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BK knowledge is meant for real Indians

PostPosted: 13 Mar 2016
by Pakka brahmakumar
I am a BK from a village in India. I am educated abroad and live abroad now. The Knowledge is only meant for real Indians. And once they join it new they exactly know it's for them. References in the Murli are from Hindu scriptures that previously understood in mythological form, is now revealed in gyaan.

Purity is very natural for these souls as that's their makeup. To me, BK is like breathing. The fact is you do not become a BK either you are or you aren't. The strife to work hard to get there, the greed to just land in heaven at any cost, leads to frustration.

For most Westerners, I see it's like landing in moon. Most eat beef until 50 years, and do everything, and say I am a BK suddenly. If you are BK or not we must check our ancestries. If your family history had nothing to do with India, or being in royalty, we indeed aren't BKs and should rest at home as it's going to be baffling to try to become a BK. After all it's only less than 1 percent of human population thats going to make it in Golden Age.

BTW, there are references of demons lining up for nectar of life just to get to heaven and the goddess can see through divine guidance and doesn't offer it to demons.

Re: BK knowledge is meant for real indians

PostPosted: 14 Mar 2016
by Pakka brahmakumar
Baba is not asking anything new from Indians. It's been since times immemorial that people have lived celibate and abstinence from onion and garlic. Purity has been a main theme of Hinduism which later became the caste system. When my mother first received the 7 Day's Course, for her it was like most of it was already within her and my mom is only a high school drop out. But her inner being always said Cycle of time cannot be millions of years old. It's merely few thousands old. We knew history has been tampered and most things taught in schools is not very true anyway. It's only glorifying the Western culture.

Well, all good but the question is what's the big deal in following Gyan. It's how to leave eating beef of which all flesh if Western bodies is made of. How to abstinate from sex when it's been taught as biologically important as if only BKs have the sole resposibility of procreation. Rest millions can do that job pretty well. And the whole world won't be BK anyway. It's a select group.

So. please. if we are BK let's do it. Else live our lifes peacefully before 2500 years lockup in Paramdham opens for all non BK souls which are more than 95 percent. Om Shanti. It's easy to blame it on others but let's take responsibility of our own weaknesses.

And by the way, sad news is it, cannot be patented like Yoga and neem and turmeric, no matter how hard
Westerners try.

It's being genuine. Om Shanti

Re: BK knowledge is meant for real indians

PostPosted: 14 Mar 2016
by Pink Panther
BKs work and pray for the death of everything except themselves.

Your posts have so many factual errors I cannot begin to critique them.

Re: BK knowledge is meant for real indians

PostPosted: 14 Mar 2016
by Pakka brahmakumar
You mean grammatical errors in English.

Re: BK knowledge is meant for real indians

PostPosted: 14 Mar 2016
by ex-l
Thank you for your posts. They are interesting as they are representative of a large number of BKs, however ... with all humility ... I suggest you and your mother need to get out of the village more often, and see and learn a little more about the world.

Even just the BK world.

You might also be interested to hear what Western BKs think of your type of Indian BKs.

Pink Panther certainly means factual errors ...
    factual errors from cultural or historical points of view about the history of India ...
    factual errors from the point of view of The Knowledge™ ... and
    factual errors from the point of view of the history and development of the BKWSU (e.g. it is Indian BKs who have been trademarking elements The Knowledge).
In short, I think you are just repeating typical, entry level BK brainwashing ... e.g. about an imaginary India and "West" they are encouraging you believe in. One that plays on your cultural prejudices and biases.

For an example, take the 2000 year old plus history of vegetarianism in the West and compare it with the millions of animals slaughtered in animal sacrifices in India today. I would estimate that there are more strict and conscientious vegetarians in the West than in Indian now. (Veganism, a more strict form, actually started in the UK, not India). Vegetarianism in India is more defined by the limits of poverty, rather than ethics and as Indians start to become wealthier, they tend to start eating meat.

Paradoxically, in Nepal, which the BKs believe is special for it "pure" monarchy and the place where Om Radhe Mama reincarnated ... Hindus kill up to 500,000 animals in one religious festival, most shipped especially by Hindus from India. Even India's 'Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act' has an exception for animal sacrifices carried out for religious purposes ... like animal sacrifice rituals to bring about rain - in the 21st Century!?! ... In India, it's OK to be cruel to animals if it is in the name of religion.


