7,600 fossils about 100m years old discovered in China

Scientific challenges to the beliefs promoted by the Brahma Kumaris so called "World Spiritual University"
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7,600 fossils about 100m years old discovered in China

Post31 Dec 2008

According to the Brahma Kumari leadership of the BKWSU, dinosaurs existed 2,500 years ago, somewhere at the time of Abraham and Buddha. BK followers speculate that they were genetic mutations caused by a minor nuclear destruction at the end of their heavenly Silver Age. In one case I recollect BK Julian Boles, now Director General of the British Gemmological Institute, a government accredited laboratory, telling me that humans back then had high technology weaponry and that there has been some kind of war back then. Apparently, some or all of the dinosaurs and cavemen had been shot dead, caveman and human beings existed at the same time, and there was proof of it in stories like the Epic of Gilgamesh.

I do not recollect BapDada or the senior BKs being in any way specific about any of it. Probably they did not even know about dinosaurs existing until the late 70s or 80s, the matter never having cluttered their simple, Krishna, Gopis and Vaikunth filled minds.
David Stanway wrote:Dinosaur bones find is world's biggest, says China
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7,600 fossils about 100m years old discovered in Zhucheng 30 December 2008

Scientists in China say they have discovered the world's largest dinosaur fossil site in the eastern province of Shandong.

China claims to have found the world's biggest deposit of dinosaur bones in the old city of Zhucheng in Shandong province on the country's eastern coast.

Workers digging along a 300 metre slope on the outskirts of the city unearthed a densely packed layer of fossils that could be more than 100m years old. The state news agency Xinhua said that 7,600 samples had now been discovered, mostly dating from the late Cretaceous period, the era when dinosaurs are believed to have become extinct.

Xinhua said the new findings included the skull of a large ceratopsian, a beaked flying dinosaur, along with bones thought to belong to the club-tailed ankylosaurus.

A number of important fossil discoveries have been made in China from a wide range of geological ages, with the remains of oviraptors, sauropods, plateosaurs, stegasaurs and hadrosaurs found in Mesozoic deposits stretching from Shandong in the east to Xinjiang in the remote West. The caudipterix, elaborately plumaged and believed to be the evolutionary link between dinosaurs and birds, is also one of the country's most important discoveries.

Until recently there was a thriving black market in dinosaur eggs, with poorly paid labourers selling off their finds to foreign collectors.

Zhao Xijin, the China Academy of Sciences palaeontologist who has been leading the Zhucheng project, told Xinhua that in normal circumstances there is only a one in a million chance that a dinosaur bone will form a fossil. Experts suggest that a massive population of dinosaurs marauded across China's landscape from about 235m years ago.


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