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Re: Is there some legal action to take against the BKs?

PostPosted: 20 Apr 2017
by Fearless.soul

... Yes, you are right. I am preparing well with information, evidences to expose little or more false spirituality​ of BK, in front of my partner and his mother. I know what they might react about it. I am preparing to respond to their 'responses'.
"I am hoping you can waken him up again, and bring him back to reality."

... Inshallah Amen.

Thank you for sharing your views with me, it is helping me to think more accurately and to prepare my strategies.

May Almighty GOD give everyone wisdom and courage.


Re: Is there some legal action to take against the BKs?

PostPosted: 20 Apr 2017
by ex-l
What might start to shake his confidence is exposing that there was no God Shiva in the religion until 1955 or 1956, therefore all the early history, of God Shiva descending in 1936 and announcing himself, their "purifying" themselves by remembering him etc is a lie.

Of course, as you appreciate, the will likely have been prepped with answers and excuse, e.g. "it was Lekhraj Kirpalani mistake", "it was the misinterpretation of followers", "The Knowledge was revised accordingly", the "BK need to have their intellects purified enough" etc etc.

There are many original documents in the Library, that the leaders had hidden from followers for decades, proving this.

If their god spirit is Allah, the one Supreme god ... why did he allow this? Why did he allow Lekhraj Kirpalani to call himself God or "higher than god" for 20 years before revealing himself? Why did the leadership cover this up even until this date?

You are right to examine their likely response and have a follow up for it.

Re: Is there some legal action to take against the BKs?

PostPosted: 11 May 2017
by Fearless.soul
Writing after many days ... with immense pain humiliation.

My partner's ​mother threatened me that if I called at Brahma Kumaris centre, they (BK) will take very dangerous action against me directly ... just because I tried to reach to my partner through Brahma Kumaris? Because my partner told me that, he is doing as per BK's advices (by blocking me and cut communication for a month, by unblocking me and resume communication to forcefully convince me to do some BK course).

So I contacted center in charge about their interference in my relationship, and to know how could they (BK) give advices on to break or build relationships!! Center-in-charge lied openly that she is not giving such guidance to anyone (my partner's ​mother already discussing with her) .. and told me not to call ... some of Sisters of that center talked with me very rudely. I told them to behave themselves, or else I'll complain about them to zone-in-charge, yet they shamelessly kept replying "go ahead complain about us".

Is this what Brahma Kumaris are actually inside?

I searched and find zone in charge number, some Vivek Bhai picked up my call, and gave me other number to talk with zone-in-charge of BK. I dialled that number so many times but no one answer on that number.

I called at local BK center again (where my partner and his mother going), but I think they have blocked my number.

Is this real BK face? Full of arrogance, rudeness, hypocrisy, misbehavior, cunningness, misguiding peoples with false superiority?

My partner's​ mother threatens me in the name of this Brahma Kumaris!! She said, "we have maintained a strong image inside BK, and you are nothing in front of Brahma Kumaris, the power they have possessed, so don't try to mess with Brahma Kumaris. I have talked with BK center in charge clearly, to take any actions​ against you"

Are these BKs are really so much powerful to destroy anyone's life?

No one can take any action against BK? Are people like me that much helpless to do anything against such BK bitches?

That means I just have to see and suffer damage of my life quietly?

Re: Is there some legal action to take against the BKs?

PostPosted: 11 May 2017
by ex-l
I think they are bluffing and trying to frighten you off, playing on your fear.

What can they do anyway?

Yes, you are seeing the true face of the Brahma Kumaris ... but I think you should keep documenting what they are like and keep working your way up the command structure.

I am not sure what other think but I think the mother must be afraid and projecting on you. She will surely be pulled up by the zone-in-charge for her negative behaviour.

Your partner's mother sounds demented ... what a bizarre mother-son relationship.

Keep pushing if you have the strength.

Re: Is there some legal action to take against the BKs?

PostPosted: 12 May 2017
by Fearless.soul

I have recorded each and every call while talking with BK center in charge, or with other BK center's​ people, with my partner or with his mother.

This is the heights​ of inhumanity, the way all BK center's people replied me, the way mother threatened me ... It is becoming communal issue now, as ME being Muslim, the BK center people being Hindu, my partner's mother being Hindu, my partner being half Muslim/Hindu ... and they all treated me very rudely very negatively.

