Query please solve it

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Query please solve it

Post10 Oct 2017

Om Shanti,

I am a student of brahmakumaris. I want to know about rasleela of Radha and Krisha in Nandivan of Mathura, whether it is true or not?

If it is true, how can it be possible?
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Re: Query please solve it

Post10 Oct 2017

My response is going to sound harsh but it is not meant to be.

You say you are a student of BKism, but you clearly know nothing about it. You are still deeply confused between Vaishnavism (Krishna devotion) and BKism.

BKism steals many of the names and terminology of Krishna devotion in order to attract devotees like you, and gives them entirely new and different meanings. It opposes Vaishnavism. This is not apparently when you first start to be indoctrinated or brainwashed by the BKs.

Let's start with what you are talking about.

The temple cults of Vrindavan claims that "Krishna" and "Radha" appear every night and dance the Ras Lila in "Madhuban".

Their Madhuban forest lies in the Vrindavan city of Mathura district in Uttar Pradesh, India. Devotees believe that this is the place where Lord Krishna played his pastimes in Dwapar Yuga (Copper Age). They say that all trees become Gopinis at night, and the monkeys and all other animals and insects disappear.

No human has ever witnessed the Raas Lila, instead is said that those who went there at night to reveal the secret of Radha and Krishna, never came back; some died and some became mad etc.
A very mysterious conception is associated with this temple, i.e. after the sacred process of ARTI, not only human beings, but any kind of single animal also cannot remain in the periphery of this temple. In case anyone remains during night in the campus of this temple, either one becomes dumb, deaf, blind, lame or dies. The person is not found hale and hearty in the morning to disclose the spiritual secret of the lord Radha-Krishna, as it is said even now that the priest puts two toothbrushes, some holy water in a jug with four sweets (LADDOO) and ready bed after Arti in the night, but in the morning everything is found and seen as if someone has used it because everything is found at sixes and sevens. It proves that Lord Radha Krishna, they appear in the night to perform their spiritual activities (Lilas).

Do you really believe in any of that? Do you believe that because someone knocks some toothbrushes about it is "proof" God comes to earth and plays there!?!

Why does it matter to you?

Let's suggest that it is just all a fairy story for marketing purposes. It is tourism marketing, a way to draw devotees to their temple and to gain donations from them. And to keep them out of the grounds at night.

BKism agrees with none of this but creates its own fairy story for its marketing purposes. Their guru, Lekhraj Kirpalani, becomes Krishna. His number one female devotee, a Sindhi girl he married, becomes Radhe. Madhubhan moves to Rajastan. Krishna, the BKs claim, never came in the Dwapur Yuga, he only came at the beginning of Sat Yuga. The Kalpa shrinks to be only 5,000 years old. The Bhakti myths becomes broken memories of the activities of the BKs last Kalpa with metaphorical meanings.

They want you to come to their temple in Mount Abu and drop your donations there. Business as usual.

BKism like someone took a feast (Hinduism) and threw it in a food mixer, and you are trying to make sense of it ... which part of food belongs to which dish.

BKism is a religion built out of pieces of other religions, using the names and terminology of them, in order to capture devotees of them, and turn them into servants for BKism. Mental slaves if you like.

The BKs then exploit their ignorance, confusion and dependency for money, wealth, property ... separating the individual from their loved ones, family and community.

In many way, they are just the same as many other religions.

Religion is mostly just a game of money and power. 99.9% is not true ... just ways of catching, controlling and exploiting people.

Why do the priests frighten people off going into the forest at night?
    a) because they would see what they teach is not true,
    b) probably because it's where they went to do things the priests did not like, were threatening or taboo.
Become rational please.

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