Important: Need Help

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Important: Need Help

Post06 Dec 2011

I want to ask about how to prevent someone from your family from getting in this trap and stop giving any amounts to any of these type of things.

They have started with slow method and I am sure they will get a lot ahead. This is just a starting phase and I really want to stop this. But can you suggest a methodical way to prevent my loved one from this.

Would really appreciate your help. I wont mind spending money on poor children's education but these people are making money on the name of spirituality.
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Re: Important: Need Help

Post07 Dec 2011

vishugurav wrote:I want to ask about how to prevent someone from your family from getting in this trap and stop giving any amounts to any of these type of things.

Hello Vishugurav and welcome.

I am sorry to hear you are troubled by the Brahma Kumaris. May I ask, is your loved one your wife?

Just recently, I posted a comment by Bhagwan Rajneesh about an identical situation dated back to the early 1980s, here. His reply to his student was harsh but I am afraid there was some truth to it.

Once someone has become addicted to the Brahma Kumaris, and the Brahma Kumaris collective have gotten ahold of the individual's mind, it can be very difficult. You see your loved one's face but behind it, you are actually fighting a gang who have control over their mind, and the gang wants to convince the individual to stay in order to convince themselves what they are doing is right. So a lot of affirmation and encouragement happens in a sort of "us" versus "them", "good and pure" (the BKs only) versus "evil" (non-BKs). Not everyone becomes hooked to the meditation but for those who are, it can become very addictive. Just like falling in love or a drug.

I am painting a 'worst case' scenario first. It is like dealing with an irrational drug addict. Even common sense and logic will not work ... *especially* common sense and logic will not work because it challenges and threatens the madness of Brahma Kumari philosophy. The philosophy and the 'behind the scenes' counselling and advice loved ones are given on how to separate from non-BKs has been developed over decades of just such conflicts and separations. Despite claiming to be "The Family Path", the Seniors advise newcomers how to divide and separate from non-BK "Shudras". If we are talking about a woman here, we have seen how the woman followers speak amongst themselves on how to separate and even divorce to take property and wealth etc.

If we have learnt from other examples, one important issue is to make it absolutely clear that you will not financially support your loved one to give money to the Brahma Kumaris.

Actually, this is a corruptions of their religion. Their "Mama", their number two soul, became number two soul without giving any money. She had none to give. So average BKs don't need to give any. Make that clear. Of course, the centers-in-charge must find money and so they try to extract it, or jewellery or gold etc. Make it clear that you only support real charity if you want to do so.

You can learn a lot about their religion here. Actually we teach more about their religion than the BKWSU teaches. The BKWSU lies about their history and hides their true teachings. The most important thing you could start by telling them is that the Brahma Kumaris have changed their predictions of the End of the World many times and hidden this from followers. They keep followers hanging on making them believe the End of the World is going to come about in 2 to 3 years ... even their god says so. He had made failed predictions in WWII, 1950, 1976, mid-1980s to mid 1990s, the leaders have claimed Year 2000, right now some say next year 2012.

It is always next year ... next year. Just soon enough, and with such high promises, to make it seem worth gambling on. Long enough to encult them into the Brahma Kumari state of mind and religion.

If we talk about 'worst case scenario' again. If your loved one decided they want to leave, make sure they leave with nothing. Protect your family and wealth because the BKs will not protect you, your family or even their follower. They are parasites, real charitableness is against their religion. That is a fact. If you must, put your home or wealth in a trust or somewhere they cannot get it.

Brahma Kumaris do not study to learn, they study to indoctrinate or brainwash, first themselves and then others with repetition ... repetition ... repetition. Then they learn "Yuktis" or methods how to catch people by exploiting their fears or interests. In comparison to other religions, it is quite subtle and well polished but they are very determined. Here you can learn all there is to learn about their religion without having to become indoctrinated. The BKs drip feed little bits by little bits, here we tell you everything and show you some of the stuff they hide from their followers. Therefore, please ask if you have any doubts.

It might be possible to plant seeds of doubt by showing your loved one how they have changed their religion ... but they have excuses for that too. It is like your loved one becomes the wife of someone else who is advising them how to beat you. Being a BK is like being in a gang for some people. They like it. It makes them feel special. It feels like a powerful, secret mission and so it hooks them.

This is all general stuff. Would you like to tell us anything specific about your situation?

One thing that has and does work sometimes is going to the center-in-charge directly and confronting them. Telling them clearly to lay off your family. The BKs have no interest in looking after other people. They believe the world is going to end, so there is no need to think of old age, no need for families, no need for pensions ... they have no plan for the future. It is utterly nihilistic. All they believe in is a 'fairy tale' heaven on earth to come in the next life.

But, in general, they don't like conflict and they don't like people who UNMASK them for their lies and real beliefs and so, sometimes, this can be an effective last resort. Directly to the center in charge first and then around them in the community second. We can help you with what to say and check what they say for lies.

Again, I do not know anything about your situation and what has led to your loved one going to the Brahma Kumaris. Perhaps you might look at that ... emptiness, boredom, not enough happening in their life, too much wealth etc ... sometimes it is better to just keep them busy doing other things elsewhere; working, studying, doing real charity etc. Far away from the BKs.

Hope this helps to begin with.


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Re: Important: Need Help

Post06 Jun 2012

I wish you the best of luck - I can only say that you can only do your best to stop them.

I could counter any claims made by the BKs in conversation with someone - but it's hard to advise someone as to what to say when I don't know the people or the situation.

We only get this one life - and no amount of wishing more more is going to make that happen. In reality, you will get nothing for the money you give. Although the BKs do provide free mediation lessons but you cannot just surrender to them so you cannot rely on them to support you with food and accommodation.

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