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Source of Value Education; who writes & how it is written

PostPosted: 14 Dec 2018
by ymg
Hi all,

Please help me to get to trace the source of value eduation part in below link:
RajYoga Education & Research Foundation: Value Education

Like, who writes it? Is it completely taken from Murli and how is the interpretation done? Copied from any other sources?

Is there any other motive to bring this Value Education system and show its importance to BK followers? And how to prove my Brother that is is not only and pure source of knowledge on earth?

This is all to bring back my Brother from BKs' trap. He listen only to the BKs and thinks that it is the only source of pure knowledge and wisdom.

Thanks a lot!

Re: Source of value education like who writes and how is wri

PostPosted: 14 Dec 2018
by Pink Panther
I don’t know details. All I know is that it was created and compiled by BKs and associates of BKs who have experience as school teachers.

Like much of so-called ”BK Literature” and other ‘products', they take what is already out there and freely available, universal truths about harmony and getting on in the workplace or classroom, simple meditation and mindfulness practices etc then add a dash of BK jargon to make it sound like they came up with it and its their product. Cheap wine, where the drunk doesn't care what label is on the new bottle.

Re: Source of Value Education; who writes & how it is writte

PostPosted: 14 Dec 2018
by ex-l
Just a quick reply for now ...

Firstly, it should be called 'Values Education', not "value education" ... which, like so many BK projects is one of those giveaway clues. "Value education" is not even English. Surely if they were 'educational specialists', they'd realise that and use proper English?

We've researched this before. If you use the search feature above, you'll find a few topics about it.

It was developed in the West as a service front for the Brahma Kumaris called "Global Cooperation for a Better World" in 1988 which, from memory, was based on a watered down version of a standard lesson they used to teach during the 7 Day Course called The 8 Powers. It was also used to target children. Dianne Tillman was one of the key editors.

There's a paper that covers some of the history called, '‘Living Values: an educational program’ - from initiative to uptake" by Elisabeth Arweck & Eleanor Nesbitt.

The BKs had had a successful international PR campaign called "Million Minutes of Peace" a few years before, which gained them respect from VIPs and the United Nations, and "Global Cooperation for a Better World - which became "Sharing Our Values for a Better World" was their follow up. They aimed it at increasing their standing within UN circles, publishing a book of statements for its 50th Anniversary.

In the West, the BKs could not use obvious religious messages like they in India because it made them appear too much like the crazy End of the World cult they are, so they had to invent neutral sounding campaigns as a facade.

Once prove successful in the West, BK India followed ... and messed it up by the sounds of it.

So, in short, an advertising campaign was developed into an academic course.

Perhaps that will jog others memory. I'll come back to your question later.

What is "pure knowledge and wisdom"? BKism is based on fallacious thinking, based on numerous fallacies, the most obvious one is circular thinking ... BKism is the "only source of pure knowledge and wisdom" because it says it is the "only source of pure knowledge and wisdom". No one else in the world does.

And, of course, who judges what is "pure knowledge", only the BKs again.

What does it even mean? It's just a advertising slogan, Indians for some reason love "pure" as an adjective, so they tack it on everything.

Re: Source of Value Education; who writes & how it is writte

PostPosted: 14 Dec 2018
by Rajdhani
ex-l wrote: Indians for some reason love "pure" as an adjective, so they tack it on everything.

Very true. Like in:
    1. 100% "Pure" Desi Ghee
    2. "Pure Vegetarian" sign boards in front of restaurants
    3. "100% Whole wheat Bread" (The irony here is Food Safety and Standards Authority of India allows baking companies to brand/claim it as whole wheat bread if the bread contains minimum of 50% wheat. So the companies add 50% wheat, 50% Maida (white flour/refined wheat flour) and add brown color to match whole wheat bread and give a tagline "100% wheat". What they actually mean is the 50% wheat added to the bread is 100% wheat. The consumers are tricked to believe the bread is made of only wheat).

