the name the German BKs used to us put on arts events. I actually used to like them. Kalima Vogt was, and probably is, a real character.

There is the usual interesting cross over going on here between service and profesisonal interests, "Yoganaut" is meant to be like "astronaut". A space explorer, only this time an innerspace explorer. Artistic expression appears to have flourish away from being away from under the traditional Sindi cultural bigotry and has Germanic flourish.

This is from the suitably titles Silent Art Festival ...
Performance Group YOGANAUTEN

Kalima Vogt (Germany) - Performance, voice Robert Henrike (Germany) - performance, installation Güdelhöfer Ursula (Germany) - performance, installation Claudia Maria Brinker (Germany) - Performance, Recitation And as guest: Laukamp Ula Schmidt (Germany) - various Flutes

The first artistic collaboration between the YOGANAUTINNEN in Cologne began in 1984 with the founding of an own experimental theater, the Maha Lila Theater. It defined itself as a stage in which new forms of representation have been developed. The approach was inspired by the long experience of Kalima Vogt in the "Living Theater" in the 60s. Plays and productions have been through contemplation of the world of inner experiences, and images designed. It has a free performance / exhibition style. Most courses of action are galleries, art spaces, public places in the city and into nature brings.

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