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My Father losing himself for BK and destroying our family

PostPosted: 29 Oct 2018
by Prerna

My Father joined BK about 1 year back and now just in a year my family is about to be destroyed. My mother is so depressed that she is on the verge of committing suicide because it seems she has lost her husband emotionally, mentally and physically.

My Father wakes up at 3-4 am, does his meditation, gets ready and goes to office around 7. Then he comes back around 8-9 pm possibly he goes to the ashram nearby my house first and then comes. I have a younger Brother and a Sister, both have critical time of their study and both need my Father's attention and guidance but at this point he just doesn’t care about any of us.

On holidays he would go to ashram in the morning come back for lunch then again go back then come back for dinner and go off to sleep. He won’t talk to any of us or discuss anything with us or try to take any family responsibility. And all the time he is in house he would put his headphones on and keep listening to some BK stuff and won’t even want to listen to us. If he meets someone while he is out to walk he would start giving lectures about life at BK and start preaching them. Even our neighbors laugh at us that is he gone mad or has he become a saint.

My mother would get calls from relatives that what has happened to him. Even if we have to attend some family functions he would want to wear his white kurta payjama and refuse to wear decent clothes. So we have stopped going everywhere because we are mocked by society. And my Father doesn’t give a damn about our suffering. He is not in the least bothered about what is going on in our family.

But what worries me the most is that I don’t want to lose my mother. She has gone into depression. All she would talk about is committing suicide and killing herself or leaving the house and not coming back. She would not sleep and cry for hours. And yet my Father won’t be affected by all this. He would see my mother cry and put on his headphones and go to sleep without even talking to her.

Please help me. Please.

Re: My Father losing himself for BK and destroying our famil

PostPosted: 29 Oct 2018
by ex-l
OK, I can only afford time to give a short response right now ... and you will need to study up on BKism and prepare for what you need to do before taking action, therefore the best thing to do in the short term is to say nothing and do nothing that will 'rock the boat' with him.

And that includes telling him you are taking support from others such as ourselves.

My conclusion, after having been a BK "addict" myself and supporting many, many others going through similar circumstance to yours, is that your Father is suffering a kind of 'artificially induced' mental illness, induced by the practises of BKism on false and deceptive grounds.

Given the duration of one year, it sounds as if your Father is fully into the "Honeymoon Period" or "intoxication phase" of BKism. Those are BK terms for the experience new BKs have. He is, essentially, like an addict on the "high" of a drug, a "high" which can only be fed by doing more and more BKism. This period won't last forever but before it is, the BKs hope that the individual will be fully brainwashed and "surrendered" to the BKWSU. In short, becoming their mental slave.

He is being subjected to hypnotic, self-hypnotic and psychic influences, and at the same time - while essentially sedated - being heavily indoctrinated into what can only be called a destructive absolute nonsense and a series of lies and deceptions that has been developed over decades by the Brahma Kumaris.

We can discuss that that means later, or keep reading up on this site.

Forget what the BKs claim they are doing or believing ... the primary aim or result of those lies and deception is financial and property gains.

Let me say that again, the primary agenda of the Brahma Kumaris is to suck families dry of their wealth, property, land, and "labour" ... by which I mean the work, time and energy that one family member gives to support their family.

The BKWSU is a huge parasite, now with vast financial and labour needs, that needs to be fed to the cost or deficit of other families. (The BKs will be brainwashing your Father to believe *they* are his true family, and you are an evil enemy if you challenge or do ot submit to them). They called this "conquering the world, 3 square feet at a time" ... one family member, then one family, then one family property at a time.

Please accept this post a huge wake up call to what is going on. Warn your family ... but tell them not to say a thing yet to alert your Father to the fact that you are trying to defend your family ... because he is, in a sense, now becoming a puppet or a zombie controlled by the Sisters and senior Sisters at the BK centre. He will go to them for advice in how to fight you, and they have decade's worth of experience in fighting and destroying families.

You need to think about this very carefully. You almost need to know BKism better than he does in order to do so (as he will be being fed a watered down, heavily revised, whitewashed version of it).

I cannot emphasis enough the need to be very careful about this in the first place. Just allow things to carry on as they are and say nothing. Your Father is like a drug addict and the BKs are the supplier of his drug. If you try and take away his drug by force, he will go a kind of crazy and fight tooth and nail for it. He will side with his drug dealers first. In a sense, at present, you have already lost him. It will perhaps help you now if you start by accepting that and instead look at what you can do, to protect your mother and your family wealth and property.