Re: Source of Value Education; who writes & how it is writte

PostPosted: 17 Dec 2018
by ymg
Thanks Pink Panther and ex-l , I am happy to get even these details. Will search the forum also.
I am writing a letter convincing him and will add these details. Thanks a lot.

Re: Source of Value Education; who writes & how it is writte

PostPosted: 24 Dec 2018
by ymg
Just to inform to those who are interested to know my journey of bringing back my Brother from BK's trap -

My letter did not work, he is not ready to open either of the link I provided to tell the truth about Lekhraaj. As he believes, I can find anything I like to believe on the internet.
My next step is to try to convince him in person by visiting him next week, lets see how it goes.

Re: Source of Value Education; who writes & how it is writte

PostPosted: 24 Dec 2018
by Rita
They have brainwashed him completely.

My parents are followers of BK for 15 years. I tried every possible thing on earth to bring them back to reality but all in vain.

All the best to you!

Re: Source of Value Education; who writes & how it is writte

PostPosted: 24 Dec 2018
by Pink Panther
Dear YMG,

You will not change him with a single day’s discussion or even a week or a month. As long as you are an antagonist (literally means "in the opposite corner") instigating a challenge, he will be on the defensive, whichs only reinforces his sense of loyalty to his BK identity.

A person accepts, rejects or changes beliefs from an emotional level, not a rational one. People believe what they want to believe based on certain personal principles and priorities. They will accept things they know are false or questionable if it serves their psychological emotional needs and attachments (and BK identity is very much about a ”spiritual ego”).

If the discussion arises, you have to have indisputable facts. Its not good sending him links. Even if he looked at them, he would likely skim them and disregard them, his mind is already made up, in defensive mode. How many times have you read something from a person, eg a politician, with whom you already disagree? Even if he says something which you agree with, you are suspicious of the motives, no?

If you are not and have never been a BK you won't be able to keep in your head the totality of the culture, experiences, and the history with all the changes they've made to their Gyan (so-called spiritual knowledge) over the decades, at least not without devoting some serious study time.

I would suggest you approach it more positively and less critically at this stage, with genuine curiosity. With the aim to understand him and his way of thinking, ask about what is it he was going though personally at the time he decided to go to the BKs for the first time. What was he wanting and expecting? What did he want to take away from it when he first went along? Did it help in the way he expected? Does what's developed since then align with those original motives? Is this something he is doing for now or does he see it as a lifetime commitment, like a marriage? i.e. it is important to help him separate the wheat from the chaff, for him to realise that which was helpful is not specifically and only belonging to BKs, but accepting the BKs as the only source of that, he gets tied in a self-perpetuating "group-think” which will eat up his time, money and energy, and future.

e.g. some people go to the BKs wanting only to learn some techniques to still their minds to be able to meditate, then gradually, very gradually, find themselves introduced to a whole new belief system that at each step asks them to accept an alternative truth they would not have accepted before they had a reason to want it to be true. That is, they learn some meditation skills (of a particular but not unique kind) and through that experience they give more regard to the ’teachers” who then asks them to 'now try this' or 'now consider that’ - with the promise that it will deepen their meditation experiences and be validated as having become ”more spiritual” than others.

Before they know it, they are identifying as part of this community of people who share a common jargon and have similar experiences they can relate to and discuss which non-BKs do not relate to.

This gradual transference of identity to the BK group is the dynamic in many groups, and is focused more sharply in religious cults.

So, if you ask the questions of his gradual evolution into his BK-ness, if you ask - with genuine curiosity as an equal, about what his way of evaluating truth is, what would be a deal breaker for him in his view of the authority of the teachings etc, you are not challenging him nor offering contradictory position for him to reject, you are asking him to think for himself, and question for himself, such things which the BKs discourage their followers from thinking about.

That is, I advise you to not discuss this subject with him as if you are superior for not believing and he is inferior for believing. We all here have made our mistakes in life. We outgrow them (hopefully) and from that we can each understand compassionately " how and why ” the other is as they are.

