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Private Section

PostPosted: 18 Aug 2008
by wondereye
Could someone tell me if there is a private section to this website where only ex-BK read?


Re: Private Section

PostPosted: 18 Aug 2008
by admin
No, there is no private section. If you wish to discuss matters confidentially, find a contributor or contributors you feel that you might be able to trust and use Private Messaging. It is possible to private message more than one individual.

When the forum was established, we made a private forum for ex-BKs and those individuals interested helping support the website but dropped it instead for the current policy of openness with a protected anonymity for those that wish it. The ex-BK forum is not censored and ex-BKs may express themselves as they wish.

One of the reasons for this is was, with the ease of copying and pasting, we were unable to assure privacy and confidentially on the internet and did not wish to give individuals a false sense of security. In addition, we had an incident where one of the trusted moderators (now removed), breached a member's confidence by publishing privileged information elsewhere.

Consequently, we advise that you do not publish specific personal details, instead discuss matters in general terms, unless you are happy to do so. If you have specific issues that you wish to discuss, you may contact this Admin account and they might be able to advise as to whom to best speak to.