Worst case scenario is, and there have been cases of this, the husband dies and leave his entire property and estate to the Brahma Kumaris ... *including* his non-BK wife who then ends up a low level servant in her own house.

You need to be subtle about and look into all the finances and legal situation relating to the ownership of the property etc.

If your family is middle class or has wealth, the BKs will have smelt this and be giving him "special treatment". In short, they are little better than prostitutes when it comes to seeking out wealthy old men to flatter and then live off.

Indeed, I would say prostitutes are more honest and more honorable than Brahma Kumari leaders about what they are doing.

In a sense, you may be lucky to have come to us as early as you did as one year or so is not too deeply conditioned and you may still have a chance ... but, tell me, is he not also going to BK study class in the morning before work?

Thank you ... and be careful right now.

Re: My Father losing himself for BK and destroying our famil

PostPosted: 29 Oct 2018
by Prerna
I am not sure about mornings in the weekdays. He dresses up for office and leaves without saying a word. And I have come to The Knowledge that he gives money to them. And believe it or not he was a miser. He would never spend money at home or waste money. He would spend and save very wisely. So I am shocked that how could he give money to them. And on sunday mornings he would be gone from the house before anybody wakes up. And i did try to talk to my mom about this and told her to be strong and fight through this calmly. But she blabbered everything in front of him. So today when he came home she yelled at him with fury that he is becoming mad and that he should stop doing all this. He didn’t say a word and left house for 30-45 minutes. Now when he came back he sat with her and talked to her nicely and said that he wants us all to be happy. We don’t know what is going on. I am really tensed. Please help up.

Re: My Father losing himself for BK and destroying our famil

PostPosted: 29 Oct 2018
by Prerna
Please help me. My family is shattered. My mother has lost her patience. Even she won’t listen to us. And fight with him. And we don’t have anyone else. We are three siblings. My Brother is still in school. And my Sister is just 20. We need your help. My mother is losing her mind and we cannot trust our Father anymore. Please help me.

Re: My Father losing himself for BK and destroying our famil

PostPosted: 29 Oct 2018
by ex-l
OK, that is unfortunate and will not help.

What happened ... you read things on this website, told you mother, and then she blurted it all out to him?

There are two additional things to consider to anything you might learn by reading what is on this forum.
    Firstly, BKism is not Hinduism. It is cleverly marketed to appear like Hinduism and appeal to non-serious students of Hindus. Forget anything you think you know about Hinduism and never be fooled that the BKs are teaching it. It is not and they are not.

    Secondly, they have decades and decades worth of experience at cheating, fooling and manipulating, and breaking up families ... therefore, your family is up against a very serious, devious and experienced enemy ... so stop your mother being stupid.
Imagine the most skilled con artist, the biggest confidence trickster, has entered your house ... that is who you are up against. They are already deep within in your house, so think very carefully before you do anything and give the game away to the enemy.

What did she say?

You should realise that probably anything you or she says to him, will them be reported back to the BKs, and he will likely be seeking advice on how to handled matters from them. The BKs call this, "taking Shrimat" from the center-in-charge or zone-in-charge. They have lots of mental tricks to use against you. They call them "yuktis".

Lastly, something we have learned is that people don't just go to the BKs for no reason. In rough term, there is some other problem or unhappiness in their lives that they want to escape and so, for them, BKism is literally "dying alive" to their old world and old problems. That is a specific BK term and aim ... to "die alive". Your Father is dying alive to his old personality, old family, old world, old love, old relationships etc.

Now, what your mother has done - however understandable it is - is the worst thing because she has confirmed to him how bad his old world is and how nice the BK world is. In short, how "ignorant and vicious" your mother is, and "spiritual and divine" his BK family is.

Of course, it is easy for the BK Sisters to appear spiritual and divine when they don't have families to look after, jobs to go to, and live off the money they suck out of families like yours.

For example, it may be a lack of satisfaction with his wife and marriage ... that is a common influence. They are, in essence, seduced by the "angelic" acting Brahma Kumaris.

You need to take your mother away, or speak to her when your Father is out and tell her to shut her mouth and do nothing until you and she is better informed and have a plan of action is place.

Tell her committing suicide would mean nothing to your Father or the BKs now ... it would just mean they win easier.

