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Re: BK knowledge is meant for real Indians

PostPosted: 29 Mar 2016
by Pakka brahmakumar
You are too conventional in your thinking. It's good to think out of the box sometimes, if not all the times. My thinking of White man comes neither of the ones you mentioned. I am well behaved with Westerners, so are they. Least I can say is to be an evil you do not have to be evil but you have to be caught up in evil. But I wont take the stride

In clarifying what I am all about right now. Neither do I hate White man or any race. Another complexity arises when people do not want to confront the truth but speak highly of the truth as if truth is their monopoly.

Well, I would like to admit I do feel blessed living in the West that I am escaping countless problems that would have engulfed me by now or even rendered me dead.

I do like to thank Western philosophers, writers, poets and social reformers who even in India uplifted the status of women. So please do not lay a curse on me by asking me to go back to my village. I do indeed want a lot of money, in fact wish to be a billionaire or trillionaire.

Well, I do agree with lots of posts here you all said about senior management at BKs. There is a fresh news coming from headquarters 2 hours ago. I like to share it here.

Re: BK knowledge is meant for real Indians

PostPosted: 29 Mar 2016
by ex-l
Please do ... please tell us something good like, they've admitted it is all a big con, and it's not god after all. Or Gulzar has died, BapDada is no longer coming, and it's all over ... Destruction did not happened, there's no time to build Golden Age, and so they admit they've failed?

Pakka, please always remember that our vision and understanding of the BKWSU is rooted in years of direct personal experiences, over decades, so we know the beliefs and attitudes they teach very well, e.g. considering non-BKs to be devils and "not 'hating' but having good wishes for all".

I was thinking about your "real Indians" ideas.

Of approximately one billion population, over 800 million (80%) indians call themselves Hindu (a religion the Mughals invented and the British formalised), 140 million (13%) are Muslims, 24 million (2%) Christians, 19 million (2%) Sikhs, 8 million (0.8%) Buddhists and 4 million (0.4%) Jain.

BKism teaches that the population at the end of their heavenly Silver Age is 330 million, therefore ... according to BKism ... approximately 40% of today's Indians were BKs in the last Cycle.

Interestingly, the population of India in 1932 when Lekhraj Kirpalani actually started his cult was (approximately) 285 million. As in not enough Indians to fulfil the prophesy. The population in 1936 when the BK claim Lekhraj Kirpalani started the cult was (approx) 300 million. It was not until 1955 (5 or 10 years after Lekhraj Kirpalani first prophecised the world would end ... WWII and 1950) that it reached sufficient numbers to populate heaven ...

I can understand the BKs look at "impure, degraded, devillish" India and blame it on "non real Indians" ... as in non-BK Indians ... blaming the mess on them.

The mathematics just do not support that.

Re: BK knowledge is meant for real Indians

PostPosted: 30 Mar 2016
by Pakka brahmakumar
Quite true. I would have to agree with you. Well, you are rational in your point.

I am in Madhuban right now for the season's last milan.

2 suspended teachers are protesting with over 100 BK followers. They aren't allowed to be in. So small kids with mum and old people waiting outside aren't allowed to be in. These Sisters were surendered for 25 years.

Re: BK knowledge is meant for real Indians

PostPosted: 30 Mar 2016
by Arbit

Why are they protesting?

Re: BK knowledge is meant for real Indians

PostPosted: 30 Mar 2016
by Pink Panther
Arbit, The reason they are protesting was stated
2 suspended teachers are protesting with over 100 BK followers. They aren't allowed to be in.

The question is, why were they suspended and why aren’t they letting them in?
My guess its petty politics and/or petty personality clashes.

Most things about the BKs are petty.
The one thing that isn’t petty is the way it interferes with people’s lives.

Re: BK knowledge is meant for real Indians

PostPosted: 31 Mar 2016
by ex-l
I'd like to think it was over some ethical abuse, or against some dodgy financial dealing, but I am wondering if there is simply a PBK connection ... perhaps the two Sisters have converted over to PBKism? I know the PBKs have turned up in Mount Abu before to embarrassing the BKs.

However, such bolshie reaction from the BK lumpen proletariat, challenging Abu is impressive.

I'll look forward to more news about it.

The only other big reaction I heard about was when, due to center-in-charge becoming too territorial and attached to "their" centres, the BK HQ moved them all round to other centres ... to such unhappiness and unrest that the experiment failed and they all went back to "their own" little kingdoms.

In that case, the BK HQ did the right thing. The reaction of the malcontents was amusing ... BK centres are like little kingdoms for little despots in the big BK empire. It's all about as "spiritual" as my ass.

