News about the BKs in Poland

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News about the BKs in Poland

Post07 Sep 2014

Found out just few days ago.

News #1

The BKs in Poland (probably) have new Regional Co-ordinator. After about 30 years of "reign", BK Halina Paradela is no more RC in Poland. Does this mean changes? Reforms, perhaps? I don't think so.

In July 2014, the GoM in Lodz was organizing a meeting titled "Keys to Success". One of the invited guests was a unknown to me BK from Tricity, Aneta Loj:
Aneta Łój z Gdyni, aktualnie mieszka w Indiach - koordynator ds. badawczo-rozwojowych elektrowni słonecznej India One, flagowego projektu rządu Indii i Niemiec. Dyrektor Uniwersytetu Brahma Kumaris w Polsce.

(Aneta Loj, from Gdynia/Tricity, actually lives in India - a co-ordinator for the research and development of the India One solar power plant which is a "flagship" of the governments of India and Germany. The Head of the Brahma Kumaris University in Poland).

I found that info in one of the leaflets distributed by Gallery of Meditation in Lodz.

The "RC" and "Head" means exactly the same! We called the centre-in-charge BKs also using the name "dyrektor ośrodka" (head/director of the centre of meditation). BK Halina was called "dyrektor Brahma Kumaris" as well. So, if this all is true this is one of the most important events in the Polish BK movement for over 30 years (of course, there is no information about it in any of the official BK media).

Link to this event and invitation in Polish: here.

News #2

The BKs in Poland have a new centre/gallery of meditation in Piaseczno (near Warsaw). And the main centre is no more Warsaw, ul. Jasielska 1 (actually Mołdawska 53), but Smolna 11 (so far the address of the Gallery of Meditation).

here (the Smolna address is indicated as a "main centre").

Jayanti is also talking about the new centre in Piaseczno, but she calls it wrongly "Piechowice":
Latest News from Sr Jayanti in Poland

18 November 2013

Sunday morning, we had everyone at the new Centre in Piechowice, and then went for a short walk in the woods surrounding the place as it's out in the suburbs.

We came back to the apartments very briefly, and then went off to the VIP gathering at Smolna Centre (Meditation Gallery). The designer couple, Jola and Mirek had invited some of their friends from the media and there were some who were fashion designers etc. We also had others from different invitations, so it was a very lovely gathering. From there I went straight to Gdansk, where we had World Meditation Hour plus two musicians from the band, Desert Rose, who had performed the concert on Thursday. They sang songs without any other music, just a tape backing, and it was Sufi prayers of worship and praise of God. It was a very beautiful atmosphere. Desert Rose have contact with the centre in Capetown, South Africa, but of course now have been inspired to come closer. They said that the Brahma Kumaris were like a ray of light for them in Warsaw. They leave on Monday.

Source: here (unfortunately the blog's search engine is not working, so it's required to find this post manually).

Piechowice is a small city in the Lower Silesia (near Jelenia Gora). So it's rather just a mistake and Jayanti was thinking of Piaseczno (the second paragraph starts with: "We came to the apartments very briefly and then went off to the VIP gathering at Smolna Centre").

It would be rather impossible to quickly come back from Piechowice (Lower Silesia) to Warsaw (Mazovia) - 488 kilometres far according to the auto route planned with Google Maps, unless the BKs were flying from the airport in Wroclaw to Warsaw or they hire/or own a private jet. But Piaseczno is indeed very near Warsaw (about 17 kilometres far).

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