    From a BK point of view, I think your post is full of your own "manmat" based on traditional "Bhakti", not "Gyan".

    I think you are just repeating a narrow, nationalistically prejudiced form of BKism, different from what the BKs have been teaching in the West for 40 years, and one that would offended Western BKs.
I've noticed this "nationalistically prejudiced form of BKism" is quite common amongst Indian BKs, but it is not based on facts, The Knowledge™ ... nor even a good cultural and historical knowledge of India (for example, most Indians are not vegetarians and have never been vegetarians ... they consider eating meat and the blood sacrifice of animals to be part of their Indian/Hindu culture). Few Westerners were able to eat beef until the 20th Century. And what of East Asians (Chinese, Japanese), Africans etc?

What Indians and Westerners do have in common, is that they are both human beings and both susceptible to cult brainwashing and 'conformational biases' (believe what you chose because they support your beliefs and ignoring those which inconveniently don't or contradict them) ... which both you and your mother are exhibiting deeply.

I mean ... seriously ... "feelings" of woman who only passed junior school regarding space and time are more accurate and important than all of scientific endeavour and discoveries in that area? That's a big leap to 5,000 year identically repeating Cycles.

I would be very happy if you could stop the BKWSU teaching BKism in the West ... but they won't because they are addicted to the money Westerners bringing in for them (e.g. BKWSU London alone supplies £500,000 to Mount Abu in one year) ... but, in the meanwhile, it might be good for you to find out how the BKWSU is teaching BKism in the West.

Really I think all you are doing is looking out of a very small and narrow 'village' or 'family' caste world view, and confusing it with BKism. Is this the version of BKism they teach at your local centre? What level of education has your center-in-charge?

Mentally, it's almost as if you are still inside your mother's metaphorical womb ...

Re: BK knowledge is meant for real indians

PostPosted: 15 Mar 2016
by because.parmeshwar
Pakka Brahmakumar,

The BKism is stolen format of Hinduism. They picked up certain aspects of Hinduism and made a new dish to sell it out in the market.

Hinduism encourages to get married, but BKism discourage it to hook young individuals to do business for them. They left out alone without family and friends. They find themselves caged in BK bubble and no where to go out.

Some practical questions for you ...
    Are you married or single?
    How do you plan your life? How old are you?
    How do you look at your life after 25 years from now (Destruction will not happen for sure).
    Are you making any provisions for your old age?
    Are you ready to spend your life alone ?


Re: BK knowledge is meant for real indians

PostPosted: 15 Mar 2016
by Pink Panther
Pakka Brahmakumar is an exemplary student, practicing what Baba teaches in Murlis that BKs should have "pure ego".

The essence of Pakka’s posts is this:
    - Ignorance is superior to education
    - Vedic culture is superior to non-vedic culture
    - BKs are superior to non-BKs, even the vedic.
    - Indian BKs are superior to non-indian BKs
That is, what makes him who he is today is ‘superior'.

These are symptoms of a young man trying to find his place and identity in a complex world but who cannot shed the undershirt his mother gave him.
" One can partly foretell what a "puer aeternus" will look like and how he will feel. He is the archetype of the eternal-youth god, and therefore he has all the features of the god: he has a nostalgic longing for death; he thinks of himself as being something special; he is the one sensitive being among all the other tough ‘sheep'.

He will have a problem with an aggressive, destructive shadow which he will deny so generally he projects [this onto others]. There is nothing special about him whatsoever.

The worse the identification with the youthful god, the less individual the person, although he himself feels so special."

