ex-BKs, "Imbeciles using talented slander beast Mouths"

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TheReal deal 101

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ex-BKs, "Imbeciles using talented slander beast Mouths"

Post12 Sep 2015

I don't know why , You have the guts to break down BK " using your talented slander beast Mouth, tsk tsk!... Your talent must Used on "some what " dignity ways and Wake up Imbeciles,.. May your "dark ways have more fruity full in the light! Om Shanti ! 3X XOXO :)
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Pink Panther

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Re: APJ Abdul Kalam at the Brahma Kumaris

Post13 Sep 2015

... and RealDeal may your passive-aggressive communications find more honest, real and grammatically correct ways to express your feelings, uncloaked by pretentious spirituality.

We might then even understand what you are trying to say.
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Re: ex-BKs, "Imbeciles using talented slander beast Mouths"

Post14 Sep 2015

It's always a pleasure to receive the wisdom of a BK follower on this forum. How privileged we are to have them coming forward to give us a vision of perfection.

It's funny how, as individuals are enculturated into BKism, they adopt the Kirpalani Klan as their own clan and transfer all sorts of second class or non-spiritual values of biases through loyalty, maintaining family face, personalising fair and valid criticism, snobbery and so on.

I am sure a psychotherapist or sociologist can explain it exactly.

Surely true spirituality should be based upon the harshest of objectivities and welcome critical inspection?

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