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Re: Loved by a BK???

PostPosted: 23 Oct 2010
by kate
Dear swordofjustice,

You sound like a chief defender of BK cultic activities. I never wish to receive lectures about their goodness etc. I have experienced and witnessed their evilness.

They have completely destroyed my friend as he is enculted with all their false teachings. They took his property and exhausted his money till he surrendered everything. And now they are utilizing all his time for satanic services.

And as for me, I was attacked, victimized and fooled by BK leaders. I never thought that these Sisters can be so cruel & horrible.

Are you a loyal BK or ex-BK?


I really appreciate your valuable comments. That is all what I need at this time after being abused by BK leaders. Keep on providing me facts that will help me understand more and cope up with my situation.

Re: Loved by a BK???

PostPosted: 23 Oct 2010
by tpd
I am in love with a BK and I have been following this forum for some times. First of all, one has to understand that whatever the BK leadership is calling their teaching it's not "spiritual".

Second thing is that those people who are followers of BK thinks it's a Hindu Sect ... but that's not true. The BKs have adopted Hindu principles of self control and meditation to their own agenda.

(I am telling in context of love) It's thought that it's impossible to get a BK to love you in the manner us non-bk expect. That may be true because the BKs have been conditioned to not to listen to anyone else, to shut their self from outer world.

Now the reason a BK acts like these may be various; but one fundamental common ground here is that most of BK who are conditioned this way (NOT ACKNOWLEDGING LOVE FOR A NON-BK; NOT COMMITTING IN RELATIONSHIP, NOT HAVING SEXUAL RELATIONS) were suffering from an acute "mental breakdown". These mental breakdowns led them to question their existence. Their purpose to live was not there. They are not accepting the reality which caused the circumstances which lead to the "mental breakdown".

Further more, in some cases they are not accepting that what caused such a trauma and "mental agony" was consequences of decision they made and steps they have taken. (Here some case could be that the situations was really out of reach of anyone that caused the "mental agony"). IN A WAY, THEY WANT TO ESCAPE REALITY.

So they want an escape route that relives them of the burden. Now BK comes in play with their soul theory (which isolates them from situation at hand); karma theory (Wwich blames the doing of the same soul in some other life for the "situations that caused the mental agony") {{ how ironic }}. With these two theory an inception of god who is "capable" :D ;) of cutting karmic debt is planted in their minds.

Now these two things works like a drug (highly addictive drug) to the new comer to BK. How to counter this effect caused by BKs? One has to understand fully what ever caused one's loved one to be dragged in the cult. It would be different from case to case. And consult a good psychiatrist (for your self :D and your loved one as well) telling the cause that dragged your loved one to this mess (start sessions without your partners). This will start making sense after some times and will prepare you for possible rejections you might face. (Showing true colors of BKs won't work, it has to be seen by the person in BK clutches )).

Of course, leaving your loved ones could be an option too but (love too acts like an highly addictive drug), so don't lose heart and believe in fate (NOT DRAMA) but fate, and believe in all mighty GOD [To be precise the rules which GOD made] who CREATED us, this earth, other animals, plants, the elements, our solar systems, our Galaxy and so much more things in the vast universe. (THAT their - BKs - f**ing god is not capable of comprehending).

Try to fill them (your loved one in BK ) with Guilt. (Yes, it's a dirty cheap trick) but all's in love and war, and what we are in is a superb mix of both. (HERE A CAUTION DON'T PUSH THE LIMIT WITH THE GUILT THING, DON'T ACKNOWLEDGE THEIR GUILT IF THEY TELL YOU.)


(Beware RAJ Yoga is not the pillar for BKs it's a tool to affect one's mind.)) (It's bound to experience solitude, peace, power and divinity by sitting in peaceful silent room with music). Because there are no other inputs to the brain which requires critical brain computing power. So all the resources of our brain is diverted towards memory management and data correction. Now how does this happen, when ever the brain access the storage space it generates electronic signals which we knows as thoughts. And it's stored in permanent location or discarded out of system by their importance "decided by our own criteria")) now what happens when it finishes the memory management and data correction process. The electric signal stops or sub-sides gradually. And we know that state as "SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE". And, by jove, it's not a BK copyright.

Re: Loved by a BK???

PostPosted: 23 Oct 2010
by ex-l
kate wrote:You sound like a chief defender of BK cultic activities. I never wish to receive lectures about their goodness etc. I have experienced and witnessed their evilness ... They have completely destroyed my friend as he is enculted with all their false teachings. They took his property and exhausted his money till he surrendered everything.