- Marie-Louise von Franz, analytical psychologist

Re: BK knowledge is meant for real indians

PostPosted: 15 Mar 2016
by Pakka brahmakumar
Replying to EX1

you didnt read my first two sentences properly.It explains you havent read the muralis properly too.
I wrote we live abroad now which means we live out of India. We live in Western country. And post this i would say if you didnt read whats written in English right i can well understand what have you extracted out of the muralis over however many years. We are friends with white people and all written above comes what i have been told living with westerners.
2. Reply to pink panther.
There is nothing superior or inferior in terms of souls who descend in heaven and souls who rest in Paramdham.
So its fine whatever is the outcome.
Reply to all
I graduated from a pretigious Western university and into research now. My mother being herself a hight school passout ensured i was educated well. Lastly our financial background is very very strong. Its just quite unimaginable for all of you here. Most have approached me with stereotypical mindset regarding my background. Most is not true.
My dear friends i feel lots of love for you all.
I just wish if i could give you guys an experience of that nectar of love and gyaan thay we receive from Baba. But nevertheless my good wishes and love is with all. However there is nothing to argue or conclude. I do agree with some points pinkpanther, ex1 and others have written. Enjoy your life and have fun whether BK or not. It doesnt matter whether you all likes BK or not. Its just about how we all live our lives. Om Shanti.

Re: BK knowledge is meant for real Indians

PostPosted: 15 Mar 2016
by ex-l
Intelligence does not make one immune from cult recruitment and brainwashing. Indeed, it has been shown that more than average intelligent people with certain emotional issues are prone to it, as an escape from parts of life they find difficult. You should read the free book linked to on the topic, Schismogenesis: from 'Understanding Cults & New Religions'.

Let us help you and save you from wasting your life ... when did you first become involved in BKism?

As an academic, you should be capable of having your ideas taken to pieces and inspected, and able to substantiate them against robust criticism.

As a 'would be' spiritually elevated being, I have to caution you about the tendency towards self-aclaimed superiority in your post the Brahma Kumaris are encouraging in you, i.e. you understand the Murls "properly", and we don't. That attitude of superiority is one of the BKs' drug to keep people hooked.

I 'understand' what little there is to understand in the Murlis ... [/i]and there is really very little to understand[/i] ... I just don't 'accept' it. There is a difference. The god spirit and leaders of the BKs have made so many false predictions, hurt and manipulated so many individuals, for so many decades, and lied and fabricated so much about themselves while acruing great wealth and comforts ... and they are primarily concerned only with chasing power, wealthy and influence ... that I reject it as the "God of all Religions".

For example, if you are well off financially, you and your mother will have received special treatment, and a slightly altered (or softer) form of BKism, to flatter and hook you. That is what they do.

I used to teach BKism and was on the Murli team processing them in the day it all had to be done by hand, so I think I actually have a very good knowledge of The Knowledge™.

For example, although there's nothing in The Knowledge™ about one's family history "being in royalty", I understand that you are referring to that only the 900,000 or 330 million individuals who, according the BKs, are born from the start of their Golden Age to the End of their Silver Age are "BK souls", that it is a monarchic society and that Bharat (India) is largely where those ages happen ... but, on the other hand, I think the rational explanation for the BKs' obsession with royalty lies with Lekhraj Kirpalani's obsession with his rich and powerful customers from his jewellery days.

However, your statement that "there is nothing superior or inferior about souls" is utterly false or misleading from the BK point of view of Gyan ... it's false to the pont of dishonesty towards outsiders ... because according to the Gyan, "all souls are numberwise" in the BKs' great spiritual hierarchy of high 84 births to low 1 birth souls.


So, the BK attitude is that Western democratic societies are good enough for their superior educational systems, their increased economic advantages and privileged lifestyles, the general order and facilities ... but India still gets the Golden Age as the West is so "impure" and "degraded" that it's going to be blown up with nuclear bombs and sunk below the oceans for 2,500 years except for a few picnic islands were BK centres used to be? (That's what The Knowledge™ says).

Will Baba "press the button" this year, as he says in the Avyakt Murlis?

I hope your research is not in advanced weaponry techniques ...

Re: BK knowledge is meant for real Indians

PostPosted: 15 Mar 2016
by Mr Green
I used to wish others could feel Baba's love.

Now I would actively advise people to avoid it, in the same way it's probably a good idea to avoid alcohol or cocaine. They all induce altered states of awareness. They can all hurt you but people have sought such things since mankind began writing at least. The same goes for religion and Godly love

Re: BK knowledge is meant for real Indians

PostPosted: 16 Mar 2016
by ex-l
Mr Green wrote:I used to wish others could feel Baba's love ...