The riddle asks ”How many therapists does it take to change a light bulb?”
The answer is ”Only one, but the lightbulb has to want to change”

Re: Source of Value Education; who writes & how it is writte

PostPosted: 26 Dec 2018
by ymg
Thanks Rita, sorry to hear that. But, you see, I have to keep trying as he is not even married.

All the best to you too!

Hi Pink Panther,

thank you very much for your inputs. Seems like what you are trying to say will definitely help (I am trying to understand more in case I miss any point).

I tried to argue on the facts with him on phone for 2 min and soon realized that showing him wrong will not work. And even though he gets my point later, he will not confess or share it with me (may be because of ego). Which can affect our emotional equation.

I am planning to have an emotional appeal and give him a months time to think, I will say that you might be correct but please investigate with open mind.

I will keep updating if this can help any family members. Thanks for the hopes :)

Re: Source of Value Education; who writes & how it is writte

PostPosted: 31 Dec 2018
by ex-l
The BKs adapted the idea behind Values Education to use a front, an honourable looking cover for their core activities ...

It provides an appearance of separation from their core activities that they could use to get into places - such as schools and colleges, to target children and young people where going through the door as a Doomsday cult they could not - and it's promotion is based on the usual Brahma Kumari deception, eg its creation story about "educators at the United Nations" meaning BKs at the BK office, or "implemented in 67 countries at over 4,000 sites" meaning all the BK centres in the world.

They promote "Humility" as a value, and yet they are always boasting about a grossly exaggerated connection to small, unimportant departments within the huge United Nations Organisation.

It's not real "knowledge", none of the BK faith is, as establishing what is real knowledge (science) requires hard work studying, experimenting and results that are reproducible.

I'll will write more on its roots and development but what is more important is to look at the qualities or values that the BKs chose to promote as "universal values" and question them;
Peace, Respect, Cooperation, Freedom, Happiness, Honesty, Humility, Love, Responsibility, Simplicity, Tolerance, and Unity.

They all appear to be on the submissive side to me ... and what does "Freedom" mean within the BK world? What hypocrisy.

The LVEP organisation was originally run by BKs. Now it involves non-BKs ... but that too is a trend the BKs adopt, of using non-BKs as deceptive fronts for them.

How can you promote "Honesty" when you are being as deceptive and dishonest at the BKs are?

May be they should take a few of their own lesson?

For example, they write,
Educator evaluations have been collected from teachers implementing the program in countries around the world ... At West Kidlington Primary School in Oxford , England , the Headteacher, Mr. Neil Hawkes, reported that in a working class neighborhood school students learned to be responsible for their behavior.

What they don't say is, Neil Hawkes is/was a BK adherent promiting BKism, therefore non-neutral.

Outsiders are misled.

It's all just BKs giving BKism or BK service projects good reviews made to look as if they were independent.

Living Values: An Educational Program grew out of an international project begun in 1995 by the Brahma Kumaris to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations. Called “Sharing Our Values for a Better World”, this project focused on 12 universal values. The theme -- adopted from a tenet in the Preamble of the United Nations’ Charter -- was “To reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person . . . .” Living Values: A Guidebook was created as part of the Sharing Our Values for a Better World Project. The guidebook -- which provided value statements on the 12 core values, offered an individual perspective for creating and sustaining positive change, and included facilitated group workshops and activities -- contained a small section of values activities for students in the classroom. Those few pages of classroom values activities became the inspiration and impetus for this program.

Living Values: An Educational Program was born when twenty educators from around the world gathered at UNICEF Headquarters in New York City in August of 1996 to discuss the needs of children, their experiences of working with values, and how educators can integrate values to better prepare students for lifelong learning. Using Living Values: A Guidebook and the Convention on the Rights of the Child as a framework, the global educators identified and agreed upon the purpose and aims of values-based education worldwide -- in both developed and developing countries.

I think it actually started from a sincere enough and non-BK project for street children in South America.

Re: Source of Value Education; who writes & how it is writte

PostPosted: 01 Jan 2019
by Pink Panther
Not being too contrarian I hope, I will say that Value Education would fall flat on its face, fail and disappear as a project if it wasn’t meeting some need in the market place. The same can be said for the whole BK project.

