About my life

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About my life

Post22 Apr 2016

Om Shanti Suraj Bhai,

mere life me thode muje lagthe hai,

oh badme banthe hai, jab oh bura hotha hi muje thabi bi muje nai milthi hai ke bad my roletha hu, aur ek baath my Australia me hu abi 13 months hua hi, aur mere life me ek ladki ayi thi 11 months pehle and she is my relative my mother own Brother daughter , uska shadi ho ke 10 sal hua hi , chote umar me usko shadi kardi hi ek 13 sal jyada umar ki admi se, bad me oh ladki adjust karliya tha ki oh uskabaap ka nam ache rah sake, aur oh husband bi acha hi tha, oh adjust karli but ladki ki husband ki bai use satha ya ek bar usko wash karli oh ladki mana karatha then as well he forced her, she don't have any option so the girl done with him, then she cryed and ready to suicide, after 3 years she started talking with her childhood friend and he looks good, that girl is always want to talk with that boy, she is loving that guy because he looks good, after some days that guy cried and asked money to that girl, girl privided gold bangles to him, then she understand that the boy want money so she left talking with him, after few days her childhood another frnd met her in bus and requested her to talk with me thegirl given her nu, and started talking with him and he proposed her, and she doesn't said anything she mormally msg daily, oneday that girl cld him and ask him to come and pick me, the girl went with that guy on bike for 100 km, and oh person is doubt on this girl that he is saying don't go to ur aunty home, and she got angry and left that guy the same time that girl is talking with me and sheleft him and talking eith me, and i was cared her respected. her and see her like maharamii wish for her i was donated to charitys isaid herloveu then i asked her give me next life, because uf married she also loved me alot and said me love u husband she want to do everything with me and shedone everything with me wen i went toindia, i dis too, know the girl was totally changed she is not saying me love u, she isangry on me, and i am crying everyday because i lost that value which she used to give me love u husband abd she is very caring anoit me know she is talking very rudly with me, ifi said i will die then she said OK? but wen i really went tojump in to the see, she wollcryed and alot, saying that plz ra don't do anything , oh lsdki ku my uski engagement do din pehle deke jab usko shadi karne ka man karatha, thats thereson am still loving that girl alot, bjt wenver she reject me i amvery sad, and am unable to think anything , fof tgat kind of reasony ksnanahi katha hu rotha huhar din, marne ka try karthahu, kyakaru Bhai help me oit
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Re: About my life

Post22 Apr 2016

More proof the Brahma Kumaris target and hook weak and vulnerable people during traumatic times in their lives.

They see Suraj or Shivani in TV and come flocking with their problems not having a clue what the BKs are about.

It's not just very sad, it's immoral exploitation.

I have no idea what you are asking about ... girl-boy jealousy relationships stuff ?

The BKs are not interested and they have no answers for you. They are a celibate End of the World cult who forbid relationships between members. They want to hook you and get all your time, money and energy ... just like the golddiggers they are.


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Re: About my life

Post20 Jun 2016

This sounds very similar to what I've experienced with a friend of mine.

Seems like every person involved with BK has those sudden changes of the attitude. From love to hate.

She's been a member for over one year now, and she seems to be more and more into it :(.

I'd like to show her how much she's changed. Any ideas? I'd like her to see that she's a different person now and to quit BK as soon as possible.

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