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Re: Sister Shivani please guide me

PostPosted: 03 Aug 2016
by ex-l
Bizarre ... Shivani getting into all sorts of stuff like "extra-marital affairs", How To Maintain Relationships (Hindi), and even "handling child abuse".

What do the BKs know about that? Their idea of handling child abuse is covering up.

I guess it is just a matter of anything that sells?

Re: Sister Shivani please guide me

PostPosted: 27 Nov 2016
by Shina

I am with a guy from last 6 yrs. He is very caring and understand me very well. As I want to spend my whole with him, as usual he also want this. But now our major problem is that our parents are not convincing for our marriage because of other caste, samaj, rituals and also because of relatives. They think that their image will got down in front of society, relatives.

My parent do not want to agree at any cost. Now he find a guy of our caste and asked me that I want you will spend your life with the guy that I choose for you. I know parents are always want our happiness in each situation. But now thay are not understanding what m tryong to say. Even they don't listen.

What should I do Sister? Please tell ... it's really very urgent because now condition will be very very critical. Please help me and guide me.

Re: Sister Shivani please guide me

PostPosted: 28 Nov 2016
by Shina
:sad: ... plz Sister.. guide me.. its very important for me at this time

Re: Sister Shivani please guide me

PostPosted: 29 Nov 2016
by Pink Panther
Shina wrote::sad: ... plz Sister.. guide me.. its very important for me at this time

Shivani has no magic insight to suggest what is right for you. Her aim is to ‘appear' wise and to attract people to give their mind, money and energy to the cult she fronts as a spokesperson, the BKWSU. I suggest you find a relationships counsellor and book a session, they will have no motive other than to help you discover for yourself what is best for you. My advice, avoid the BKWSU, they will be nice to you and say nice things, but you will find their ”arm” going deeper into your ”pocket” - and you won't even mind.

Re: Sister Shivani please guide me

PostPosted: 29 Nov 2016
by ex-l
Are you in India, Shina?

Legally you do have equal rights if you want to exercise them, but the question you are asking is far too big and serious a question for us to answer on a forum.

Please, as Pink Panther writes, understand what Shivani is and, especially, what the Brahma Kumaris are about.

Shivani is only a sweet talking salesperson designed to suck you in by appealling to your vulnerabilities at present. They are an anti-human love, anti-marriage, anti-sex, End of the World cult who wants to enslave followers and exploit them for their time, money, and property.

We have also found them to be deeply dishonest and manipulative and have been exploiting people like you for decades. Shivani has no qualifications to do what she does and given advice. She is just a puppet for the leaders.

The BK do not agree with any normal marriages, love or arranged. You need to find someone local, perhaps a women's group, to speak to who can help you consider and examine all your options.

There will be a price to pay for whichever decision you make, both positive and negative results. You need someone with experience who really has your best interests at heart.

Your happiness, but also your security, is more importance than your Father's silly pride. India is changing.

Re: Sister Shivani please guide me

PostPosted: 01 Dec 2016
by rishiluthra
Om Shanti

My name is Ravi and I am 32 years old. I am a teacher in a school. I try to watch your show on a regular basis and truly believe in your philosophy.

I would like to share with you something that has happened with me of late. It is mysterious, a kind of a supernatural activity that has stirred my emotions and I do not have answers to many questions. Even my parents couldn't understand this.

I feel helpless.

I am a teacher and as the session began I got a new lot of students who are really good. This batch as everybody says is full of toppers. There is one boy in the class named Rohit, very simple hardworking and obedient. Right from Day 1 he had a sense of enigma around him. For no specific reason but on seeing him everybody feels like showering love upon him. I liked this student a lot (in spite of there being other students who are better writers). He was regular to school and life was going on smoothly until a time came when he got absent for three days (due to his personal reasons at home). It was right at that time that I realized how important his presence was in my life since his absence made me lose all the positive energy that I had within me. He even missed his school picnic.

After three days when he came back, initially I did not talk to him. He felt that I was ignoring him. Later when I tried to counsel him, I found tears in his eyes and I was heartbroken. He said, "Sir, I do not live with my mother since she is in another city. I have a Father and I am scared of him. I cannot share my sorrows with anybody. May I share all my sorrows with you?". I was greatly moved and told him that he is like my little Brother and he can share anything that he wants. I could see a sudden and positive change in him and all my positive energy came back since I saw him happy.

I do not know why but I strongly feel that I have known him for a very long time and he has actually been my Brother in my previous life. Initially, I took it as a theoritical concept only but I started getting signals. For example, I was standing at a busy crossroad in my city thinking about him and surprisingly, I found him standing right in front of me. He was smiling, watching me. I could read his eyes and it was a smile that my little Brother probably would have given me to make me feel happier. He started occupying a major portion of my thoughts. I felt as if I had forgotten all the problems of my life. Right from the first thought to the last one of the day, I found him in my thoughts.

In order to know the answers to all these questions, I prayed to God. I went to temple and prayed to Lord Krishna to protect the boy from all evil and to arouse in him that same respect for me as I have for him. The very next day, I found him without a conveyance to go back home. So he accompanied me and it was during that one hour journey that he made me feel that he was so important.

