WhatsApp Group for ex-BKs and Families in India (also Podcasts)

for ex-BKs, exiting BKs, Friends & Family of BKs and newcomers to the forum.
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WhatsApp Group for ex-BKs and Families in India (also Podcasts)

Post17 Jan 2024

I am from India. I have a small Whatsapp group of ex-BK and suffering family, what should we do? I will always with anyone who wants a movement against the BKs.


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Re: WhatsApp Group for ex-BKs and Families in India

Post13 Mar 2024

We are making a series of Podcasts of ex-Bks, Suffering BKs, Friends and Family of BKs who are directly or Indirectly affected by Brahmakumaris organisation. We already made 3 podcasts.

We would like to gather some experiences from UK, USA victims also. If anyone is interested tin sharing his/her experience, they may contact me.

Whatsapp No = +917417638112
Email = ajitroadways2013@gmail.com

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Re: How long are we going to have this BK fraud happen aroun

Post15 Mar 2024

Wish you good luck with this podcast venture, it can do much good.

The BKs have deep pockets and have a large network of contacts in many professions. May i suggest you take care to not allow anyone's emotions run away with them in any published episode. Be ready to edit out any claims that if publicly made (released online or published) cannot be substantiated. This may leave you, as the "publisher', open to legal action. They have done it many times before, including to the administrators of this forum who, if they read this, might point you to posts about these experiences.

See; Defamation laws in India – Protecting reputation and dignity.

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Re: How long are we going to have this BK fraud happen aroun

Post16 Mar 2024

This is excellent work and a great start. Just keep going and keep accumulating evidence from as many cases as possible.

Try Quora website for victims. There are a lot of Indians on that website discussing the BKs, probably more than anywhere else. Put up some posts so people will find you. Also, enable English translation subtitles on Youtube. I think it will do so automatically.

Will you be starting a website?
Pink Panther wrote:Be ready to edit out any claims that if publicly made (released online or published) cannot be substantiated. This may leave you, as the "publisher', open to legal action.

Yes, the simplest defence against such threats is just to remain truthful. Also to frame people's comments and criticism as "opinions" rather than facts, e.g., "in your opinion, does the BKWSU operate like a mafia?". I don't know Indian law, nor if such cases have happened in India, but I am sure there are legal guides for the media to follow.

I tend to think the BKs work "behind the scenes" more, e.g. organising groups, especially among their IT teams, to put in reports and complaints to companies like YT, to try and take material down; or in the case of local action, they try and use sweetness and bribery on police and journalists. Of course, they have for a LONG time targetted the court judges and legal system, and have a specialist 'wing' for them.

We will always help you with what we have learned and documented, you are filling in what has never been done before in India, and it is the most critical and important work as the core of BKs is in India.

Consider starting various funding channels, like "GoFundMe" and similar, to pay for your expenses. Someone needs to travel around documenting BK abuses. Many, many of their victims are poor and disadvantaged, in the villages etc, and will not have easy access to technology.

I think the exposure of BKism in India has to become "old school style" investigative journalism, what they used to call, "sensitivity and shoe leather", i.e. going to meet people, knocking on doors, following up leads.

Becareful NOT to position yourself as an "anti-party". Be PRO truth, and PRO justice for the victims. Always be firm in this. The BK leader would LOVE to have an anti-party as they could manipulate it to their advantage as a sign of the End of the World, so always be PRO truth, and PRO justice for victims. The BKs don't even admit that there are victims, they just blame them of being at fault, and accuse them of being weak or impure souls.

One of their most common accusations is to claim, falsely, that ex-BKs criticising them are driven by ego, e.g. they wanted respect and never got it, or the other is to claim that they were just "lusty dogs" craving sex and that is why they left.

They have DECADES worth of experience at making up such counter-criticisms and they share them and instruct teachers all over their network on how to use them.

I wouldn't be afraid of them though. There are too many negative reports out in public now. They just all need to be collated into one, then hopefully a TV company will pick up the story.
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Re: WhatsApp Group for ex-BKs and Families in India (also Po

Post17 Mar 2024

It's a very welcome initiative. I had seriously thought of starting an 'Awaken from Brahmakumaris and cults like this" in a satirical form once but lack of resources, paucity of time, and a few other factors like avoiding a literal Mahabharat with my mother, who has almost lost her mental balance thanks to this cult, prevented me. I watched a few of your videos and you have shown courage by taking the first steps to confront this monstrous organization. However, you are not the first who they will try to shut down.

Here are a few tips from me;

1. Try to upgrade the quality of your content. The podcast has to be a bit more subtle, polished so that the upper segment of society, who is the target audience of Shivani's show, could be reached. The thing is the English speaking segment of Indian society is most gullible and cut off from Indian philosophy, so they fall for anything that sounds New Agey. This segment is the biggest influencer of people in the media, administration and politics thanks to their high status, and they need to be targeted by you as well.

2. Try to involve BJP and RSS. Here you have to be careful in your approach and this is very important. See, you have to make people aware as to how this BK cult has got nothing to do with Hinduism but is using all the ancient names like RajYoga, Shiva, Krishna etc with impunity, while filling people's mind with bullsh** that has absolutely no connection with any Hindu system. Not just that, it is totally adharma to pretend to be Hindu deities while cunningly distorting their entire belief systems. To pretend to be Hindu whilst telling your followers that Mahabharat, Ramayana, Hanuman, Ganesha etc are imaginary, and Lekhraj is Krishna REBORN, will infuriate the average RSS worker ... IF DONE CORRECTLY.

3. Apart from calling people who have been wronged by this cult, you have to start regular shows in which you discuss their 7 Day Course and entire philosophy, and how very wrong they are at their very core, to really open the eyes of people that this cannot be GOD no matter which belief system you subscribe to. Most people in India are emotional about god and all this "there can be many paths to the truth" crap has made people soft in their heads, and they just think that everyone has a different idea of god already, ie. "what more difference will it make if one more belief system comes amongst us?" So you have to make them aware that being open and hospitable does not mean being open to termites and parasites, and how this oraganization is just that.

4. You need a more refined host. Sorry if I offend you but if possible try to rotate the show between different hosts to avoid monotony and make the show multi dimensional slightly more intellectual.

5. Add an option of anonymity to the guest to attract a wider array of guests who don't like direct confrontation with the organization, at least at this point of time, but are willing to come forward. If you do that, and are willing to tolerate me, I would also consider to come on your show, if you will have me, of course. But I will prefer a slightly different approach of the conversation to be honest.

Last but not the least, a big thank you from my side for doing something I always wanted to but simply did not have the courage to do before.

Good luck. May Shiv grant you success ;)

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