I am a new recruit of the BKs

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mehak ahuja

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Re: I am a new recruit of the BKs

Post21 Dec 2014

Thankeeeww !! So much Pink panther .. :):)

I got ur words right ...

I really feel whatever episodes shivani did in Peace Of Mind .. are really beneficial & helpful .. I have implemented many of the such advices to my life. It had helped me a lot. I will definitely come to Mt Abu :D.

1 thing more .. u won't believe in ..!!

I was having my exam some days b4 my 1unit was left. it was quite long which needs about 5 long hours to complete..
But it was 8:30pm & morning i was having my exam. After dinner i went for a walk to relax . I did RajYoga an after asking those 4questions i asked myself that " Which topics shall i prepare in that unit ?? Name of 3topics i got in ans ..

It was just like as if i am talking to myself :D:D

Now what happened the next morning i was astonished to see only those 3 topics out of those 30 topics came in my exam..:D:D
amazing naa !!
As per told by BK shivani in 1 of her episode that "all the answers are there within U..the thing is U should find it rather than talking to other ppl about ur problems talk to ur inner soul for the right answer " i actually thought i experienced the same :):)
is it ??
What are your views on this !
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Pink Panther

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Re: I am a new recruit of the BKs

Post22 Dec 2014

My view is that you have misunderstood me completely and all you want is to confirm your own beliefs.
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Re: I am a new recruit of the BKs

Post22 Dec 2014

You also misunderstand what Shivani is saying, as she is speaking in a kind of BK code and means something different.

Shivani is just a good little performing parrot. Not really deep at all.

Affected BK

questioning BK

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Re: I am a new recruit of the BKs

Post27 Dec 2014


I think you are quite impressed by the co-incidence or some intuition happened with you. As you say (after listening to shivani) that all answers lie inside us. Do you know that the BKs actually avoid and discourage questioning them? They actually fail to answer the questions related their own teachings. They are just like a masks on the face which feels good for some time, but one can not put on the mask on his face for the entire life.

Study the forum deeply and you will get the true and realistic answers.


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Re: I am a new recruit of the BKs

Post02 Apr 2016

I want to join BK

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