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Social exclusion study shows neurological link to extremism

PostPosted: 12 Jan 2019
by ex-l
How do the Brahma Kumaris turn otherwise normal people into brainwashed supporters of the 'End of the World' not just wishing the annihilation of the rest of humanity and all other species on earth, but conspiring towards it?

How does the Brahma Kumaris' practise of "Dying Alive" and practise total detachment - the cutting individuals off from their families and original communities - affect them?

The Brahma Kumaris preach absolute detachment from the world as a "spiritual" preparation for the global annihilation of the world - "Destruction" being the term they give it - that nevers seems to come. A mental detaching from one's body and all one's bodily attachments, meaning one's relationships with one's mother and Father, one's friends and relations, any other elder, educationalist or spiritual guide.

A study published in 'Frontiers of Psychology', and led by researchers from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) in collaboration with other international institutions, explored the neural and behavioural relationships between sacred values, extremism and social exclusion.

"Sacred values" being those perceived as non-negotiable, those which must be upheld at all costs and containing an identity component related to perceiving the person to be a member of their reference group.

The study examined the neural substrate of sacred values in relation to ideological adherence, as well as those related to religious or national/group identity. Neural activity occuring in the left inferior frontal gyrus. A finding that a previous study in the United States had also identified.

Social exclusion had notable effects at both neural and behavioural levels.

BKism is, ultimately, "all relationships" with one being - their god spirit - with each and every thought going to him, and the denial of any mental, physical and emotional relationships with anyone else ... at least in theory.

Never mind us extrapolating socially or psychologically ... how does this affect our actually brains?

Paraphrasing a neuroimaging study that showed social exclusion is relevant in motivating extremism in those vulnerable to radicalisation. See also; Social Exclusion Leads To Terrorism And We Can See It In People's Brains.

Although in theory, Brahma Kumarism is "all relationships with one being - their god spirit", of course, who quickly gets in between that equation are their "Seniors" or elders, their - in order of rank - Dadis, Didis and Dadas who play an equivalent role in radicalising Brahma Kumari adherents that the mullahs play to Jihadis.

Brahma Kumarism is extremist, it is actually a kind of jihad (lit. a spiritual struggle within oneself against "sin" and war or struggle against unbelievers). A global conspiracy to bring about the End of the World behind a passive facade. Certainly within the early days, Lekhraj Kirpalani often used the terminology and structure of a military campaign with references to the Shiv Shakti army and various offices of commands ... and to this day they believe they are going to provoke, inspire or "give courage" to the scientist to use Nuclear bombs to eradicate the rest of an impure - and beyond saving - humanity.

To this day their god goads them on and excites them with promises he is "going to press the button" (... that brings on Destruction).

Let us start by taking a look at the brains of those founding Didis, Dadis and Dadas and examine how social excluded they were; from the days of their childhood and marriages in the cloisters of the Bhaibund community, never educated, never so much sent to school let alone college ... through their isolation within Lekhraj Kirpalani's radicalisation camps in Karachi in Pakistan, and then on to the early days of further isolation in Mount Abu as their numbers were whittled down.

Then let us look at our experiences of unplugging, or being unplugged, from our families and societies.

I think there is quite a lot of relevent scientific study of how isolation and capture (Stockholm Syndrome) affects human beings ... the early BKs being perfect examples of how effective the brainwashing of the dominant figures can be.

Re: Social exclusion study shows neurological link to extrem

PostPosted: 12 Jan 2019
by Rajdhani
Not sure how far and deep this is prevalent - the Sindhi top management people are sought after people in the corporate world in India. I guess this has to do with their business acumen and strategy in doing what it takes to get the money into the corporate coffers.

The business model/mantra which was designed by the initial/core Sindhi team is successfully running effortlessly to this day with some minor fine tuning every now and then.

Re: Social exclusion study shows neurological link to extrem

PostPosted: 12 Jan 2019
by ex-l
I don't think it was designed by them but adopted and adapted by them, like "Value Education" [sister in charge]. I think the credit for the initial corporate coaching concept goes to a Western BK called Brian Bacon who started the Self Management Leadership "movement". He has since split from the BKs and married another attractive ex-BK Sister.

There's a paper documenting this in the Library, 'Possessing knowledge: organizational boundaries among the Brahma Kumaris' by Richard Musselwhite where Bacon - identified by a pseudonym - describes himself as the most influential BK ... at least outside of the inner circle.

It is one element that, in my experience, was never openly discussed ... that is to say, Lekhraj Kirpalani's Bhaibund business savvy.

Presumably he discussed it and gave guidance on the basis of it to some of the inner circle, eg Dadi Janki and some of the elder Brothers?

I think BKism will be attractive to big capitalists/industrialists because it would involve a passive or pacified workforce who don't rock the boat but accept their place, and have questioned the ethics of the BKs going into workplaces. Or perhaps they are just involved in executive class masturbation?

The study above showed that "extreme pro-group behaviour seems to intensify after social exclusion”, perhaps this starts to explain the intense pro-group bias of BK adherents that even goes as far as cutting family members and donating all property and wealth to the BKs.

Re: Social exclusion study shows neurological link to extrem

PostPosted: 07 May 2022
by jayadeepan
Om Shanti,

Brahma Kumaris are stuck in the past, they have lost leadership ever since Brahma Baba left his body. The Dadis and Didis are further splitting the group and making slaves.