It's a sort of "yukti", is not it ... to make us feel like we are missing out on something.

If you read my posts, you'll see I've always accessed most BKs gets "highs" from the BK program ... but I tend to think like Mr Green, that it's becomes an unhealthy addiction which hooks us to the BK god spirit pushers ... whose ethics and activities are ultimately damaging.

BKs become like addicts, and at the end, the cult ends up with all their money, property, and much of their lives feeding the addiction.

That's the two things they say about us, and tell us ... we did not "understand" The Knowledge™ properly and surely we weren't have proper enough Yoga. I've never heard it was because were not Indians before though (presumably it's a thing Indian BKs believe?). I suppose the between "real Indians" (Bharatwassi), and not real ones means those born in BKs' Copper and Iron Age.

Some people here actually are Indians and, for the record, there are also stories in Hinduism where "devils" were hated God Krishna so much ... they actually ended up going to heaven with him because of their "Yoga". That's true ... but the point I am making is that you can "prove" anything with quotes from Bhakti. But really all we are doing when we do is confirming our bias, i.e. cherry picking the few quotes we like and ignoring the overwhealming many we don't.


Let's try and get off to a better start, Pakka ... how long have you been into BKism and how pukka are you and your mum; morning class and Amrit Vela every day?

What does your Father and rest of the family make of it all?

Can you see the dangerous seed of being made to feel "special" or "chosen" over other people ... one of a select few who will be born in the Golden Age? All cults basically do that ... that's what we fell for ... that at the mother attention from the center-in-charges and Dadis too.

Re: BK knowledge is meant for real Indians

PostPosted: 16 Mar 2016
by Pink Panther
Pakka Brahmakumar, your scholarship is inconsistent. Maybe you also studied Murli based on feelings rather than actually reading what is said and analysing its meaning and implications.

Many times in Avyakt Murlis it is said that ”double foreigners” are more elevated, more special than majority of bharatwassi BKs because the double videshi have seen through the veil of cultural difference to recognise Baba. It has been said that it was their ”good karma” that led them to reincarnate outside of India to not suffer the full degradtion of Kali Yugi Bharat, and even better karma that ”brought them back to Baba”.

Pakka, I did read what you said, that you were abroad and also that you are not uneducated, but a university graduate no less. It was you who placed your mother’s lack of education and emotional responses above the advanced sciences from physics to geology to biology etc, i.e. if it feels good its ‘true”, despite the hard evidence.

Then you back pedal and tell us we are foolish and judgemental as you are a graduate. But please, do not mistake formal education for intelligence or real learning. It has been said that modern education qualifications are based on "notes passed from teacher to student and back again with none of it penetrating the mind of either”.

My guess is your degree is not in any of the humanities subjects; History, Philosophy, Literature, Arts, Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology etc. I will even hazard a guess it is in a vocational subject that is technical and precise, eg chemistry, engineering, computer technology or similar. I say that because your posts do not reveal any mature, tertiary level understanding of human nature or the variety of human potentials, instead preferring neat categorisations and a dismissive ”cool, whatever”.

Please, as ex-l asks, tell us more about the real person that is Pakka Brahmakumar.

Re: BK knowledge is meant for real Indians

PostPosted: 16 Mar 2016
by ex-l
Remember, Pakka, we were you once. I even remember pitying or condescending to failing or failed BKs thinking how superior my connection (and status) must be and doing what the Murlis say of trying to "serve" them back into the fold.

I am guessing your mother got hooked by the BKs first, and then she sucked you in. Is that correct?

My concern for you would be that BKism is, in essence, just an kind of extension of 'mother domination' encouraged by the Brahma Kumaris' war against sexuality and male power; and that by not developing yourself independently - and expressing and experiencing a full life - you will actually be doing yourself spiritual damage, and missing out on life.

Hinduism, as you know, encourages individuals to express and experience a full life, and to fulfil worldly responsibilities *first* ... before adopting a spiritual life at the end of it.

There is good reason and wisdom for this. If for nothing else that you know what it means to be human before setting yourself up as a spiritual teacher and guide.