She needs to stop, step back, and think very seriously.

It sounds as though, perhaps, he is only going to one class a week then, Sunday class, so he is a sort of 'half-BK' still being reeled in by the BKs. From memory, the BKs often call them adi-BKs and "in bondage" because he has family responsibilities and cannot surrender fully.

He will probably be being fed by emails, texts and phone classes by the Sisters ... I tell you, they are like drug dealers feeding their victims with more and more drug to get them hooked. Perhaps you can find out how deep he is in without alerting him to it?

Tell your mother to take a deep breath and calm down. Stop making it easy for him to swing to the BKs' side ... unless, of course, she want rid of him now too.

Re: My Father losing himself for BK and destroying our famil

PostPosted: 29 Oct 2018
by Prerna
She said that she doesn’t want him to go there and that he should stop following them. He as expected said that, "OK, I want you to be happy so I will not go from now on and will stop all of it". But of course that is what the Sisters must have told him to do.

I will make sure to hide all property and financial papers. Also I will make sure to check his phone calls, mails and messages.

I will try and make sure my mother doesn’t react like this. But please help me get my family out of this trouble. Please help me get my Father back. We really need him and love him. He was so caring and loving.

And you are right about him finding a reason to escape reality. My Sister is a college dropout and my mother used to nag him sometimes for not giving enough time to family and her.

I just want my Father back and peace in my family. I am willing to do anything for it. We will fight with all our might. My Sister and Brother will help me. We need your guidance.

Re: My Father losing himself for BK and destroying our famil

PostPosted: 29 Oct 2018
by Pink Panther
Regards to you Prerna in your days of difficulty.

ex-l, it says in the OP that the Father probably goes every evening after work to the centre, so not just Sunday mornings.

Prerna, you must be patient. Your mother’s reaction indicates to me that maybe her extreme way of dealing with problems may be a factor with your Father looking for some ”peace”.

Can I ask what your Father’s personality was like before BKs? Was he a rational, thoughtful person who worked with facts and practicalities, or a dreamer? And your mother? At what age are they now? Women going through menopause can be on a roller coaster of moods too. What does she do? What is her nature? How has their relationship been lately?

Families can be very stressful. Living close by each other all day every day but in the end they are family. Outside friends, social and religious groups, associates are being sociable, their good behaviour and politeness is no problem, everyone eventually leaves. But to deal with families means ‘work’, dedication and responsibility often for people you love but are quite different from , especially once everyone is adult or nearing that.

As ex-l said, the BK seduction is a drip feed, slow over time. There needs to be other input into his life so BKs don't take over completely.

We are all humans and we all need respite from the daily grind. If he is not getting emotional succour at home or socially he may be finding the BKs are a convenient ‘facility' to give him some "refreshment”. If family is growing up he may feel that his role as ‘Father’ is fading and he is unsure? Try to get his old friends or relatives to spend more time with him socially, preferably at the times he’d normally go to the centre. i.e. diversions to other things he enjoys.

Do not argue directly - not at this stage especially; it only confirms any teachings the BKs give, that non-BKs will oppose because we have inferior consciousness - and as a reaction to their ”pure vibrations”!!!

Take ex-l’s advice for now, stay calm, inform yourselves here and read elsewhere on the internet. Lots of people especially in India have a lot to say about the BKs that is unflattering (The wikipedia page has been taken over by the BKs so what you see there is their PR dept).

See if you can find out whether the BKs are contacting him, or he them, at his work place.

Stay in touch with us here for support and information, and read other posts here where other people have shared their similar situations.

Re: My Father losing himself for BK and destroying our famil

PostPosted: 29 Oct 2018
by ex-l
Sorry, I missed that.

Yes, although each centre operated with some degree of autonomy, it is general their practise to have a meditation and class at 7pm, and to repeat an abridged, whitewashed version of the morning class to those who are not committed enough to make it to Morning Class.

Their teachings are called "the Murli". They have no relationship to Hinduism or the Gita ... except to constantly criticise them, or offer a "new, improved" lightweight interpretation of them. I don't know how deep in your Father is but he might be shocked and go into deny some of what will tell you because he does not know the full truth about the BKs yet.

They do, however, use lots of traditional Hindu names and terminology that makes it confusing for non-BKs to understand. They are very tricky with their use of language, and we can help you translate that into plain English.

