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Post23 Jul 2016

In the old days, the BKs center-in-charges were not suppose to encourage people with mental illness to follow them, something they adopted to protect themselves but something they widely ignored.

It's a kind of paradox because you'd have to be crazy or going through a mentally challenging or vulnerable to believe in their teachings in the first place. But if you want to go down that route, you have to appear as down to earth as possible and not make it a battle between your beliefs and hers. That will only make her strengthen her BK beliefs even more.

A lawyer's letter challenging them over their 'undue influence' and 'duty of care' has worked in some cases in the past but if your mother is independent-ish, the BKs may try to turn it on you and claim she is making her own decision and they are not telling her what to do. That is, "her decision" and she can leave any time she wanted (knowing she cannot because she is already hooked).

That, in itself, is typically insidious because they know fine by now the gradual but intense brainwashing that goes on modifies people's decision making processes so they cannot make trully independent decisions.

On one hand, as a BK, one really loses one's own mind through all the "Baba, Baba, Baba ... what would Brahma Baba do in this situation" kind of thinking, and there is a sub-text of a persecution syndrome built into the religion (being attack by anti-parties). On the other hand, individuals also use BKism as a kind of stick to beat families/partners and to work out or express their own real emotions, e.g. women who were in arranged marriages finally being able, through using BKism, to get their husbands off their back and ditch their families ... families who they did really want or love.

It bring up other utterly mundane and often quite nasty psychological conflicts within couples and families.

I, myself, was specifically encouraged by BK leaders to deceive my own family in this way ... i.e. to put on a show of independence and to assert my legal right to separate from them etc ... so I can say I know how they encourage people to act.

You might consider speaking to professionals for advice, but don't use language like "evil" and spirits, except to stress that that is what she believes in, e.g. god possessing the BK's primary spirit mediums as a spirit entity etc and becoming overshadowed by it. That in itself would be enough for many medical practioners to start to think your mother was unwell.

How old is your mother? Is there a family property the BKs might grab? Are there other family members around you?

Have you checked to see if there are any cult awareness or anti-cult groups in your country who might be able to support or advise?

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