As a son, you literally grew up *inside* your mother; first inside her body, then inside her spiritual or emotional aura, then inside her home and under her vision, and so on. Mothers have deep connections with sons, which the Brahma Kumaris would be happy to exploit.

Likewise, we would have to ask what your own mother's experience of men was. Yes, at present, I could only make assumptions on the basis of Indian stereotypes, e.g. paternal control ... arranged marriage ... not allowed the independence to develop educational or professional etc.

You would need to ask very serious question about what her internal motivations in joining the BKs were.

In a sense, what I am doing here suggest to you to look at and peel off the 'layers of the onion' (of spiritual influences) ... in order to discover the real you inside of it ... in order to free you to find your own path and destiny.

However intoxicating it is, BKism is a layer of falsehood. We can say that very confidentally now. In fact, it is layers and layers of falsehood built up over decades.

And can an Age of Truth (Sat Yuga), be built out of such lies?

You are here for a reason, and that is to go much further than BKism.

It sometimes take men a long time to work out how deeply and subtley controlled they are by their mothers and, consequently, other women like them. As a scientist, you know that you must remove and address any reasonable doubt or external influence before coming to conclusion. True spirituality is no different.

Re: BK knowledge is meant for real Indians

PostPosted: 16 Mar 2016
by Pakka brahmakumar
I am quite interested in replying to everything asked by all my friends up above, however, I am very busy nowdays.
I will just send a detailed reply to all. I just cant write so much and I am not a voracious reader so, please, friends bear with me for the delay in replying to so many pending questions. Will do so when I find time.

All I can say a lot of points you have mentioned are correct. Been in gyaan for 10 years. I am in age group 30-35. The least I am interested in anything is proving anything. I am not ignoring the side of BKs trying to manipulate and control others. However, it has never affected me as they cant access my bank account or steal money from my pocket or influence me to give away my property. In case, if I do that I must do it out of my own will. And after doing should not regret. They can be asking for money or whatever but cant force anyone. Let's not make them mafias.

Continue ....


Re: BK knowledge is meant for real Indians

PostPosted: 16 Mar 2016
by ex-l
So ... you only first took Gyan™ around 2005? It amazes me how they still carry on. In India, or abroad?

What you could also do is tell us a bit more about your experience of the BKs (without all the advertising we know) as it must be changing. It seems from recent BKs we encounter, that it has become a little more vague and less demanding of individuals. Some of the so called BKs we meet, we would not have even called BKs back in our day.

As for "mafia", that is exactly what I call the inner circle. A "sweet" or subtle mafia, perhaps, but a mafia all the same. By that, I mean a secretive, undemocractic, unaccountable and self-appointed elite running an international criminal operation - a confidence trick or fraud - by using a series of "charitable" or clean looking front operations.

Using "charitable" or clean looking front operations to launder money is typical of all mafias. Sorry ... but you'd have to examine the model before you dismiss the idea and I think you'll find it matched very closely. Mafias also call themselves "families".

You see, I have serious concerns about the manner in which the Kirpalani Klan slowly indoctrinates and encults individuals without tell them the whole truth of their history ... how they slowly cook them, like old story of the frog in hot water pot.

When I was a BK, we were told Destruction would be in 1986. Then 1986 to 1996 (I left before then). Then in 2000, the leadership had people emptying out bank accounts, donating everything to them to "earn their inheritance", and stock piling food and water. Later, I found out that they had done the same thing in 1976 ... and then, recently, I discovered documents that prove they did it in 1950 and, before that, WWII was supposed to be the Mahabharat War and Vinash.

And, yes, it was Baba saying it, not "children speculating" as they use as an excuse these days when challenged.

Ethically, it is concerning that they don't tell people about these failures and their historical revisions for reasons I am sure I don't have to spell out to you.

Now we are passed the date required for Lekhraj Kirpalani to be reborn as Krishna in time for the Golden Age to start in 2036 ... and what are they saying now ... Destruction in 2036 and "instant Golde Age"?

It seems they are trying to whitewash away all of the past and just have people focus on "the experience", remarking themselves once again.

What's going on inside the BKWSU? The Murlis and Gyan have not changed that much. Gulzar's BapDada performing is fading.

Are people starting to question what is going on and the leadership?

Thank you.