Like you say, petty politicking for the lack of vision and anything better to do.

Re: BK knowledge is meant for real Indians

PostPosted: 02 Apr 2016
by Redstone
Pakka, if you are aware that the BKs have been manipulating and controlling others, how do you justify your passivity in the face of this?

Personally, I am not primarily interested in the infantile and narcissistic beliefs of the BKs, but rather their cult behaviours which are embedded in their DNA. If it is okay for you to accept others' being victimised within an institution that you a part of and are eager to defend, you therefore support such victimisation.

To say that it hasn't affected you is a cop-out, devoid of any ethics or principles, and betrays your timidity in the face of such people. To then suggest that money and property is given to BKs freely is either embarrassingly naive or willfully misleading.

Re: BK knowledge is meant for real Indians

PostPosted: 23 Apr 2016
by Arbit
Mr Green wrote:I would say there is far worse behaviour in general in India than in the West, gang rape for example seems to be almost a sport in India, even the police join in. That wouldn't happen in the UK.


You may want to visit the neighborhood church in the UK and ask around.
Mr Green wrote:Also the blatant financial corruption in India is beyond belief.

And what about the subtle legalized corruption in the West? Anyone read the Panama papers, which is only one recent example?
ex-l wrote:I can only encourage you to go back to your Indian village, and play at being the top knot Brahmin.

Give up White man's money, White man's technology, White man's comforts, and White man's democracy, and White man's human rights.

Go back to where people are not "evil" but police rape victims, jealous men throw acid in the faces of young girls, where generations of individuals are outcast as human dung collectors simply by birth and India's inability to build a proper sanitation system, where political corruption is a profession for life, where 48% of children under five are stunted and underweight due to poverty, and there are the highest number of child deaths in the world.

Now if, on the other hand, you genuinely want to understand life, and "the West", then I am happy to discuss the matter seriously ... but it does seem the Brahma Kumaris are encouraging an unhealthy world view in you.

When Pakka began berating the West, I cringed. Then I wondered, how long will it be before the return salvo? I did not have to wait long! Boom, there it is, everything from the debunked Aryan invasion to malnourishment.
    "White man's human rights" - are you serious?
    "White man's money and technology" - have you wondered about its origins?
You may want to look up Angus Maddison's work in which he concluded something to the effect," ... much more of the backwardness of the third world presumably has to be explained by colonial exploitation" and "much less of Europe’s advantage can be due to scientific precocity, centuries of slow accumulation, and organisational and financial superiority ...".

Re: BK knowledge is meant for real Indians

PostPosted: 23 Apr 2016
by Pink Panther
Boom, there it is, everything from the debunked Aryan invasion to ...

Therein lies a seed ... What is a ”real Indian”? Aryan invasion debunked? Really? The only people I know who think that are the Hindutva groups who think the Vedic culture is eternal, are anti-science and anti-historiography, all with imperialistic, racist or fascist inclinations, groups like the BJP, the VHP, the Arya Samaj ... and the PBKIVV.

Look at the very word Aryan - where does it come from? You’ll say sanskrit - and say it is an eternal language or something, but it is known to be a scholars' construct. Go back to Prakrit languages, spoken by the people, and chase the linguistic and cultural connections. Look at the Vedic culture (yes, I have read the Rig Veda) and what an Aryan is originally, chase the word. Look at how the Vedic sacrifices etc parallel Zoroastrian rituals. What are the symbols? Who else uses it, what does genetics tell us? Why did Persia change its name to Iran? Where did they come from? And - What gave the Aryans their name and their ”power”?

Do you know the English word ”ore” ? Research substantially supports the view that ore, Iran and Aryan have the same root. Those who worked iron ore in the Caucuses Mountains and created the superior weaponry to the bronze ones of the time, and along with their Chariot and horse culture were able to sweep over and dominate their neighbours, spreading from there in all directions, into Persia and India, into Europe and the Mediterranean. We are talking before 10,000 BCE.

You can keep your Indo-centric, narrow world view. It benefits no one except those whose ego relies on their superego - and that is how cults, politicians and society keep power over you.
Many Indian social scientists have described the Hindutva movement as fascist in classical sense, in its ideology and class support specially targeting the concept of homogenised majority and cultural hegemony.

Critics have used the political epithets of "Indian fascism" and "Hindu fascism" to describe the ideology of the Sangh Parivar. For example, Marxist social scientist Prabhat Patnaik has written that the Hindutva movement as it has emerged is "classically fascist in class support, methods and programme."