I am interested in reading what Swordofjustice has to say about, or advise, in such situations.

Interesting post tpd. I, too, agree that what the BKWSU is doing is not "spiritual". It is at a much lower psychic level. Unfortunately, most of their adherents cannot and do not see or realise this, as you write. They get caught on a wheel which is always falling struggling harder and harder to climb up but getting no where ... do more Yoga ... always run on service ... give more money ... say Baba 16,108 a day ... Destruction is just about to come!!! mostly driven by that insanely dishonest woman Janki Kripalani.

Re: Loved by a BK???

PostPosted: 23 Oct 2010
by kate
This reply is for swordofjustice???! not for you ex-l. ex-l, I am grateful for all all help.

You are absolutely wrong, I am not intensely in love with him. In fact, its the other way around. You mentioned about the so called BK purest form of love.

So when he told me that he never felt so in love before as what he is feeling towards me. And he wants to be with me & start a family. He even urged me to go to Australia & start a new life. In addition, he declared too that he felt so good when he touched and kissed me something that he deprived himself all these years. Is that an "Ocean of Love" from a BK? I tried to avoid him yet he has been trying to get in touch with me, begging me to speak to him & give him a chance & forgive him.

As what the vampires told me? I am running after him. Is that so?

is not it to be in love with a human being is more than a murder and to involve with physical interactions with someone is big, big sin also for BK ?

The greatest barrier between us is your cult and nothing else.

I really don't need your brainwashing as you cannot fool me. Stop giving your comments as I do not appreciate it at all. Why are you here at this forum? To cleanse the name of BK by stating false beliefs.

Peace be with you! May GOD forgive the vampires.

Thanks to tpd as well. I have copied & saved your comments

Re: Loved by a BK???

PostPosted: 24 Oct 2010
by desi_exbk
ni-bud wrote:Come, be a man ... if you are true, use your real names ON the forum

Why do you use 'Nischaybuddi'?! Why not use YOUR REAL name? How come you are not MAN enough 'ni-bud'?!! Whom are YOU afraid of?


It's people like you who do more damage to society than an average BK follower. You leave deadbodies in your path of self-realization. You will convert enough people with your own twisted logic - yep, manmath ;) - as BK followers that most of them end up dead (either 'die from this world' ... or some die as in DIE - cease to exist).

Kate does not need your advice ... she knows better.

You come across as 'holier than the Pope' ... BK-ier than Lekhraj Kriplani and Janaki and Prakashmani and Jagadamba and Manmohini - is she even remembered these days? - and Jayanti and thousand other Sindhis. By the way, if you haven't realized that you are numberwaar only AFTER Sindhis, I can only feel sorry for you.

It is interesting to see 'SWORD' as your weapon of choice for your crusade(s). We would love to hear your progress. But, I see that you have been silent on that subject. So ... anything?!


Aapka Desi

P.S. Please spend more time on this forum archives/old posts. There is enough info to tickle your mind.

Re: Loved by a BK???

PostPosted: 24 Oct 2010
by kate
You are right ... I do not need Sword's advice as he is going to shower me with rubbish BK teachings which will just aggravate my current situation.

I think he is struggling to defend the vampires at all cost.

I need help from people who have experienced what I am going through and those who used to be victims of the vampires.

Re: Loved by a BK???

PostPosted: 24 Oct 2010
by admin
BKWSU follower Nischay Buddhi's posts have not been removed. They have been moved to the Lost property, junk & administrative moves topic.

This forum is designed to support 'Friends and Family of BKs' or 'exiting BKs', not BK adherents seeking to promote their religion. Individuals arriving at this forum are often experience a difficult time in their lives and are sometime vulnerable. We support and encourage users to adopt an anonymous identity and not reveal personal information so that they may feel free to speak openly without fear of attacks from BK supporters.

Please see our; Terms of use, Code of Ethics and the user agreement you accepted when joining.

Re: Loved by a BK???

PostPosted: 25 Oct 2010
by kate
This forum is designed to support 'Friends and Family of BKs' or 'exiting BKs', not BK adherents seeking to promote their religion."

Thanks Admin for this post. Certainly, we have to be reminded of the code of ethics and purpose of this forum. In the first place, this is not meant for BKs who wish to promote their cult here and offer advise to BK victims according to their their false teachings.

