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Spacecraft plunges into Saturn & other BK science problems

PostPosted: 13 Sep 2017
by ex-l
NASA's Cassini unmanned robotic spacecraft is about to plunges through the Planet Saturn's atmosphere and vaporize this week ... 1.2 billion km away from Earth, almost 20 years after its original launch. It will have travelled 4.9 billion miles since October 1997.

According the highest on high Brahma Kumaris University, this event happens identically, right down to a molecular level, every 5,000 years.

It weights about 2,523 kg (or 5 tons), the Titan rocket used to launch it weighing 943,050 kg (2,079,060 lb).

Therefore every 5,000 years, 2,523 kg of rare, alloy materials - or elements, if you wish - are taken from deep within Planet Earth and deposited into the Saturnian atmosphere.

Now, explain to us how they are going to get back right to where there were a few decades so that history could repeat identically?

A similar question was once asked of the BKs, how would all the space junk be recovered, how would all the vehicles and equipment on the Moon be recovered etc?" and the best answer the Godly University students could muster was ... "the deities would fly up into space on their vimana flying machines and bring it back!".

OK, so how are they going to recover it all from the Saturnian atmosphere (including the 30 kilograms of radioactive plutonium?

If not, surely the Earth will shrink by 2,523 kg every Kalpa until there's no metal left on it!?!

"Goodbye, Cassini. Your mission's fini".

Re: Spacecraft to plunge into Saturn 1.2 billion km away

PostPosted: 14 Sep 2017
by Pink Panther
Not to mention that the burnt fuel will need to be unburnt, converted back to unrefined oil then gradually reverse-decompose back into un-rotting vegetable matter, then back to the living plant from whence it originally came, and the photons that nourished that plant back to the Sun.

And so on ...!

Re: Spacecraft to plunge into Saturn 1.2 billion km away

PostPosted: 14 Sep 2017
by ex-l
The typical answer one gets to such questions from the "highest upon high", most spiritual and enlightened "students" of the "unlimited" Godly university is a trained condenscension ... an arrogant dismissal.

Their "god" and their most elevated leaders - the ones they lie about being the "most stable minds in the world" etc - don't answer such petty questions ... they know better.

Such practicalities below them ... the task of the lower castes to sort out.

"Do not think, do not question", just "have faith" and "remember Baba" ... and all of nature ("the 5 elements"), and humanity, and "the scientists" will serve 'them' as royalty ... the spoilt little dumb princesses they are.

"Remembering Baba" and "renouncing" such problems is all they have to do.

No need to prove, no need to explain, no need to answer critics, nor analytical questions.
"That's all just so body-conscious" and "impure".

Baba's will hit the button to bring Destruction on, the Nuclear bombs will rain down on earth, India experience a blood bath civil war ... and afterwards - starting from 2036 - heaven on earth will be built and exist purely for their enjoyment.

No labour, no strife, no thinking, just "being royal" ... sitting around eating and drinking and playing at being royal deties for 2,500 years ... until the rest of us return to Earth to spoil their fun again.

Apparently, the BKs' flight control, navigation and nuclear power station computer systems are going to run for 2,500 years without a single crash or reboot to keep them running.
"Wah, drama wah ... how wonderful my Baba is!!!"

Re: Spacecraft to plunge into Saturn 1.2 billion km away

PostPosted: 15 Sep 2017
by ex-l
Never mind "little things" like 2,000 tonne spacecraft disappearing off into space ...

Each year the Earth gains about 40,000 tonnes of 'space dust' every year (the remnants of the formation of the solar system), attracted by its gravity ... it acts like a giant vacuum cleaner pulling in new particles of dust.

At the same time, its core is like a giant nuclear reactor and gradually losing mass (energy) over time whilst its atmosphere is losing light gases, such as hydrogen, out to space. These have been culculated as 3kg of hydrogen gas every second or about 95,000 tonnes lost every year, plus 1,600 tonnes a year of helium and so on.

So who is keeping an account of which gas, which molecule, which spec of dust belongs where, and who is going to put it all back *exactly*, and how, like the god of the Brahma Kumaris every 5,000 years, and their gurus teach?

I mean, it's so ridiculous it's not even worth considering, so at least answer the question, why does the god of the Brahma Kumaris and their gurus teach such impossible nonsense.

Can sense come from nonsense? Or just more nonsense?

And is that nonsense² ... or an exponential rate of nonsense production? A huge cloud of gassy, sense intoxicating nonsense eminating from their core into the atmosphere, like cows emitting green house gases in their farts and bad breath?

