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Hello from FireExit

Post02 May 2018


I've been a long time lurker here.

I was an 8 year old child when my parents converted into a BKs in 1987, in London. I joined too, to maintain relationship & acceptance of my parents (not that a kid has a any real choice in the matter). They are still members and fully committed ("mind, body, wealth" is the phrase).

I often visited and carried out unpaid work for the organisation until early 2000s, in London, Oxford and Mt Abu Rajasthan.

I left after a long bumpy isolated confusing difficult journey of circa 5 years. I did some reading on the subject of Cults which finally broke the spell, smashed my beliefs & reality, cleared the smokescreen fantasy, demolished my sense of being special, brought me back to earth as a valid mortal and informed me of the template & modus operandi used by most Cults. I have learned a lot more since then.

I tried to just move on, and have had amazing experiences of freedom, real life, real people, and reality.
I experience a number of the usual post cult issues which I am actively working through.

Life is not always rosy, but it is real, authentic, free and has a lot more to offer than I'd ever imagined when I was a member. I am so glad to have got out of that fiendish nightmare crazy group-fantasy.

If you are a member of that group and you're on this site, well done - your mind is not totally locked. I urge you to educate yourself. Knowledge is power - being afraid of your own mind/thoughts is not powerful its fearful blind faith.

In the wider world there has been much research & study & energy put into the discovery of all aspects of reality, nature, people, psychology and many phenomena including Cults, religion, spirituality, critical thinking, philosophy, self growth /development, relationships, values, ecology, technology, anthropology etc and other things which you're interested in etc. Go for it. May the force be with you.

I wish well to anyone whom I shared an authentic moment of connection with (or more) in those hazy days of madness

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