Patnaik bases this argument on the following "ingredients" of classical fascism present in Hindutva: the attempt to create a unified homogeneous majority under the concept of "the Hindus"; a sense of grievance against past injustice; a sense of cultural superiority; an interpretation of history according to this grievance and superiority; a rejection of rational arguments against this interpretation; and an appeal to the majority based on race and masculinity.

Re: BK knowledge is meant for real Indians

PostPosted: 23 Apr 2016
by ex-l
Arbit wrote:When Pakka began berating the West, I cringed ...

Thank you.

I am by no means a "Western Nationalist" nor even a "Western Supremacist" (... if there could possibly be such a thing!). I am not even a patriot to the land of my birth. Please understand that was a specific 'cricket bat to the head' of Pakka in the hope of waking him up a bit, and not an attack on all Indians.

Indeed, one of the things that I abhor the most in this modern world are the false and simplistic collective constructions that those exploiting nationalism in politics employ. What they have done, in my opinion, is take our inherent family or village sized loyalty/imagination, and expand it to kick in based on some artificial history and geographic borders (replacing the family or village with "the nation" and leader), and use it to manipulate us into all sorts of arrogance and stupidity.

And, boy, did Pakka make his opening with some stupendous stupidity. "India is One, West is One, all White man is evil (even if they washes my socks and underwear)" ... really?

Is this what he thinks of White BKs? Or Black ones, or Latinos, or Asiatic, or Austronesians BKs etc? If he is right, someone should tell really them to stop wasting their time doing BK Raja Yoga now ... "BK knowledge is meant for real Indians".

I am just grateful for the honest snapshot he gave us of the average Indian BK mentality. Perhaps the BKWSU should chuck him out for being racist, but they won't. They need his money and free labor so they'll compromise and accomodate his views; and, historically, it's a common view within the BKWSU engendered by everyone from Lekhraj Kirpalani and BapDada down.


The funny thing is, as Pink went to prove, many Western BKs - especially of the original generations - probably have as good, and in many cases a better, 'big picture' understanding of India than most Indians. That's not the same as knowing what it's like to be a specific kind of Indian, of a specific gender, and a specific jati at the granual level, I would agree, but in terms of 'India; it's culture, history and place in the world', we do pretty well.

Those were some pretty nonsensical and terrible insults to make, especially given we're hardly Imperialist material. I mean, good heavens old chap, Pink's a wog* after all ... so don't try and tar me with the same brush (although, I'd still concur with his view of the "Aryan invasion controversy").

Besides, although language has proven to be a highly accurate evolutionary predictor, we don't need to guess any more ... two evil "Science Proud Christian Cats", Watson and Crick, invented DNA and so now it's easy to doublecheck.

BTW, what's the BK general response to the human genome project and genetics?

* NB: ironic use to make a point only.
noun informal, offensive

a foreigner or immigrant, especially one from southern Europe.

Re: BK knowledge is meant for real Indians

PostPosted: 23 Apr 2016
by Pakka brahmakumar
Well, all money White man has is indeed all looted wealth and here they are asking me why am I responsible for violence of their ancestors. They do not know their ancestors looted and robbed innocent lives and that the wealth they have right now. Otherwise they wouldnt be able to talk so highly of Western society so highly. You have to know how Darwin was manipulated by the Queen to formulate his theory for glorifying her kingdom.

After his death letters found written to Queen that he wasnt even sure of his theory of evolution amd how shocked the Queen was herself when evolution from apes was propounded at first. And the enormous lie taught worldwide in history, biology and all subjects. Where is it coming from. The Western society. The English kingdom is the Lord of White man. So lick their @@@@. That's why royalty of England think world is their playground and monopoly. Basically, if you guys were honest, it would take you no time to accept that White man is nothing but a descendant of an evil race and that's the inbuilt default trait.

In other words, White race is a new race of new souls who descend to enjoy their Golden Age and just for these kindergarten souls we ancestor souls sacrifice so that they can enjoy. Certainly we do not like these new souls. That's why god builts a barrier in interactions, geographical and biological that Whites cannot make other races impure. They are born of impurity and live messed in impurity and therefore impurity their natural heritage. They can infest and infect whereever they go. They invent science for their own comfort and it only lasts till they infect the planet. Soon when they will be wiped off science will cease to exist. And they don't know what purity is. Their conciousness is body oriented means matter focussed. They invent newer ways of tasting pleasure and quest for that they tread the planet voilently.

They lie incessantly, they loot shamelessly, they eat dirt drink dirt and play angels because they appear white like angels. They know deep within they are devils, a monstrous and servant race. They do serve the planet by science. That's their role. So White man is obsessed with sex and renders the whole planet sick of lust. Even Indians feel conplexed about their sex life when they see White man is born for sex and die for sex. So to sum it up White man is equal to lust, greed, voilence, lies, robber, and animosity and vindictive.

