BapDada Milan November 2018

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Re: BapDada Milan November 2018

Post19 Oct 2019

Here is what is happening this season, starting with Double Foreigners,

Retreat ... Retreat ... Retreat ... so NO VIDEO DRAMA ... might come up for the Bharatwasis ... have to wait and see ..

GROUP 1, OCTOBER (arrivals 2/3 October)

The focus for Group 1 will be master classes from RCs, a Green Day, an orientation and tailored programs for first timers, several classes designed for Nimits/RightHands/those in Gita Pathshalas and creative Yoga bhattis.

GREENDAY IN MADHBUAN --- Did I miss BapDada calling for Green Initiatives instead of Spiritual Progress ???

GROUP2, NOVEMBER (arrivals 2/3 November)

Group 2 program will include a special program on the theme of Bapsaman, Yoga bhattis, classes from Seniors and sessions especially for first timers. There will be creative workshops and a one-day retreat ... Creative aka BS
WORKSHOP“ The end of the End and beginning of the Beginning” -

Must be the highlight of this retreat - How about Nonsense of the Nonsense OR Fools of the Fools OR Fools for Fools

GROUP 3, NOVEMBER (arrivals 26/27 November

Hightlights - experimental sessions on Brahma Baba’s practises --- hmmm ... What ... are you going to find validation there ... interesting ...

GROUP 4, GROUP 7 - No special program ... aka ... Just come relax, enjoy ... in Hindi ... Kao, Piyo, Moj Karo

GROUP 5, DECEMBER (arrivals 22/23 December --- Ho Ho Ho ... Santa is coming to town

There will be a Christmas Cultural Program on the 25th of December and an opportunity to decorate Harmony Hall with Christmas decorations in advance, so anyone is most welcome to bring Christmas decorations with them

GROUP 6, - Once more ... Check out what Brahma Baba did ... Don't do anything yourself.

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