What do you believe now?

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Re: What do you believe now?

Post02 Jan 2018

Pink Panther wrote:Good parenting is IMO the single best work any person can do to make the future of this world better. I think many BKs and Ex-BKs as individuals have the qualities to do this, to set up such a framework ... But the bastardised teachings that the BKWSU promotes diverts them from the greater yet more ordinary task that is ushering in a new generation of wiser young people.

Very touching. Perhaps it's a subject worth exploring in another topic, ie if the partial exposure to BKism that she did receive has acted as an innoculation to cultic beliefs, structures and manipulation.

As a "good-for-nothing navel-gazer", having navel-gazed upon this topic for a few days now (we are the ones who do the thinking for those tied up 24/7 raising kids ;) ), I have to ask the question relative to the original post, "What are beliefs?"

Or, more specifically, what does Threerivers consider to mean them to be?

I am thinking there are two primary categories,
    a) thoughts or ideas that define our identity, limiting or structuring our experience, and
    b) working theories that we use to plot our way through life and into the future
Looking at religious beliefs, there seems to be a similar simple division between
    i) those paths that you use former to limit and control adherents, "to keep them within the tribe", and keep the tribe in order, and
    ii) those paths whose focus is on breaking down all such (generally false or transitory) beliefs and attempting to bring the individual into the moment and in harmony with it, and into a state of greater fluidity.
Picking up on what Pink Panther wrote, one belief (of the second class above) that I have explored post-BK, is to consider the BKs' god spirit as actually anti-humanity. As in that it's most sure and fixed agenda is inspire the murder off 7 bn human beings (adding that from the teachings it's ambition - as expressed by various "revisions" has actually grown from killing off 4.5bn!). To "transform" them into manure, as Pink wrote.

Reading Pink's statement on child rearing, one has to ask whether BapDada's or Lekhraj Kirpalani's anti-humanity tendency is also expressed via its anti-procreation, anti-child rearing tendency. As in by striking at women's desire to procreate, he is cutting down generations of human beings.

I know that some BKs have revert to Christian beliefs and see BapDada as some kind of anti-human, anti-Christ spirit. Personally, I think that may be a little too much, as in he could actually be 'a devil' but not 'The Devil' (defining what devil means being required); that I think he is verey unlikely to be able to carry out his agenda.

Of course, another more rational part of me questions whether the whole BK/BapDada thing was just Lekhraj Kirpalani's unresolved psychology exploding all over the place. Literally an infantile rage at the world - rooted in his childhood experiences - wanting to destroy it.

Instead of turning him into their god - based largely on the power and influence his wealth gave him - they should have forced him onto the psycho-analysists couch ... and probably still should.

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Re: What do you believe now?

Post03 Jan 2018


Thank you. I congratulate you for being a great Father to a great child. Children are the world's future and the responsibilities of a parent are noble. Ex-I many in the ruling class and !% would love to drastically reduce the global population by means of weather modification and biological warfare.

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