Yes, please consider Pink's questions above.

Thank you.

Re: My Father losing himself for BK and destroying our famil

PostPosted: 30 Oct 2018
by Rita

You will have to act fast. My family is ruined by this cult. First my mother started going to the so called Gyan then my Father. They are into this cult for 15 years and i must tell you that they are completely brainwashed. They never listen and tell lies all the time. They live in denial. They act like psychopaths and its completely impossible to make them understand.

My Father has progressive Parkinson and now dementia. I am sure it was started because of this BK brainwash. He was intellectually very active now he just does meditation all the time sitting in front of TV peace of my channel. He does not use his brain. He was a miser too. He never used to spend money on us. Now he is giving all the money to these frauds and whenever, I talk to my mother she never has anything to share other than BKs' stupidity. She has the same dialogues which she is keep on repeating from past 10 years.

My Father is 68 now, but his mental condition has become like 90 years old. My mother too started showing signs of Alzheimer's and she is just 60.

I will suggest give him some good books on Bhagwat Gita and Ramayana and make some effort to talk to your Father about these philosophies.

Re: My Father losing himself for BK and destroying our famil

PostPosted: 30 Oct 2018
by Prerna

Thank you all. It really matters to me and gives me some relief that I am not alone in this.

Yes, Pink Panther, you are right my mother is going through menopause and my Father is 55. They had good relationship and my Father was slightly shory tempered but was very caring and affectionate. Before joining BK whenever he used to come home he used to talk to everyone, ask about what we did how our day was and we also asked the same. He was very compassionate and had very practical approach towards life. He is very well educated. He holds six sigma certification and works as a quality control manager. He used to help my Brother in studies. He is exellent in mathematics and statistics. Was very active in news and latest happenings around the world in science and everything.

But now he has changed completely. He keeps saying repeatedly that he has the ticket to Satyug and soon he will be gone. He has stopped watching and reading news and books that he used to. He travels by public transport now. He rarely eats at home. He doesn’t ask my Brother about his studies. My Brother is in 12th and needs my Father guidance as he would go to college next year. But it seems now that my Father doesn’t care. He loved going to the movies. Every friday my mom and dad would go to watch the laest release no matter what the movie is. But now he listens to the Murli or watches peace channel or meditates or goes to the BK center.

I don’t know what he means when he says "his ticket to Satyug is confirmed" and that he will be gone and that he would leave us all behind. A few days before he said to my Brother that he wants to detach emotionally and mentally from my Brother and that he wants to know how free he would feel then.

Hi Rita,

it is very unfortunate to hear that there are so many families suffering because of this cult organization. I really don’t know how you have been taking it all since so many years. We are all very tensed. We are not able to sleep or eat.

We will try to keep him occupied and maintain peaceful environment at home.

Really thank you so much. It really means a lot to me and my family.

Re: My Father losing himself for BK and destroying our famil

PostPosted: 30 Oct 2018
by ex-l
Rita wrote:ooks on Bhagwat Gita and Ramayana and make some effort to talk to your Father about these philosophies.

To be honest, right now I would not even do that. I would not engage with him on anything religious or combatative to BKism.

All it would do is invite a long lecture on BKism;s views and encourage him into that mindspace, to "do service" (seva) of the family. If anything, what Prema needs to do is to subtly pull him out of the BK/spiritual headspace and keep him grounded in reality by keeping him busy and engaged in the real world, old family and friends he enjoyed and old activities he loved. But, I will warn you, it will not be easy at present.

I would avoid anything BK, anything religious or combatative at present ... unless it is from someone who knows BKism very well and can correct him from a BK point of view.

From a BK point of view, what they are taught and indoctrinated is that all of Hinduism is impure, ignorant, wrong, stupid, pointless ... what BKs teach is that Hinduism is literally a confused and partial recollection of BKism from this same time but 5,000 years ago (cyclic time). They say that BKism came first and Hinduism came 2,500 years later and is of no benefit spiritually in comparison to BKism.


What your Father means by "has the ticket to Satyug and soon he will be gone" is this ...

The BKs teach that most of the world and humanity is going to be destroyed, killed off by a nuclear World War and a series of natural disasters, that the population will be reduced from 7 billion to 900,000, and that following this "Destruction" (Vinash - but they often call it "Transformation" to outsiders), there will be SatYuga - or heaven on earth - established for 2,500 years ... but only for reincarnated BKs. The first 1,250 years of that is called SatYuga, a supposedly perfect world for perfected beings who were BKs.