BK center in charge should be polite to anyone​ calling at their center. How dare she put other immature Sisters on call and let them talk as "Street fighters" with me!!? I did not use a loud voice while talking, I did not even sound like fighting with them or did not even show my prejudice towards BKs. I simply asked​ them to call my partner and to talk with me, and I clearly mention that to center in charge NIRANJANA BEN. I explained her that my relationship was being affected because of my partner's​ involvement in BK as he told me clearly that, "whatever he is doing is advised​ by BKs", and he wasn't picking up my calls, so I approach that BK center to talk with him.

If BKs have nothing to do with anyone's personal relationship matter, then they should have explain it to my partner as well, not to make an excuses in the name of BKs Gyan. I told the center in charge to warn my partner about it, but instead of considering that she started ignoring my next calls and put some naive Sisters to talk with me badly. I requested them to let me talk to NIRANJANA BEN, but those little bitches denied to do so making excuses like "NIRANJANA BEN is meditating, so she cannot come".

I mean is that something joke or what? Who meditate soon after taking Murli classes of an hour and then immediately went for meditation?? It is unconvincing, but she did not answer my calls, and after that​ those little BK bitches put their phone aside, so I just couldn't talk to anyone or none have to answer me!!!

What kind of Maryadas they are following that way? Or they are just showing their personal frustration anger on me?

Re: Is there some legal action to take against the BKs?

PostPosted: 12 May 2017
by Zenobia

I can understand what you are going through. Yes, this is how the BKs are on the inside ... their true face!

Did you happen to talk to your partner in the last few days? I mean, do you see any hope of him coming back to normal?
You can register a complain in the women grievance cell. You can do it online, on phone or visit a major police station which has a women's cell. Include your religions in the complain. You will taken seriously because our country has history of such issues getting a communal tinge ... (just to make it look serious).

Try it. When BKs at the local center see police, they usually turn timid and might let go off your partner or worse still "dump" him. They want to maintain their image in the society.

You can also contact the local print media where you can request anonymity if you need to ...

Just on a personal note, does your own family know of this situation? I have seen that when women come armored with males of their families they take you more seriously ...

For example, once the Brother of a surrendered Sister came to one of the centers to complain of interference in their families. He shouted aloud so much that the house owners called the police. Since the BK center was on rent, the arrogant Sister in-charge got scared when the cop turned up and with folded hand apologized to the angry Brother. They never interfered again and the surrendered Sister also left the center after a while.

I agree with ex-l, they are playing on your fear. They get such calls often.

If one of them sweet talks to you to get your details like address etc .. .please refuse. They might also complain against you to the police, and they would need to give a address to get the FIR registered ... Though this is rare. I am just advising you to be a little careful.

Be brave. Involve some close relatives or friends too. Don't do it alone.

Re: Is there some legal action to take against the BKs?

PostPosted: 12 May 2017
by ex-l
Fearless.soul wrote:Who meditate soon after taking Murli classes of an hour and then immediately went for meditation?? It is unconvincing ...

It's a lie, plain and simple, and exploitation of the younger Sisters. A good excuse that makes her looks superior by playing the "spiritual" card.

There is no greater lie than a lie carried out in the name of God. Welcome to BKism ...

I think the Moslem-Hinduism angle is a good one as BKism is really just another mutation of caste cased Hindu Brahminism ... and has the same prejudices. They think they are the real Brahmins and call non-BK Brahmins "shudras". But wait until you start exploring about what they say about Muhammed etc.

Muslim newspapers or community leaders might be a good place to start. Perhaps there is a Muslim Women's group ... or any women's rights group, even "Pink Gang" style ... who would support you?

I had a thought about what we should with this and the other recent call to action.

I thought about rather than an "anti-BK party" ... which is what the BKs want and can use to frighten/excite their students (they predict an anti-party to arise near Destruction) ... we should have something like an 'Association to Stop Cultic Abuses within BKism' [ASCABK]. Or perhaps a 'Federation to Understand Cultic Abuses within BKism [FUCABK].

Which is better ... ASCABK, or FUCABK? :D

May be something better? This way you are not "against" the BKs, just against cult abuses within BKism ... who can argue or stand against that? Many BKs will agree with it to ... although it will choke in their leaders' throat.

We need to work on the marketing to get it right. I think you will find a lot of support in India. A *lot* of people and families have been broken and robbed by the BKs and their arrogance increases every time they "win". And a lot of people hate them for being stinking rich and doing very little to nothing for any one else.

* (They have started to do a little now but, in my opinion, it is just "facewashing" in public. It is just PR and damage limitation.)

Re: Is there some legal action to take against the BKs?

