Please help a grieving mother

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Please help a grieving mother

Post17 Sep 2015

Sister Shivani

I lost my 27 year old daughter this Sunday. Her son is only 6 months old. She was not ill.

Please tell me ... why has this injustice happened with me?
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Re: Please help a grieving mother

Post17 Sep 2015

I am sorry for your loss but please understand that Sister Shivani cannot help you. She is just a recruiter or salesperson for the Brahma Kumaris' End of the World cult. Even within the organization, her spiritual status is not very high.

Shivani's programmes are just designed to exploit your vulnerability and recruit you for the cult ... a cult in which you will then be exploited.

The Brahma Kumaris do not have the answers for you. They are just promoting their lifestyle, a lifestyle they want people like you to pay for through donations and by buying books and her CDs.

They don't offer grief counselling, which is what you probably need right now, so perhaps you would be better to take time to read something like 'The Five Stages of Grief' by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross?

We can help you on a human level but you probably need someone more physically closer to you. Do you have anyone to support you?
Elizabeth Kubler-Ross wrote:
You will not "get over" the loss of a loved one:
you will learn to live with it.
You will heal and you will rebuild yourself
around the loss that you have suffered.
You will be whole again
but you wil never be the same.
Nor should you want to.

You do not say what happened to your daughter, what happened? Did she die in an accident, or did she commit suicide etc?

I would start by accepting that what happened is what happened, that there was probably no specific injustice towards you. Had she been having problem since the birth of the child?

Life is complex, random and beyond our control. Anyone that promises you easy answers is probably just after your money.

If you are interested in knowing more about the Brahma Kumaris teachings, we can explain them to you but I would specifically recommend *not* approaching the Brahma Kumaris at this time. They have a very unhealthy and unrealistic world view and you have more pressing realities to deal with, such as the welfare of your grandchild.

Thank you and take care.

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