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Om Shanti

PostPosted: 31 May 2009
by jackinmathis1
Hello everybody, i joined this forum today and ready to learn more and more on spirituality.Pls. help me

Re: Om Shanti

PostPosted: 31 May 2009
by tom
Dear jackinmathis1,

Welcome to the forum. I am giving you below my favorite websites which helped me to learn about spirituality and teached me how to heal myself after having been deceived decades long in BKWSU.

I am strongly recommending these websites to all who want to heal their soul and body and learn about different aspects of spirituality.

Jackinmathis1, do you have any experiences with the BKWSU?

Re: Om Shanti

PostPosted: 04 Jun 2009
by cadizmarias
Hi Tom
I admire you because when a new people contact this forum (my in february) you help.

Re: Om Shanti

PostPosted: 06 Jun 2009
by Terry
jackinmathis1 wrote:Hello everybody, I joined this forum today and ready to learn more and more on spirituality.Pls. help me

Spirituality - from Latin spiritualis, from spiritus, for "breath".

    In Greek - "pneuma" - breath.
    In Sanskrit - "prana" - breath.
You breathe, you are therefore a spiritual being. Don't let anyone tell you differently or that spirituality is more "subtle" than you think. As you live, as you experience, that is your spirituality, whatever form that takes.

If there's any feeling that life is less "spiritual" than it could be, if there's any feeling that you need "inspiration" - (which is only latin for "breathing in") - that there is "more to life", then I suggest that you are not "inspiring" yourself properly ( ... and no one else can breathe for you!).

Start from the very basic things, like: how do I breathe? How do I sit? How do I act? How do I eat? How do I relate?

Am I responding to the basics of life as best as I am able with the gifts I have - intelligence, health, posture, actions. Do I appreciate what I have and use it well, before wanting more? There is no point looking to further causes until a simple, true foundation of the living self is established.

These simple, mindful attitudes will do more than philosophies and religions ever can to enhance your well being. They have nothing substantial to offer you if you are without this centred and measured awareness (which is what the word "meditation" actually means).

Looking into less basic, less tangible areas before the foundation of self is set up will only distract you from life, spirit, energy. Work from the ground up, not from the heavens down, or you will be at the whim of the wind.

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PostPosted: 07 Jun 2009
by leela
Hello everybody, I joined this forum today and ready to learn more and more on spirituality.Pls. help me

Welcome! I just have a few thoughts and questions to share. Do you know what you REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want?

The more deeply you can answer that question for yourself, the less likely you are to find it outside of yourself. I have found that to stop searching and start seeing what is already here reveals life and spirit in action. The more I stop doing and looking for spirituality, the more I see that it IS life itself.

The Truth is much simpler and closer than we can ever imagine it to be. Imagination is a function of the mind, and it is the mind that takes us away from life as it is and into concepts, which are not.

Re: Om Shanti

PostPosted: 08 Jun 2009
by Mr Green

I know nothing about spirituality, but I exists. So hello.

Re: Om Shanti

PostPosted: 11 Jun 2009
by Terry
Mr Green is being disingenuous (probably mostly to himself). He is humble, and is honest with himself, and therefore is more spiritual (if that can be quantified) than 50 BK centre-in-charges