Beware of BK ..."My Experience"

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Beware of BK ..."My Experience"

Post23 Jun 2017

I would personally like to thank ex-l and Pink Panther and the Universe for showing me the light. They answered one of my posts almost 1 year ago and that's one of the reasons why I am in a new country enjoying my life. So I thank them for their advice and for this great website.


My close family member has been a member of this devil cult for over 10 years. In that time, I was living with this family member. She would lie, pretend, and do anything she could to stay in the good books of these evil people. They brainwashed her night and day to the point she would start talking to herself saying that when I went to our home country she would kill me etc. She then started lying to relatives telling them I was mentally unstable and that she was under threat. She would volunteer 4/5 days a week and would teach the meditation classes, and assist at any other spare time she had. When I would lend her my computer she would listen to Dadi Janki and BK lectures all day.

Her attitude changed completely my friend brought me a crucifix as a present. I showed it to her and she slammed it down. Anything that was religious (All Religions) of any kind, especially music and my singing, would provoke a response. Sometimes loud hoovering, banging etc. That's when the weird things would happen.

She wanted me to watch a video of when she went to Madhuban and the "spirit"/entity" talks through Dadi Gulzar. I refused. Then I had dreams that there was something in the house that had hitched a ride with her. My friend, who is training to be a priest, sensed it when we did a Skype call. He got nervous and said let's end this conversation.

Later on, he said he heard a radio sound in the background and someone talking a sound that I was hearing regularly even though no radios were on ... I told him no radios were on and that I couldn't hear what he heard. He said he needed to pray immediately. That's when I knew I was dealing with something serious and needed to get out.

That's when I realised there were demons in the house brought in via my relative. All the time, I kept being told that she brought them back from Madhuban when Dadi Gulzar is possessed and giving her lecture/speech. There was a time I will never forget. I ate food and drank water one day and fell ill for 3-4 days with high fever, dizziness, lack of energy etc. I did not leave my bed except to go to the bathroom. I was sweating constantly and couldn't stand up even for short periods of time. I thought I was going to die and asked The Most High to protect me and show me how this happened.

When I came out the room, after the 4th day, she looked surprised that I was still alive. Later, I had a constant dream that she had put poison in my water bottle I kept in the fridge. She broke my blender, my friend's micro-oven and a toaster. On purpose. All the while, she would cook food and leave it on the stove leaving notes that I should eat it etc. I ate nothing and drank nothing she gave me, especially after nearly dying. After that, I would eat and drink outside the house, or eat frozen food that I would have to double warp in plastic bags. When my trainee priest friend would come round, she would either ignore him or act rudely and aggressively to him. Which is funny as about a year ago they had got on very well.

She did not even tell the authorities that I had been living there for the 10 years. I found this out when they called asking who am I and what I was doing there. All of which I found in the later months prior to me leaving. She would lie about everything and everything. When those BK Devils would call she would run to the phone like a dog to its owner. On top of that, she was able to run up and down stairs, jump on a rebounder for 20 mins + all being over the age of 60+ having had no energy or strength before.

In the end, I made the decision to move out move abroad and live my life. That was almost 1 year ago. I am now free of Baba, Daddy Gulzar, her and her cult like demon behaviour. I don't keep in contact with this family member or anyone she has spread lies about me to.

So I would like to thank ex-l & Pink Panther because their kind words that they gave me 8+ months ago have got me to freedom now.

Anyone thinking that their relative being in the BK is not going to affect them is seriously underestimating their power. I have no doubt BK is a demonic cult ... Stay Clear of them.

My Tips. Due to 10 Years + of my family member in BK.
    1) Have your Own Job and Money and a Place to live.
    2) Do Not discuss money with them or allow them to have access to your Money.
    3) Do Not Trust anything they tell you. They will lie to you, family, friends, authorities etc to get what they want and to keep the BK happy.
    4) If you believe they are too far gone ie brainwashed cut them out of your life you will feel better. If you cut them out and then return they will give your more lies to bring you back into the fold.
    5) Don't go to any free Meditation Classes, Personal Development Workshops they have, they are recruiting you.
    6) Don't eat or drink anything they give you they are trying to poison your mind, body and spirit.
    7) Don't try and challenge them about BK. They are more loyal to BK than they are to you, family and their friends.
If you have any questions etc reply to this message.


Jah Lives

GuptaRati 6666

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Re: Beware of BK."My Experience"

Post25 Jun 2017

Jah Lives,

Congratulations to you on an essential change in your life. We as souls or spirits in bodies always have to be careful when interacting with spirits, which are non-corporeal and meta-physical forces. Your seven tips will be always helpful for those who need to make their exit out of the BK school of thought and practices.


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Re: Beware of BK."My Experience"

Post08 Sep 2017

I agree, Jahlives, that all those workshops, meditation etc are to recruit you. That's what happened to so many I know, as well.

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