PostPosted: 13 May 2017
by Fearless.soul

Yes, I have talked with my partner through BK center, 2-3 days ago. NIRANJANA BEN was out of center when I called, as per said by other Sisters. That day, soon after Murli classes, I had a talk with my partner. I was very hurt that time and after listening his voice literally broke down and just said everything which is suffocating me since from so many days, because instead of my partner his mother was receiving all my calls, and that was hurting me more, so I told him everything thing comes in my mind. He just replied me, "You want to take revenge only and then will you be happy? Then you should come here and do as you want". I told him, "I will come, I will talk to you through this BK center, because you are doing as per their guidance, and blocked me and ignoring my calls, so now I will call and talk to you through this center only, as now they (BK) becomes​ most important to you than me".

Yes, I definitely see hopes in him because whenever he is alone or away from his mother, he sounds more to the heart, shows some concern towards me with few words, but in presence of his mother he became totally quiet, and was only repeating words of BK Gyan. I have noted that.

Yes, I can register complain against BK or my partner, but if only no other choice left. I am aware of all the consequences of such steps, but here in my issue, the BKs' influence is the main reason behind everything, if anyhow BK center people stop my partner coming at center, there's more possibilities of everything becoming normal again. Because his mother is manipulating him in the name of BKs Gyan and lifestyle, the mother played very badly behind everything that happened. I am doing all this to open my partner's​ eyes, to break the BKs' influence on him. It is causing damage of both of our life ... and I won't let BKs to do so.

BK center people tried to ask for my details, but I just tell my name and my partner's​ name, but when I asked other BK female about their names, they bluntly refuse it ... I don't know why!!

Re: Is there some legal action to take against the BKs?

PostPosted: 13 May 2017
by Fearless.soul

You are right, other BK females have lied openly, and someone amongst​ them had talked with me very rudely which I have recorded ...
"They think they are the real Brahmins and call non-BK Brahmins "shudras""

... Exactly this is how my partner's ​mother treated me, using such words and told me to follow 'pavitrata' and forces me to​ do some BK course!!

She was just trying to show off how Gyani she is in front of her son. bullsh** BK Gyan, anyone with little sense and respect for humanity will not fall for this "soul" kind of theories! How can you prove living being as a SOUL!!! IT IS IMPOSSIBLE ridiculous, just to escape from responsibilities and guilt factor in the name of "karmic account" "whatever happened happens for good" etc etc. Nonsense. Totally arrogant attitude of - I , ME , MYSELF only.
"Which is better ... ASCABK, or FUCABK"

Anything will be better if it can stop this BKs cult.

I really want to stand and argue with BK Shivani. I have watched her videos on relationships, she is just bluffing her own perception in the name of Gyan. I can give her hundreds of cross questions to prove her half-knowledge preaching ... Her expression itself shows how fake confidence she is carrying on her face ... need to consult some humans​ body language expert :D.
"We need to work on the marketing to get it right. I think you will find a lot of support in India. A *lot* of people and families have been broken and robbed by the BKs and their arrogance increases every time they "win". And a lot of people hate them for being stinking rich and doing very little to nothing for any one else."

... Your idea is very good and will definitely work as you mentioned but here in India, people are so so cowardly and are afraid to take any actions against religious matters, unless they themselves wouldn't face some trouble due to such cults. And such actions can only fulfilled by group of equally knowledgeable​ people (experienced BKs) and not by some victims only, because when it comes to deal with such BK cult, there is chances of getting threatening by them at any extent, THE WAY BK MOTHER THREATENED ME BY Brahma Kumaris​.

My intention are good, I have enough evidences, I don't want to harm anyone falsely (BK/my partner) ... then why they threatened me?

It is not acceptable in the name of spirituality or Gyan.

Re: Is there some legal action to take against the BKs?

PostPosted: 14 May 2017
by Fearless.soul
Yesterday was a big boom day..

I have called at local BK center and NIRANJANA Bhen received my call. I ask her, why she gave threatened me through BK mother? Do they think I am not as powerful as they (BK) are? Why she did not listen my actual purpose of calling her and instead of listening peacefully​ ,put some arrogant Sisters on call to talk with me?

NIRANJANA Bhen replied, "No we did not do anything like that, you cannot accuse me this way", and soon after disconnected my call. I dialled again, but she might unplugged the telephone wire.

Then I immediately call at Ahmedabad "Sukh Shanti Bhavan" to talk with zone-in-charge. NEHABHEN received my call and told me that, she is having equal authority as zone-in-charge (SARLA BHEN).