Actually, from a BK point of view, he is absolutely wrong. He has not "got the ticket to Satyug” according to their teachings. . To get a place within the first 900,000 who reincarnate at the highest perfection, that most pure level has to earned ... and in one year into BKism he will not have done so, nor in ten. They believe in Golden Age of 900,000, then followed by a Silver Age increasing to a population of 330 million of former BKs only (those who were BKs but left or ”failed”).

With some BK knowledge, you can undermine him ... but, at this point, you cannot beat him with Hinduism. Hinduism is wrong, impure and "the path of ignorance" according to BKism. Their guru, Lekhraj Kirpalani, has given then a "new, improved" philosophy, boiling all of Hinduism down to a few lines and, in his vision, correcting it.

Of course, it's all pretty much crazy, unprovable nonsense.

Dada Lekhraj, the founder, was not religiously educated but he was a good businessman. He took the ideas of Hinduism and re-marketed a kind of "Hinduism Lite™ , something he could package, monopolise and re-sell through his company branches (the BK centres) only.

Secondly, BKs say that relinquishing his family duties is *not* according to BKism. Fulfilling his family duties is his first service responsibility. He must "gain a pass mark" from his family and fulfil his karma with you all first. Bit what they say and what they encourage is often different.

What I will suggest to you - the family members - at this point is to;

a) becoming informed about BKism so that you are immune to their brainwashing and manipulation,

so you can then

b) go above his head, and even above the head of the local centre-in-charge to a zone-in-charge, to go to the BKs directly and demand from them that they make sure he fulfils his fatherly duties ... "according to their own god's instructions (Shrimat)".

That is, you and your family go to the BKs and tell them to ensure your Father fulfils his duties. Not to ask, not to be brainwashed, not to turned into "cooperate souls" and disarmed - as the BKs will try - but to tell them, on the basis of their own teachings, to give you as much of your Father back that you can get. At the very least, to see his children through their troubles/studies. (Otherwise they are hypocrites).

Actually, from a "pukka" BK point of view, he is being misled by the local teacher in a common way that happens a lot.

You need him back on earth.

Now, this will take some preparation in advance. What you need to do is play the BK system - which is very hierarchical and even military-like - back on him. "To pull rank". You will also need to play on the BK Seniors worse fear ... which is bad public relations, bad reputation and wide exposure of the trouble they cause. Don't deal with junior BKs or your Father, go up the ranks to Seniors. If your Father believes he is in the ”Shiv Shakti Army", as they call it, he will need to follow the Army's rules.

You should also start to keep a diary of the bad things and failings that he has and is doing. You will call this "his Chart" ... another BK term and concept. You will need it as evidence. I will advise what things to look for as we go on.

Two questions:
    a) If he is not eating at home ... where is he eating? (The BKs say not to eat impure food made by non-BKs).
    b) Would your mother be happy with divorce at this point if she took the house and got some income from him? (giving up sexual relationships is grounds for divorce, that even the BKs have used to get a divorce)
Lastly, I would like to suggest that your mother's threatening to commit suicide is just a control mechanism, and a very common/traditional one among older Indian women. Is she a controlling person in general? She needs to stop this for just now.

If she is going to lose your Father ... which is at the very least a 50:50 possibility at present ... then she will gain far more satisfaction taking every from him and living a comfortable life without him.

Please allow me to state this clearly again ... your family is now engaged in a long, slow battle against the women from the Brahma Kumaris over not just your Father (his love, his attention, his efforts) but also the family's property and wealth.

Likely 10% is already going to them. If he gets any big donation, eg another family member dying, inheritance ... BKs will suggest 50% goes to the BKs, or even 66% (33% to the headquarters in Abu, 33% to the local centre, 33% to himself/family).

It may be possible to shock him out of it at present, because he is still quite "young" as a BK and he does not really know them. If not, you may need to strike with a single blow to cut him out of the family ... to cut off a diseased limb, in order to save the rest of the body (family).

The BKs will encourage all sort of dishonest, manipulation and compromises to try and get and keep as much of him as possible ... but, if you are accurately troublesome enough, there is a chance they will send him home "until his karma is settled". That has happened in the past.

You need to learn a lot more before pursuing either of these options ... but have a quiet word with your mother and other trustworthy family members.

