Negative thoughts & emotions -- delete or?

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Negative thoughts & emotions -- delete or?

Post20 Aug 2013

My big question is how to approach negative emotions and thoughts. I feel that it is necessary to allow myself to feel and think everything before healing comes. What you cannot feel you cannot heal approach.

I have watched Sr.Shivani's videos and found them very helpful. However, there are moments when it seems too easy to just 'change one's thought' by making a decision. This reminds me of the approach in religions where the 'right' way comes from following a prescribed path for salvation. I think it can easily lead to detachment from oneself as the true place and source of the great spirit's powers. It is a short cut we would love to take since somebody else shows us the way and thus we are not re--sponsible.

Being out of touch with our sensations, emotions and even true thoughts is a pervasive phenomena we people in the West experience. I know that the path here is not simple religous dogma. It is by far more complex and entails personal spiritual practise.

In short, how do I heal and avoid premature separation from negativity?
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Re: Negative thoughts & emotions -- delete or?

Post20 Aug 2013

HI Amberlight,

A very relevant and thought-provoking question.

The Buddhist approach and the modern transpersonal psychology (Gestalt, Jungian, Psychodynamic etc) is to acknowledge the "negative" emotions and thoughts. See them for what they are, without judgement (calling them "negative" is a judgement'). See what they indicate, what they may be symptoms of.

Often they are 'redirected' energy, arising unbidden in a different form from an unconscious level, because we consciously won't allow the original form of that impulse.

Just as an injury or sickness has the unpleasant, undesirable pain - whether sharp and acute or chronically erupting or discomfiting, which we might call "negative', these are in fact the warnings that something is not right. A sharp pain may indicate a clot, vomiting may be food poisoning, rashes an allergy.

Telling ourselves we are healthy and ignoring the 'eruptions' is dangerous in the longer term, especially if they reoccur in slightly different ways.

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