Black magic?

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Black magic?

Post07 Sep 2015

Does black magic really exist ? If it exists, how to overcome through rajayoga.
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Pink Panther

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Re: black magic!

Post07 Sep 2015

Why do you ask if it exists? Does it affect your life?

My impression is that magic, spells, witchcraft, spirit possession etc only seem to affect people who believe in them, just as Satan only seems to concern Christians and Muslims, not Buddhists or Taoists. As you see the world, that is how it is.

The endeavour of spiritual effort is to see reality "as it is” - not "as I imagine or believe”.


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Re: Black magic?

Post10 Sep 2015

I don't think Raja Yoga would be able to help anyone afflicted by 'black magic'. I think there are elements of 'black magic' operating throughout BKism and the 'Grand Design'. There are varying descriptions that can be used other than the word 'black magic', and are displayed throughout this site, to describe individuals experiences and affects, and damages done to them through BKism, but never the less, they are all streams of the same current.

It can be a complex and sometimes intangible topic to describe well. But it can also be very tangable and apparent to individuals who;
    1. have experienced it within BKism and/or elsewhere, and
    2. Those who have not been afflicted by it, but can identify and recognize it within BKism, and/or elsewhere.
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Re: Black magic?

Post10 Sep 2015

Certainly in India, BKism will exploit anyone coming forward believing to be under the effects of curses and black magic ... but really all they would be doing is using those beliefs to steer the individual towards becoming a BK.

Fear and superstition exist in many 1,000 of times more than any actual occult phenomena. The less you fear or believe in it, the less it will effect you. There are huge industries exploiting those fears where no real effects exist.

I would accept that many weird, wonderful and currently unexplainable nasty psychic influences happen.

But, as Pink asked you, why do you think you might be under their effects? One has to remove all the simple, obvious and logical likelihoods first.

If these people are near you, you could speak to them ... Spiritual Research Foundation. It seems to be their kind of thing.

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