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Post17 Jul 2008

Hi all!
hope to be on here occassionally. youve got great information and resource and I like the format.

I find it hard to put myself in the boxes you have here. I love God. Gyan (ie Murlis) has always resonated deep within me. However, I have not functioned in the BK mainstream for sometime, tho I have a lot of contacts. I do not believe that anyone can functionally healthily in the current set up of the BK organisation.

So. That's kinda where I am at.

See you around.
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Re: hi!

Post17 Jul 2008

hope1 wrote:I find it hard to put myself in the boxes you have here.

Omshanti and welcome to the forum.
I hope you will find ways to put yourself in these boxes. Although you would not get any tolis like Madhuban here, but you may find some fruits and vegetables. You can find some apples in the PBK Section. :D
On Godly service,
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Re: hi!

Post18 Jul 2008

Welcome to the forum ... like the name hope ...

The BKs are an organization and you are right in the aspect that many would find it difficult to function in the mess they are in currently ...

I have survived by my own methods ... and believe me it is a struggle given our own beliefs in how an organization should be run. This is not true just about spiritual organizations but also organizations that we work in and so on ...

Welcome again and I am sure that you will find many things interesting.


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