Brahmakumaris, where are Vishnu and Shankar?

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Brahmakumaris, where are Vishnu and Shankar?

Post29 May 2013

According to Hinduism, the Universe is controlled by Trinity; Lord Brahma (the creator), Lord Vishnu (the preserver) and Lord Shiva (the destroyer).

Brahmakumaris also agree on the Trinity God, but they have different version for Lord Shiva. According to them Shiv Shankar (as pronounced together for Lord Shiva) is not one but two separate Gods. Shiva is the supreme Father whereas Shankar is one of the Trinity God - the destroyer.

I just wanted to know that if Lord Brahma was Baba Lekhraj, where are Lord Vishnu and Lord Shankar ? Did they also visited this earth in human form like Lord Brahma ?

If the destruction time is very near as spoken by Dadis, then where is Lord Shankar (the destroyer) ?
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Re: Brahmakumaris, Where are Vishnu and Shankar ?

Post29 May 2013

That's more a question for the BKs or PBKs if you are really interested. They have their own concepts about Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva which they call Shankar.

Currently, we are still researching the history of the organization and the evolution of BK philosophy. To be quite frank ... it, and they, are a total mess. Especially from an orthodox Hindu point of view. It is as if they took Hinduism and threw it in a blender, swirled it around and ground it down ... and then picked out the pieces which they thought were best for marketing.

They've borrowed or stolen nearly all of their religion from Hinduism but re-invented and re-interpreted it. They use the names and basic frameworks ... but for their own ideas, e.g. the Kalpa of 4 ages being 5,000 years old.

In fact, they even have the audacity to claim that *they* are the original religion and Hinduism has borrowed from them, or rather that Hinduism is a corrupt, impure, partial copy of Brahma Kumarism. That is word for word what they believe.

What has become clear is that the BKs have also re-invented themselves and re-written their history several times ... and attempted to hide or cover up their previous messes to stop anyone seeing it ... therefore the current interpretation of their philosophy probably only dates back to the late-50s, early-60s when it was being influenced by an enthusiastic but amateur BK scholar called Jagdish Chander. It's a matter of history that their founder Lekhraj Kirpalani was not well educated and not well educated in religion. He was not even particularly religious.

It's more that the BKs think of Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva (Shankar to them) as levels of consciousness or states of being rather than individuals. In short, they don't exist as gods. There are no otherworldly gods or deities in BKism, and no other Godly realms, apart from their one God Shiva and his Soul World. They talk about "Shankar Puri", a realm in some spiritual dimension where their souls go when they are in the purest level and it is this level of consciousness will will cause the End of the World.

Yes, they called their primary guru and spirit medium Prajapti God Brahma (but not Lord) and, yes, he and others had visions of himself as Vishnu ... but they now understand these symbolically, e.g. Vishnu is symbolic of the perfect human being with male and female qualities balanced.

Of course, such understandings are not unique and we can pretty much be sure they were borrowed from somewhere else too. The BKs have tended to add words and ideas to their religion, taken from elsewhere, as new people come along.

For me, much of it is simply marketing. They adopt what they think will sell best and the Hindu market is their primary market place to they adopt Hindu words and concepts ... but they are not following or selling Hindu. They belong to no Hindu tradition, have no respect for any tradition except their own and the leaders try and operate a kind of monopoly over their ideas in order to protect their position ... there's no debate about them and little to no democracy in the religion.

You accept what you are told, repeat it unquestioningly, and are rewarded for conforming, good behaviour and, most of all, sticking around the longest.

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