If you mother demands to be stupid ... and I do not apologise for being so blunt ... she - not he - will destroy her future and the family, so she needs to be on board with this. She needs to stop being emotional, say nothing at present, and think very, very, very seriously.

If she cannot ... if she wants to go crazy, explode and be emotional ... we are wasting our time here. There is no point to doing so.

All it would result in is the BKs winning ... does she want that?

She must say nothing and threaten nothing in the short run. If anything, she has to be the woman your Father loved and married in the first place. You and we need to think about this very carefully.

Can you get her cooperation?

Re: My Father losing himself for BK and destroying our famil

PostPosted: 30 Oct 2018
by ex-l
By the way, a child of a leading Western BK member wrote a book about growing up with a BK Father, it is "The House Is Full of Yogis" by Will Hodgkinson.

It is not anti-BK but does expose their craziness a little. The Father, Neville Hodgkinson is a leading Public Relationship leader within the BK who has done much to remarket the BKs and change their language etc.

I am critical of it ... but it might be a good read for your Father as it concerns a son losing his Father to the cult.

You could buy one and leave it for him to read saying little about why.

Also, in India, there is a more academic book by John Walliss called something like, 'The Brahma Kumaris As a Reflexive Tradition' that I would recommend.

Re: My Father losing himself for BK and destroying our famil

PostPosted: 30 Oct 2018
by Prerna
Thank you so much.

Yes, I have talked to my mother and she is ready to cooperate.

So you are saying that we should go to the BK center and talk to the Seniors directly?

Re: My Father losing himself for BK and destroying our famil

PostPosted: 30 Oct 2018
by ex-l
It's one alternative depending on what you and your mother want out of the situation.

The BKWSU is rigidly hierarchical. Your Father, for all his delusion and the flattering of the local center-in-charge, has absolutely zero status in the organisation. He can be chucked out at their will. If it looks like he is going to be an unprofitable case (take up too much of their resources), or cause too much bad PR, they could tell him to go home and sort his business out. If we go down this route, I would go above the head of the local center-in-charge to the regional or zone-in-charge to put pressure down on her ... to put pressure down on him.

But you'll need to be prepared to do so. We can help you on that. It is also a risky strategy as it could obviously upset your Father.

What you would be doing is, in essence, playing BK back at him and making his life into a sort of hell. Turning him into a servant at home and a highly embarrassed servant with in the BKWSU ... which is what he is but he probably does not know it yet ... in the hope he gives one up.

What you must also do is prepare yourself to become utterly unsympathetic to him. Or at least conditional with your love ... ie if you leave the BK, we love you; if you stay, you are dead *and leave everything behind* (like a dead person).

You have to understand that this is what the BKs are preparing him to do (along with converting you and your family), to cut you out of his heart and turn him into a feelingless robot that might "act lovefully" and peacefully ... but feel nothing.

They call it "dying alive" and you have already mentioned references to it. They teach that attachment (personal and familiy love) is the great evil after making love (sex) and that BK adherents must give up everyone and have love for one only ... their Baba god spirit ... which is then subverted to attachment to the BK centre members and their leadership.

The BK centre members becomes their real family, you are ignorant, impure, spiritual asleep or even devillish. The BKs teaching literally describe non-BKs as devillish.

You can trust us on this information, it is not just bad words or defamation. We were BKs, even BK teachers, and have core experience with them going right back to the 1970s and 1980s.

Re: My Father losing himself for BK and destroying our famil

PostPosted: 31 Oct 2018
by Prerna
Okay, thank you.

I will certainly explain all this to the members of my family. We are mentally prepared to go to any limits to get him back. Because we don’t want to lose our Father and more importantly we don’t want him to spoil his own life. He had a purpose which he has lost completely. We are keeping a close check on his activities.

My Sister checked his office diary and even in that everyday he writes some BK quotes and we even found words written in it by him like narcissists, cult, pseudo, dogmatic, malevolent etc. He tells us that people in his office call him mad but nothing will affect him, as only he has all The Knowledge and they are fools. He would ruin his career also like this.

We are willing to do anything and everything. And I will certainly follow the abovesaid pieces of advice. And if I am able to save my Father from this cult organization I would certainly help others and contribute to saving families and spread awareness. You are all doing a great job by helping us. My whole family wishes for your well being from heart.

God bless you and thank you so much.