Time literally flew by. That evening I was at peace with myself and I got another signal. I was waiting for a rickshaw on a busy street and I happened to look on the floor. I found a shoebox with the name of the local brand of shoes written in bold across the box, the name being Rohit. In a surge of anxiety, I searched on the internet for probable reasons behind my problem. And through the website of one of the world renowned psychologists I discovered that this could be the case if reincarnation as each and everything mentioned in the site corresponded with mine. For example, there would be a rush of positive emotions when you meet such a person and you would for no specific reason love him and would want to help him out.

The problem is, I feel this way. He might not though sometimes he himself comes and talks to me on his own and I do not know why I am never able to get angry at him. When he looks at me and smiles, I strongly feel that my little Brother (if I had any) would smile at me like this. What pushes me into further negativity is that in his presence I feel that I have never been loved so much by anybody and everybody loves him. Am I that bad? You know, there are others also who have reported that even they cannot say NO to him for anything. I do not know why. What should I do to arouse love in his heart even though I know that due to our careers our paths will differ one day. But I also feel that if true brotherly love exists he can always be in close contact with me even if we live in different parts of the country.

Please guide me. The problem seems enormous and I see no light anywhere.

(Sorry, but I have changed the names purposely due to privacy reasons.)

Re: Sister Shivani please guide me

PostPosted: 01 Dec 2016
by ex-l
It sounds like you are experiencing paedophiliac attraction to this boy, cannot admit it to yourself, and are wrapping it up in a cultural justification.

Are you sexually attracted to males or females? Do you have your own children?

It would be better to develop a relationship with another adult, keep a very safe distance from him, and check yourself for any other similar attractions. Or if you cannot develop relationships with adults, then rescue a stray dog, keep it as a pet, and care for it.

If you are concerned for his family welfare, does the school or social services have welfare workers? If not, perhaps a local mission might?

If you do have paedophile attractions to children, then refer yourself to a private psychiatrist/psychotherapist for treatment )... although I understand that in parts of India this might be a difficult thing to do, or they be nearly non-existent in which case you have a problem).

It sounds like you have other issues, perhaps from your own childhood, that are causing you to manifest such fantasy-like feelings.

Are you in a relationship? How are your own family relationships?

Please read our other comments on Sister Shivani. She's just a saleswomen for an 'End of the World' cult. Her shows are intended to hook vulnerable confused people, or people during vulnerable confused periods of their life, into their cult and exploit them. She really has no qualifications in this area, she's just a sort of puppet for the cult.

They don't have any solutions for you. To save your time and energy, if you want to know what they really believe, we can tell you.

Re: Sister Shivani please guide me

PostPosted: 02 Dec 2016
by Pink Panther
Dear Rishiluthra,

As a school teacher, every few years you will occasionally feel a certain student’s manner as ”attractive” or ”special” in some way.

All of life experiences evoke responses of "Yes!!” or ”No!” or of confusion, ”I don't know”. We rationalise these in different ways. Often the ones that get us into trouble are the ”Yes!” ones, the things we are drawn to, enjoy or like or desire more of.

For these, the ones we desire, whether it be desiring something as simple as ice-cream or as complex as desiring ‘fame’ or validation’, we rationalise in all kinds of ways.

In your case, reading your story, what came to mind was ”confirmational bias” - a process of rationalising which grasps at anything which conforms what you want to be true and disregards that which does not fit that desired outcome. It’s like a bad scientist or bad detective who wants a certain outcome and only sees the evidence that proves it and ignores that which invalidates it.

So, watch out for that "confirmational bias”. You are imagining a pattern, a scenario, and looking to make connections to fit a desired outcome.

It is now known that what attracts us to sad movies, songs or sad people, is empathy. Why?

Because empathy is deep seated and one of the most powerful emotions through which we experience what it is to be human. You sense the boy’s sadness and your empathy is stirred. In our brains there are ”mirror neurones” that become active when we empathise.

My guess is that your deeper feelings are stirred because of the empathy you are experiencing. The more you are trying to make ‘connections’ that are based on wishful thinking, the more you are stirring the pool of water and the less clear you will be.

Let it be still. Do not fill your head with speculations of reincarnation or any kind of complex preordained ‘reason’, that will only lead to confusion.

The best thing you can do for the boy is be the best, most professional teacher you can be.

If you suspect violence against the child, it should be reported to police. I do not know what laws are there, but here it is mandatory (with legal penalties if ignored) for a teacher to report suspected violence on a child. Under no circumstances should you get directly involved.

Re: Sister Shivani please guide me

PostPosted: 14 Dec 2016
by sukshmbindu
This is not an official page of Sister Shivani so each of us will give our opinion and advice, I like her for her commitment and simplicity.

Baba says, all souls are our soul Brothers since we all souls are sons of Shiv Baba, so why do you bother about reincarnation, be good and do good, help that boy with his problems since he is your & our soul Brother. Don't worry if he is your Brother in previous births or not, more important is how many good wishes you have towards him and anyone else.

Wish you good luck