My experience of 6 years as a BK & then left it (ex-BK now)

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Re: My experience of 6 years as a BK and then left it, X-BK

Post11 Feb 2017

human being wrote:There are usually 2 kind of people who talk about spirituality. One who really care (and are very, very few); and the one who are having some psychological/emotional problems and are using it as either a facade behind which they hide or seek some kind of salvation out of it. Both kinds want to pretend ...

Sadly, honestly, I think the BKism is compromised very largely of the second category, to which I'd add - or more tightly define - "escaping social/familial problems".

I don't know what the pair of you are falling out about. I don't see any great clash, try not and take things too personally as it's only the internet and a very limited forum of communication. Everyone has some virtue to offer.

BTW, I started another topic, here; Who or what is the BK god spirit?
One thing that I have learnt from my BK experience is that it was not just they, but also me, who was dishonest and hence I wasted a lot of precious time in my life by not listening to the honest warnings of my heart. We mostly suffer in life not because we are sick or weak but because we are too arrogant to accept the reality and hence fail to take remedial actions.

I think you're being very humble and honest here and it's very accurate and heartfelt advice to others.

BKism, without any doubt, encourages dishonesty. It even encourages adherents to become skilful at it. From that, we could say it encourages delusions; delusions at the micro (the self) and the macro level (time and space etc). From that point of view, which I think has been inarguably proven time and time again, it is the opposite of a true "spiritual path".

My experience as a BK has taught me that the so called philosophies and, especially, the Maryadas or rules of a religion, are really only way of living to exist and survive *within* that specific cult or religion, e.g. "turning the other cheek" (Christianity) does not work if you are boxer living in a boxing ring (a metaphor). BKism does not actually teach you to survive, nevermind thrive, in greater the society around you. It only teaches you to survive within the BK world, and very largely at a very low, submissive level.

Note how, in BKism, you cannot "get better" than the Seniors. Indeed, arguably, if you try, you are knocked down or the goals shifted to maintain their positions, and it's never made clear what position is based on. To 'succeed' as a BK is to "grind your bones" as a worker drone.

In order to sustain adherents' committment, BKism weaves webs of delusion around individuals so deeply that they exist, and remain, inside of the adherents' minds even when the individual is apart from the main body of the cult, or has exited. It takes some time to unpick what has been woven inside.

I don't know what you would define as "concentrating" meditations versus "non-concentrating" meditations. I know, in the West, "mindfulness" is currently being "borrowed" and applied to the treatment of depression and other mild mental disorders into hybrids such as 'Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT)'.

Would that count as one? My suspicion is that it is happening because it is cheap but it does appear to work in some cases.

On the other hand, also in the West, others are attempting to combine therapy with core Buddhist values, e.g. Karuna Institute. I wonder how "psychotherapy" is approached in India and other traditional/develoing societies? I know in some places mental disorders can be 'taboos', and treatments non-existent or even barbaric (friends real life experience), is it the domain of "gurus".

Looking at the nature of "the enquiries to Sister Shivani" people erroneously send us, it's very clear that the BKs are feeding off and exploiting them. And take their money too.


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Re: My experience of 6 years as a BK and then left it, X-BK

Post12 Feb 2017

Oh dude, "Human Being", that's what BKs do when they feel that through some discussion and words they have failed. They simply leave the discussion, why cannot they just prove everything through the vibrations and face and all that their Baba tells them? You know what they cannot, because no BK has ever reached to a state where you know just by looking at the BK, you don't get any words or questions!

BK stuff is about Mind, Intellect and sanskars (personality treats), one has to go beyond to get the experience of having no experience at all. Can a BK understand these words even though they are the people of just words and words ... no, they cannot!

People might be thinking that this guy is talking too much you know in an angry way. No, I am not. I am just making people AWARE about what BK stuff is all about, just words, sweet words and nothing else!

BTW, if Osho has said that "happy people don't meditate", then why if BKs meditate everyday, are they not happy people, huh!

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Re: My experience of 6 years as a BK and then left it, X-BK

Post12 Feb 2017

I don't see what has gotten the two beings (human being and awareness being) worked up. Different points of view but nothing worth 'being' hot under the collar about.

I have found on a forum like this that it is often best not to reply straight away.

Re-read the post to which you are 'reacting" with the respectful intent to better grasp the other person's point of view and intended meaning (it may not be expressed as well as it could) regardless of whether your first impression is to agree or disagree, but especially if it made blood rush to your head.

Then sleep on it. Don't reply for at least a day. Take the time to cool down, and before replying read again.

Is it really that bad? And if it is, so what? People have a right to be wrong, and to be gently and respectfully shown why you think they are wrong. If you don't have time, wait until you do. And if the conversation moves on, so be it, curse and swear to yourself, do a dance then drop some money into the next charity box you see - that'll do more good than winning an argument with a stranger, where the chances are you are both wrong!!

PS There's a tibetan Buddhist lama who was asked how to understand ego. His reply was - imagine your response when, out of the corner of your eye and almost out of earshot, someone has accused you of something you did not do.
There are two kinds of people

Well, yes - a least in that there are a) those who think there are two kinds of people and b) those who don't! ;-)
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Re: My experience of 6 years as a BK and then left it, X-BK

Post20 May 2017

Yes, and always ask first before jumping to assumptions about the other individual, e.g. this "dual Ind person" business. There's no guaranteeing that the other person, on this forum, is Indian. Never mind a "dual Indian". We've all got something in common where ever we are from.

I can understand how the typical BK excuse for a "BK failure" is always "blame the individual", or "it's the individual's fault for ... " etc etc etc.

It's an easy cop out for more diffult truths, and those is ...
    a) BKism does not work for everyone, and
    b) Why would you want it to once you start to find out more about the cult, its god spirit, and its history?
If you want a guaranteed "buzz", go take LSD or some other psychoactive drug. Why sell your soul to a cult and some unknown/unknowable unreliable and manipulative god of theirs?

If anything, anyone should thank their lucky stars - and better intuitions - they "failed" becoming a BK.

You're both free now ... celebrate it and be thankful.

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