Chai anyone?

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Re: Chai anyone?

Post23 Jun 2008

chai Bhai wrote:I wanted to ask how you can make a new topic. I could not find it anywhere, even in the faq. Could someone let me know?

Funny, Tamasin had the same problem. It must be a genetic condition.
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chai bhai


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Re: Chai anyone?

Post23 Jun 2008

Yes, for sure. Generational genetics I think. :D

And also this time I really DO have to give the laptop back. I have until tomorrow. Then I will check here and there when I get the chances.

Om Shanti to everyone, chai


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Re: Chai anyone?

Post25 Jun 2008

Amazing and simple words, thank you.

The BK Seniors feel they are doing the right thing. The main people here with the strong opinions, like ex-l and also others, feel they are doing the right thing. And I suppose I also feel like I am doing the right thing! My perspective is that I have to change things by being different myself. No matter how hard I try, I cannot push another person to see things as I see them. I do think that purity of intention is important, I think we will all eventually see how things are, and it will be a surprise to all of us.

In the beginning, I was extreme but for years now I have followed the middle way in my approach and I will continue to make my spiritual efforts. I think anything that is false will naturally fall away anyway. Maybe the organisation side of things will eventually collapse and we will all be left just with the efforts that people have made, and the incognito will become cognito. It will be an interesting time for everyone I think.

How long have you following this middle way my friend - I prefer this word now.

Thanks for chai
Om Shanti


friends or family of a BK

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Re: Chai anyone?

Post29 Jun 2008

Hi Chai Bhai :D

Sounds like you have a very sensible approach to all things BK, look foward to hearing more from you.


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Re: Chai anyone?

Post29 Jun 2008

Its so comforting to be surrounded by everyone who is doing the right thing - for them :D. Exploring the different aspects of milky tea with a bit of spice be OK for me. So here we all are at a mad hatters tea party (this is a pun not a slur) doing the white thing and I hope, enjoying it. I took a peep in the mirror and there was half a crown written on my hat, and a wight wabbit hopped up and said, "are you learning to have fun being you?" It looked me in the eye and its glance was one of recognition, ever met a wabbit with powerful drishti? :D

The blind use canes to find their way around, no one is meant to beaten with them because karma does its work. Where is that sledgehammer? :D Alanna must be Alice or is it the other way around? Chai Bhai's a cool guy (imagine a smiling face with sunglasses).

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