This forum has been really helpful for me especially with my current situation. Continue to provide light to vampires' victim like me.

Re: Loved by a BK???

PostPosted: 25 Oct 2010
by button slammer
kate wrote:He then started acting very strange as if he was under the spell of demons. We had some time to talk but just for a while as he was so tied up with various cult activities, trainings & events. He was acting as if nothing happened at all & he cannot remember his horrible deeds to me. In short, he was in total amnesia & he did not have any clue about the pains & anguish he has been causing me.

Can anyone explain further this very strange behavior & the relevance of BK teachings?

Just as the senior BKs invoke spirits of the dead and become unconscious, ie Gulzar/BapDada, in the same way your friend shows signs of possession in that he performs actions he is unaware or unconcious of etc. Even the Murlis say 'As the ruler so the subjects.' One soul is having a relationship with you, another is trying to follow srimat etc. Perhaps you do not believe in souls though. It is, however, an accurate insight according to BK teachings. Sorry time permits me to read only this far in the thread ... just drop this fool, or he/they will drag you to hell and back or worse.

Re: Loved by a BK???

PostPosted: 26 Oct 2010
by swordofjustice
OK sorry. I'll bow out. No offense meant. Sorry you've had a bad experience with BKs. I actually meant well by posting comments. Get on with your life, whatever.

Quite right, I do support BK path. Yeah, I am only the fringe. Is my New Age, lovey-dovey view the right one, the real aspect of BK? Well life is what you make it, is not it, so at least I've got some nice beliefs to help me get through it.

No, I am certainly not holier than the Pope or whatever. I am only on the fringe at best and slowly adopting meditation, etc again. I say what I say as my own personal choice after a lot of consideration. In my forties and after twenty years away from BK I like to think that I have some ability to discern what's right, at least for me personally.

Anyway, peace.

- Sword

P.S. My online nickname is one I've used for years taken from a game I play as a hobby.

Re: Loved by a BK???

PostPosted: 28 Oct 2010
by kate
May the real GOD bless you and forgive all the evilness of BK cult. In the meantime , I just want to get over all the insults and harrassments I received from cult Sisters. It is beyond my perception, they way they shouted at me and instructed me to go away from my friend as he belongs to BapDada.

Sword, are you still under the cultic influence of BK? poor you! as you will not experience true happiness in your life. Have you also abandoned your family and friends? have you surrendered your money and properties to the cult leaders just like my friend?

Peace be with you too.

Re: Loved by a BK???

PostPosted: 23 Nov 2010
by kate
dear friends,

I am back after almost a month of silence. I was in solitude trying to figure out what truly matters to me. I am here to give updates re: my strange love story with a die hard BK.

My long lost friend dropped by to my office yesterday and pretended to be one of our clients. I met him at our meeting room. There he expressed once again his absurd feelings towards me. He said , "in as much as I tried to forget you, I just cannot. Our memories together keeps on lingering in my thoughts all the time. I don't know why? " He was wondering why he cannot forget me and why he has still strong feelings towards me despite of non-communication between us for so many months.

I just told him, no matter how hard your cult gods will use their evil programming tactics, nothing or no one can ever stop the way your kinesthetic senses work. Honestly, he was looking so miserable & desperate.

I simply let him talk about his feelings but I did not really give in or replied positively. I tried my best not to be hard & harsh. He wants us to meet after my work but I declined.

I don't want to be hypocrite, I still care about this poor fellow & I want to resurrect him from the vampires but her love for Bap Dada is stronger that what we used to share.

I think he is now in the verge of having mental & deep emotional disorder. Any advise? shall I just let him be sucked by the vampires & forget about him forever. He is completely at lost and confused!

I don't need comments from pro BK individuals please. Thank you!

Re: Loved by a BK???

PostPosted: 24 Nov 2010
by tpd


Re: Loved by a BK???

PostPosted: 26 Nov 2010
by lokila
Hi Kate,

BKs are trained to believe they are the only ones in the world who can help others and only God can help them. I don't doubt your good intentions but how are you going to help someone who does not accept help from anyone but God?

In this situation I do not think you are the person to help him. He is deeply in love with you, but it sounds as an unhealthy way of loving someone. It sounds desperate. He is lacking love in his BK life and you seem to be his only blade of straw in the real world where people have emotions and desires without being ashamed.

Did you ever ask him what actually is his purpose by telling you over and over that he loves you?