By "White race" I do not mean White man of the Middle East or Light Indians but the White rat race that originated from Europe and plagued the whole planet. So there is no confusion. Only European Whites are evil. Not any other White looking human. So it's not so much about color but origin ...

I hope this enlightens my friends to be aware of the most venomous and ugliest and infectious white rat.

Re: BK knowledge is meant for real Indians

PostPosted: 24 Apr 2016
by Pink Panther
ex-l wrote : a "Western Supremacist" ... if there could possibly be such a thing!
There are many, unfortunately. The mainstream media in the West is full of it. Idiocy and bigotry are not a characteristic of any genetic or geographic designation. It goes back to a simple proposition - me and mine versus ”the others”.

Pakka Brahmakumar - thanks for the laughs. Your honesty is most entertaining.

Did you see my post elsewhere linking to a TV science show called Catalyst where it's shown that the tribes of South West Africa have more DNA variation within them than we Eurasians do - and explain how that is so? An Englishman, an Indian and a worthy oriental gentleman (w.o.g.) have less DNA differences than people living within the same region of SW Africa, Angola etc - and they are all black.

See the science topic on the main forum menu.


Re: BK knowledge is meant for real Indians

PostPosted: 24 Apr 2016
by warrior
Pakka brahmakumar wrote:... I hope this enlightens my friends to be aware of the most venomous and ugliest and infectious white rat.

And the energy 'vril' from the secret societies is the same as BKs, the idea is same - Destruction.

Madame Helena P. Blavatsky collected her data from Nepal, India.

Re: BK knowledge is meant for real Indians

PostPosted: 24 Apr 2016
by ex-l
Pink Panther wrote:"Western Supremacist" ... There are many, unfortunately.

My point being that he appears to think "all Whites" are on the same side, and all Indians are on the other side, and victims to them.

However, it's a useful snapshot of current BK thinking on these matters ... all the stuff about "white people having their Golden Age" and "serving 'real' Indians" (meaning Brahma Kumaris, aka "ancestor souls") with their science is pure BKism from the very beginning of the Om Mandli through all the Sakar Murlis. It's obviously all still current BK theory.

It seems BKism that encourages such racism ... but is it not just based on jealousy?

But, hey Pakka, you have to admit that our "evil White man" sewage systems are pretty cool ... a far better idea than having a caste of poor women and their daughters carrying human ordure around in baskets on top of their heads ... And at least the trains ran on time when the British were in charge!
Pakka brahmakumar wrote:White man is obsessed with sex and renders the whole planet sick of lust ... By "White race" I do not mean White man of the Middle East ...

Uh-oh, I see a problem in his theory. Wait until he discovers that it was the Jews who started and ran the modern pornography industry ... he seems not to know Puritan Christianity and "no sex before marriage" prevailed until at least the 1960s.
Pakka brahmakumar wrote:I hope this enlightens my friends to be aware of the most venomous and ugliest and infectious white rat.

Ah, there you go ... spoken like a true Goebbels. He's definitely going on about "the Jews", or some similar "folk devil". Is this what happens when you cross fertilise the Brahma Kumaris, right wing BNP/Shivsena Party mentality ... and typical Nazi-Aryan-Brahmin caste philosophy?. My goodness, where to start? What a complicated case!

Sadly, with a head full of BKism, he appears to know little about real Indian history either (... nor, I fear, will understands more complicated cultural irony).

With BKism, you can answer anything by knowing nothing and taking no evidence into consideration. For example, if the British were so evil and drained India ... why did not India's fortune rapidly change after Independence?

The BK answer is simply ... "decline of soul energy and bad karmas of real ancestor soul BK Indians". No further nor complex thought required.

British rule in India was an act of complicity, a joint venture between the elites of the two nations. Gandhi used the British Empire as a guarantor of his civil rights, and the Congress was a collaborationist movement. Even India’s hereditary royalty were almost without exception imperialists. Why? Because it was advantageous and the better option.

Where do you want to start with your Indian or BK history lessons, Pakka? I know some current Indian politicians are still blaming British rule for all of India's ailments today

But, BTW, did you know that Lekhraj Kirpalani was a British nationalist, and anti-Indian Independence, during the Om Mandli days and called Gandhi a "traitor"?

Re: BK knowledge is meant for real Indians

PostPosted: 24 Apr 2016
by Mr Green
That's fair enough Arbit, but it proves my point we're all as good and bad as each other, Western or Eastern.

We're all just humans.