NEHA BHEN told me that, I can share with her my issue and she will take actions​ according to it.

I complained her about how local BK center Sister's RESPONDED​ badly at me. I told her how center in charge NIRANJANA BHEN misused her authority and without knowing my partner's​ intentions or his on going personal life and provide him some 'BK broach', which is against BKs maryaadas and principles. I explained her my relationship issue, and I told her to stop my partner coming into BK center as might be create communal issue, because my partner and his mother using excuses in the name of BKs Gyan.

NEHA BHEN asked my name, my partner's​ name and gave me assurance that she will take actions if such things actually happened. She told me to give her contact number to my partner to talk with him (9409329999 Nehaben) ... I was not sure about my partner's​ reaction for the same, yet I told her okay.

I forward NEHABhen's contact details to my partner and also wrote briefly about our talk.

Soon after reading my messages, my partner called me. I received his call, and the way he started talking to me was unbelievable.

Again falsely accusating me, openly lying, using false theories connection of BKs behind his decision of being celibate and used "my own choice" word behind his inappropriate actions (after 7 years of intimate relationship with me, now he is being selfish in the name of BKs Gyan and turned his back from responsibilities towards me! How could it be "own choice").

I told him (with crying and with bit angry voice), how dare her mother could give me such threatening? If anything happens to me then who will be responsible now? Being Gyani and matured lady, was it appropriate the way she threatens me? Many more to-the-point questions I asked him.

But he did not replied properly and just kept using 2-3 sentences repeatedly.

He openly told me that, "why did you refuse​ to do the Raja Yoga course when my mother told you to do? It shows you don't respect mine or my mother's wishes (I only respected his wish since all these years), then how will you manage relationship after getting married to me? For me, my mother is on top of anyone else. I will obey her every word, you did not accept my choice of being celibate and searched​ negative information about BKs. I don't care about what some forum says, I will always be part of BK family, and this way you have proved that you don't love me. We had a relationship by our choice all these years, but you have disturbed marriage possibilities by not following my mother's wishes or mine. Actually, "ALLAH" did not want us to stay together that's why all this happened, if I am a cheater, liar and coward then you should have thank God that he saved you from me".

I couldn't speak anything.

I am done and don't see any reason for living after such humiliation.

Re: Is there some legal action to take against the BKs?

PostPosted: 14 May 2017
by Pink Panther
Please do not do anything rash. When emotions run high, we do things we ourselves would not advise others to do. Take some deep breaths, consider the other people who know you, love you, care about you. How will they feel if you harmed yourself?

When you lose your self-control and dignity, they'll see it as victory. Don’t let them gloat. By being strong, you can remain unaffected, independent of their attempts to assume victory. You defeat the cult mind by not playing their game.

Allow him his mistake. If he is smart enough, he will learn from it in his own time. If you love somebody, you shouldn’t make them do things against their will.

They say the best revenge is served cold. I will go one step further and say the best revenge is the one that happens when you don't even care what happens. It does not burn you up in the process and you can appreciate it with a clear conscience, even if ”nothing” happens.

It seems that you have become obsessed with this. It is understandable, matters of the heart make us feel alive. But that is what BKs want. They want that you are less happy because you are anti-BK, a kind of proof for them that they as BKs are superior (it's the self-image they cultivate, but BKs are riven with jealousies, politics, ambition, dissatisfactions in many ways - but they’ll never admit it).

I ask that you be the wiser, clearer thinking person that you seem to be. Do not let your wounded pride, your dashed hopes for a future you’d imagined make you now do something stupider and more dim-witted than what he is doing. He is ruining his life with his choice, don’t let that choice ruin yours too.

First serious loves are significant. You explore new emotions, you discover so much about yourself, others, life. But they are called ”first” loves for a reason. Real love grows when given and when received. If he has shrunk, that shows his love for you was not what you thought.

Take a break from all this. Focus on the other things in your life you surely have been neglecting while you have been engaged with this. Gather yourself together.

Engage socially with normal people (non-BKs), spend more time with your friends and family, and (I know this may be hard) don’t keep ploughing over old ground, make a break with the past. Look around, you will see there are other people in the world worth getting to know.
You will never find the right person if you never let go of the wrong one

Re: Is there some legal action to take against the BKs?

PostPosted: 14 May 2017
by GuptaRati 6666
Dear Fear-Less Soul,

I would like to add to Pink's invaluable advice to you. I am not a playboy nor am I an expert in relationship psychology. I have had some deep spiritual relationships with ladies, all of them great ladies, but with imperfections. The relationships were at the soulmate levels and they reached the stage of breaking up.