Suppose you put in all the effort needed to get him out of the BK and you succeed. Then what? It is very likely he will suffer from a mental breakdown, probably depression, emotional turmoil and sexual problems. Are you willing to nurse him, sit on his bed for days? Do you care so much that you offer to ignore your own desires and feelings because he's confused about his own? Are you comfortable with the idea he will be totally dependent on you, emotionally, financially and socially once he decided to leave his BK live?

This scenario is not fiction. It can be different of course, but many ex-BK's who were so deeply involved as this guy have had so many problems for years, struggling with their twisted BK-implanted ideas about life an relationships.

So if you decide to help the guy, please do realize it will be different from helping your neighbors with their groceries. Helping him means accepting a responsibility.

I, personally, believe the only way out is when the guy himself comes to a point where he feels "enough is enough". He is the one who has to make the effort to get a life again. He himself has to accept the job of getting healthy again in his mind and heart. If he does not have this motivation, he will be as an unwilling child and he won't give up the BK teachings although it may seem so from the outside. It will stay in his mind, conscious or unconscious. That's why BKs return after years. They did not really give up, only superficial.

eternal traingle..

PostPosted: 27 Nov 2010
by button slammer
Kate, a little more background info.

As you are caught up in an uncomfortable triangle between yourself, your 'friend,' and the BKs, a Brahmin overview may help shed some light on things.

At present your friend is 'married' to the BKs. They represent his 'official wife', the personality to whom he refers to in public, the one with whom he dedicates his life to, as in a normal marriage. Some attraction occurred between yourselves and an extra-maritial liason began. As earlier you mentioned he had introduced you to the BKs, this means you recieved some kind of official recognition.

According to the Murli we inhabit a predestined drama, nothing happens by itself, so where did it all begin, and what are the possible meanings and outcome of this situation? Murli mentions that ''EVERYTHING goes through four stages'', eg the four ages, Golden Age,Silver Age, Copper Age, and the iron age, basically 'The Good The Bad and The Ugly'. Even relationships go through these stages.

So, during the Copper Age, according to the sanskars you and your friend exhibit at present, you become the official concubine of your friend. This means during that time he is officially married to some queen with whom he performs the public ceromonies with pomp and show etc. Behind the scenes he has a real emotional/physical relationship with you.

As The Cycle continues and the stage continues to come down, he is simply married and you are 'the mistress'. The ugly stage is when this duplicitous, whining, two timing, traitorous dog simply sees you as his whore/b****. Why do I speak like this? It is because I've been in the same situation as yourselves. I know this Brother will say and do anything to enjoy the emotional and physical happiness that you give. His endless whining and pleading is that simply of a lustful dog, cunning as a jackel, and ferocious as a wolf. His aim is to control you as a mute, submissive doll, without any accountablity for the devastation his actions cause.

Collectively, as his wife, the BKs are a hard skinned, cold blooded, blood sucking, back stabbing, money grabbing, vacuous, aimless, stone worshipping occultist, who summon dead spirits, a mixture of countless poisonous insects and reptiles, whose filthy adultorous drishti drags humanity into the gutters and sewers,deeper than the very depths of hell itself. Whereas you are everything they are not. A real person.

Your friend is experiencing excruciating pleasure and pain. The external manifestation of this in the outer shadow world, is that of sado-masochism, where the personality is simultaneously in painful bondage, yet experiences the intense gratification of mental and physical pleasure through submission and obedience. The BKs say 'Bad dog, obey! and he recieves toli/dog biscuits for being an obedient dog. You were not so controlling. You say 'Good dog! So he slavers over you, makes false promises, and can indulge without restraint.

It is easier according to Murli for males to indulge in sex without attachment/regret as there is more 'leaning to the detachment of intellect'.

Not so easy for women with the personality of careing, sustaining, loving, mercy and tolerance. With a little more knowledge of who and what you are dealing with, I hope you come to a beneficial conclusion where you emerge wiser and stronger and can enjoy life free from these interfering busy bodies who wish to convert your life, looting your wealth, health and happiness.

The best thing to do is simply feed him to the piranhas. The worst is to fantasise that he'll come over to you?

Every BK has an unimaginably deep impression of what they believe and feel the soul and Supreme Soul to be. This, according to Murli is 'The impression of the Allmighty Authority'. No-one can compete with this. The only escape is to pursue the truth.
BTW everything I say about the BKs also applies to the PBK world, only a thousand times more severe.

'It is not like going to your aunties home'