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2,000 Year Old Roman Skulls Found in London

PostPosted: 31 May 2017
by ex-l
2,000 year old Roman skulls have been found during construction dig in London. They are thought to be victims of a rebellion organised by the British Iceni Queen Boudicca washed down stream by a river.

The site has already produced a superbly engineered stretch of Roman road, a Roman horseshoe stuck, a Venetian coin ... all able to be clearly dated from known or written history.

The question arises ...

The Brahma Kumari have been teaching and predicting for decades that the entire population of the world, except their scientists and construction team, will be slaughters in a nuclear and civil wars and die by natural disasters ... a figure that is now more than 7 billion human beings ... only for a Golden Age on earth, Paradise, to arise by 2036.

So where are the 7 billion skeletons and skulls going to go? Who is going to clean up the 1 billion corpses scattered over India so baby Krishna can come and play?

Did he dance on top of skulls? I thought that was Kali.

Here were have evidence of skulls surviving 2,000 years which would take the survival of 7 billion skulls right through the Golden and Silver Age as new continents arise from the oceans (according to the god of the BKs). Therefore they cannot be washed down by the rivers into the seas, or else they would all come back again.

And BK care to offer an explanation? (The kids' version they used to teach was that they would all be washed away by heavy rain or oceanic tsunamis sweeping the globe during Destruction).

I am dying to hear it ...

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