At that point I or we could have used spiritual reasoning and morals to justify continuing toxic relationships. Instead, I just let go, mourned the hurt feelings, and moved on with the rest of my life, the more than 90% of life that is positive and exciting.

Re: Is there some legal action to take against the BKs?

PostPosted: 14 May 2017
by ex-l
Something to underline is that this individual, the partner (forget the twisted mother) is dishonest and manipulative - to a degree - he is right you should be grateful you have been saved from him if he is unwilling to renounce that dishonesty and manipulation.

What I am talking about is the stuff about putting the blame on you for "spoiling marriage prospects".

This is a complete lie ... because there are no marriage prospects within BKism, and no prospect of normal relationships. Their intention was to convert you into a BK (... and get rid of you that way). To turn you into a celibate neo-Hindu nun too.

Equally, using the word "Allah" for their god spirit ShivBaba.

Sure as hell neither he, nor the BKs, speak for Allah.

Accusing you of "proving that you don't love him" is especially twisted.

I am pretty sure twisting a women's arm over the promise of marriage is "not according to Shrimat" to do the 7 Day Course. It is absolutely not right.

Keep up the pressure but don't harm yourself. He's, and particulary she, is not worth it. Be grateful she will also go out of your life forever.

Is this the zone headquarters?
Sr. Usha Devi (Principal)

Mobile +(91) - 9819933617
Phone +(91) - (22) - 23805873, 23636585, 23803681


No. 23, Dar-Ul-Muluk, 2nd Floor, Pandita Ramabai Road
Gamdevi, Grant Road
Mumbai - 400007

Re: Is there some legal action to take against the BKs?

PostPosted: 15 May 2017
by Fearless.soul
Gujarat Zone Head office
Sukh Shanti Bhawan
Opp. Old Pilot Dairy
Bhulabhai Park Road
Ahmedabad 380022
91) 79 2286 4022
(91) 79 2286 4801
(91) 79 2286 4272

Respected Pink panther, GuptaRati, Ex-I

I am kind of person who have been always helpful to my dearer nearer family, friends, colleagues or anyone whom I know within my till life.

I have never think of such crises would be happening to me in my relationship, because it's me who have helped many of my friends and family person to resolve little issues in their intimate relationship. Because I am fond of reading books and so I have developed a little understanding to handle relationship between Man-Woman. One of my favorite book is of John Gray's - 'Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus'.

I don't say that I am Gyani or expert in any relationship, but I just followed it's said understanding while being in any relationship with anyone, that's why I have always provided space to my partner, and fully put my trust in his words without being critical in all these years. But for the first time, I have just acted as typical female partner and told him for the first time to take proper action about our relationship as it's been long time now, and I just wanted my partner as my husband because Indian society demands such legal bound to live respectfully peacefully​.

And, for the first time, I oppose my partner blindly believing in the Brahma Kumaris, because I couldn't do it, and I don't want to give him false promises just to impress his mother after spending such long relationship! I mean, was it appropriate in any manner? No.

But even after being so supportive, loyal, loving and mostly his best friend, my partner did not consider my efforts at all and highlighted only my rejection of doing course or to following BK lifestyle. is not it so so so unfair with me?

How could I trust anyone​ else the way I trusted him? Not possible now, and now I am not in that stage to experiment my feelings with anyone else, so there's no reason for me to live with such experience. How can I divert myself​ in any other things or in other peoples in my life, because inside me there will be constant pain which crushing me badly. How can I???

I have called NEHA BEN and talked with her again explaining everything and seeking their cooperation to save my relationship. She spoke very nicely and asked number of my partner, so that she will make him understand not to misuse BKs Gyan in their personal relationship matter ... I gave her my partner's ​number.

I have called at BK National coordinating office at Mount Abu, but did not get proper response from them. The lady who have received my call passed my call to some other lady and that lady did not seem interested in talking with me and she just advised me to talk in person and not discuss anything through call! I don't understand why she denies to listen me and just told me to go to concern BK Center and then to discuss with Center in charge. She also said that the person who is handling emails correspondence section is out of country so they were not able to reply anyone's email/complaints ... great!

Now from whom should I expect an official response?

Re: Is there some legal action to take against the BKs?

PostPosted: 15 May 2017
by Pink Panther
Don’t think any BK considers your feelings or your side fo the story to have as much value as keeping the BK name respectable, and keeping him and his mother as BKs, no matter how concerned the more polite ones may seem, .