Re: Spacecraft plunges into Saturn & other space problems

PostPosted: 15 Sep 2017
by ex-l
To take it just one step further ...

40,000 tonnes of 'space dust' every year times 5,000 years (the age of Planet Earth according to the god and gurus of the Brahma Kumaris) equals weight 375,000 million tonnes increase.

How can we visually that increase in weight?

Well, it is calculated that the whole of Humanity, 7 billion plus people, weighs only 287 million tonnes.

Therefore we are talking about 1,300 times the weight of all of humanity put together.

Re: Spacecraft plunges into Saturn & other BK science proble

PostPosted: 17 Sep 2017
by GuptaRati 6666

Thank you for your discourse.

When I was a graduate student I did a course on radio isotopes and another on radiation health. To have radiation illness is worse than experiencing the terminal stages of AIDS. For the BKs, to have a death wish for fellow humans to suffer due to a nuclear holocaust is quite inhumane.

One of my studies in graduate school involved an experiment to study nuclear fission. I have also visited fusion reactors and conducted research where weapon grade uranium is stockpiled. As a scientist and mystic, I would not wish the world to experience that which those in Fukushima are now experiencing, nor the 911 nightmares of New Yorkers.

Space has been a theater of the Cold War, and continues to be militarized. The BKs may be reluctant to explain much of the mysteries of mother earth. However, I am positive that earth's capacity to accommodate humans will continue beyond the age limitations, which are part of BK dogma.

The Falkland's War and the Jonestown massacre were the results of Cold War battles arising from the militarizing of outer space. Jonestown could have sparked WWIII and it happened under the BKs' noses, in Guyana.

Re: Spacecraft plunges into Saturn & other BK science proble

PostPosted: 19 Sep 2017
by ex-l
Never mind the BKs replacing the 5,500,000 million tonnes of mass the Sun loses every second (about 174 trillion tonnes of mass every year), or how they are going to get Black Holes to regurgitate even the light they have swallowed.

Let's face it, BKism requires you to be really dumb. Or makes you really dumb.
A black hole is a place in space where gravity pulls so much that even light can not get out. The gravity is so strong because matter has been squeezed into a tiny space. This can happen when a star is dying.

Because no light can get out, people cannot see black holes. They are invisible. Space telescopes with special tools can help find black holes. The special tools can see how stars that are very close to black holes act differently than other stars.

Re: Spacecraft plunges into Saturn & other BK science proble

PostPosted: 20 Sep 2017
by Mr Green
by the power of grayskull

Re: Spacecraft plunges into Saturn & other BK science proble

PostPosted: 05 Oct 2017
by Pink Panther
The Nobel physics prize goes to the spotters of gravitational waves.

More proof that Einstein was right, and a new kind of astronomy to boot.

These guys spent their lives investigating and putting their research out to peer review.

Researchers at the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University challenge the veracity of such findings but are yet to put out anything other than conjecture about their preferred theories.

Re: Spacecraft plunges into Saturn & other BK science proble

PostPosted: 05 Aug 2021
by sorova
The answer is quite simple. This world we live in is indeed illusion as the BKs say. We are not real and are a computer simulation. This is the only explanation I have. A simpler one is that the BK philosophy is all wrong.

Re: Spacecraft plunges into Saturn & other BK science proble

PostPosted: 05 Aug 2021
by ex-l
But I don't think that is actually what the BKs say.

Buddhism ... Hinduism ... may be, but BKism is strangely wed to one, single, identically repeating, 5,000 year cycle. For them it is the only reality. No other options.

Perhaps some individuals you hung out with had their own ideas about thing, but BKism itself is strangely mundane.
mundane, adjective

• of this earthly world rather than a heavenly or spiritual one.

No other spiritual realms to ascend or descend to. Only planet supporting life. No explanations for others mystical experiences.

Re: Spacecraft plunges into Saturn & other BK science proble

PostPosted: 05 Aug 2021
by ex-l
Something I remember from my BK days were people convincing themselves that our minds were going to become so powerful that we could construct the Golden Age just by imagining it. Literally.

I wonder who that is going for them these days, 35 years after the last time Destruction was supposed to happen.

To answer a different related issue that you're not asking about, many people - myself included - still experience sensations they experienced as a BK. The confusing question that raises is, are those "BK experiences", i.e. evidence that what they teach, who their god spirit is etc, is true. Or are they universal spiritual/psychic experiences that the BKs have usurped & rebranded, e.g. pressures in the centre of the forehead, feelings of warmth etc?