What the BKs per se, Value Education program, and other BK fronts have in common is that what succeeds, what satisfies the gap in the ”marketplace” of needs is not that which is characteristically BK. It is the parts they have borrowed or stolen from others, as you say.

The BKs were successfully sued for breaching copyright when they reproduced a Hare Krishna Vegetarian cookbook as their own. They had to withdraw and destroy all copies, and I am pretty sure they would have paid some recompense. Now this is hard copy and provable, whereas a lot of what they do is more ephemeral, and if they are borrowing universal values who will sue them? The universe? If they are trading on traditional values that are outside proprietary ownership, they can claim them as their won and only those who know otherwise will question them.

Their sincerity blinds them to their duplicity and thievery. They justify hiding their true beliefs (agendas) because they believe they are doing it for the good of others, bringing calm and peace where it is needed.

If they were truly selfless and not using these things to promote themselves, they would acknowledge all the sources from which they develop their programs and being BK would only be their personal religious affiliation, mentioned if asked, like a Steiner teacher might mention being Jewish only if asked.

Re: Source of Value Education; who writes & how it is writte

PostPosted: 30 Jan 2019
by ymg
Hello Everyone

I am just feeling helpless to solve this problem. Can we do something big and concrete against Brahma Kumari institution. Can we think of a plan that will face off them and set things clear forever. How long we gonna whine about it an live with it.

Please share your views. If we all come together then nothing is impossible.


Re: Source of Value Education; who writes & how it is writte

PostPosted: 30 Jan 2019
by ymg
This report has the strength to convince people against Baba Lekhraj through media.
Anyone here from media who can help to open this topic and bring it to news?

Re: Source of Value Education; who writes & how it is writte

PostPosted: 04 Feb 2019
by oldbk
Media ... here is what is happening with the Media ... propaganda in full force ... as if there aren't enough "spiritual" channels ... including Godlywood Studio ...
Introducing ‘Awakening’ – A New Spiritual HD Channel by Brahma Kumaris.

The Brahma Kumaris present a wonderful New Year’s gift for 2019: “Awakening,” a new spiritual HD channel. “Awakening” is a 24-hour Channel produced by the Brahma Kumaris and airing on JIO TV. It was created with the understanding that “When We Change Our World Changes.” We all want a happy, peaceful and united world ... it needs to begin with us. Awakening is a journey of personal awakening to a new way of thinking and living. With a wide variety of programs based on spiritual and emotional wellness, this channel aims to make happiness, health, harmony in relationships and a beautiful world our reality.

“Awakening” will showcase –
(1) Chat shows and Talk shows on Emotional health and Lifestyles issues such as Stress, Anger, Fear, Relationships, Professional Issues and Work-Life Balance.
(2) Programmes on the Mind-Body connection: Programmes on De-addiction, Reversal of Coronary Artery Disease, Diabetes, Yoga, Role of emotions in creating good health and healing a disease.
(3) Programmes on Mental Health Issues: Depression, OCD, Hyperactivity in Children and all mental health diseases prevalent in today’s times.
(4) Programmes on the Application of Spiritual Principles in every Profession: Doctors, Jurists, Politicians, Administrators, Business & Industry, Media, Art & Culture, Scientist & Engineers, Security Services, Travel & Tourism and many more.
(5) Cookery shows presenting Sattvic recipes and also sharing the role of mind during cooking and eating.
(6) Special programmes on Holistic Parenting.
(7) Guided meditations throughout the day to help people to meditate sitting at home.
(8) Devotional Songs

Re: Source of Value Education; who writes & how it is writte

PostPosted: 05 Feb 2019
by ymg
oldbk wrote:Media ... here is what is happening with the Media ... propaganda in full force ... as if there aren't enough "spiritual" channels ... including Godlywood Studio ...

Should we allow this happening for years and years again?

Please come forward for this movement and lets try to do our bit. The good news is Sham Manav the one who is fighting for such religious cult wants to talk to us. