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Hi everyone

PostPosted: 15 Aug 2011
by dids
Hi folks ... I am new here, an ex-BK from the 80s wishing to join the chorus of support.

Congratulations to all of you for this very useful community. I have been reading this forum intensely for a few weeks. I am not a disaffected BK and I shall post my BK experience shortly but I feel an urge to speak out and contribute to the discussions in the hope that it may help those who have questions about post BK life. I don't have an interest in reforming the organisation, it is too far out of my life and I moved on years ago. I think it may be beyond changing because the delusion is so entrenched. But after reading about the suicides and the revisionism my views and of the BKs as a benign cult are changing. I am here because I am interested in your stories and I want to listen. I feel for the ones who doubt themselves, who've lost trust in themselves and who feel trapped and scared to leave.

We all need to be part of community ... it was one of the attractions of BK life. I remember how weird and scary it was to join the real world again and luckily for me it did not take too long. Hopefully by joining this forum, I can add to the support network that you have all created. Well done!!

Bye for now.

Re: Hi everyone

PostPosted: 16 Aug 2011
by Mr Green
Hello Dids

You are very welcome

Re: Hi everyone

PostPosted: 17 Aug 2011
by ex-l
dids wrote:I am not a disaffected BK and ... I don't have an interest in reforming the organisation, it is too far out of my life and I moved on years ago ...

Thank you for your kind thoughts and welcome.

Yes, all that is fine. Yes, there were good times to be had and good people to meet (albeit many of them would also also be classed as Maya and required one stepping outside the lines drawn by the senior Sisters ... ;-)). Yes, digging into the forum does bring up some interesting issues for ex-BKs. We have no idea about current BKs because few of them come forward.

I think the "disgruntled ex-" is a caricature the BKs attempt to pump out to defend themselves and their crazy life, portraying we "failures" as little more than weak individuals who are having massive Maya (delusions) - because we don't unquestionable accept the BS they shovel - who will return at The End without our tails between our legs begging to be allow to become crematorium staff in their Golden Aged heaven. Hmmn ... (yes, folks, that is what they teach and believe).

Of course, the truth is far more complex and, in their vanity, the BK do not seem to realise that they could be in any way causing any reasonable "negative" reaction from others. Their thought system does not seem to allow for it, perhaps more of which we can discuss later. We are actually pretty laid back here as long as you are willing to focus on the BKs stuff first and get that out of the way. We try to keep the forum useful for newcomers to read too.

Re: Hi everyone

PostPosted: 17 Aug 2011
by dids
Thank you Mr Green and ex-l for your welcome. I cannot quite believe I am entering this world again ... feels a bit weird reading the Murlis again. But I think its essential to speak out in the light of the tragedies. My ex recently informed me of a Sister we knew in Sydney who committed suicide. I have no details but I am investigating.

Re: Hi everyone

PostPosted: 23 Aug 2011
by rayoflight
Hello dids and welcome to the forum,

Thank you for adding your voice of support.

I am sorry to hear about the Sister who committed suicide in Sydney. Each suicide is a new tragedy and reminds us all about the insidiousnes of this cult.

My real awakening occured when I realised how badly I really felt deep down and saw the subtle work of destruction on my psyche and of the many people I knew. Unfortunately, there is a huge interest in learning to be peaceful through their "free" courses (and we all know that nothing really comes for free!) but their dogma is without a shadow of a doubt destructive and deeply corruptive for a functioning human being. That said, in the end, the promise of "positive" thinking becomes gravely negative to the point of suicide for some.

Thank goodness for the support of this forum and for the good karma of having had the strength and clarity to see that Maya was the god of the BKWSO and not Krishna.

Warm regards,

Re: Hi everyone

PostPosted: 26 Aug 2011
by dids
Thank you rayoflight

Thank goodness indeed for the commitement you have all shown here to the truth.

Re: Hi everyone

PostPosted: 06 Jun 2012
by xephani
Hi Dids,

Good to hear you are in a strong place and also a compassion and willingness to provide love and support to others. Me too :)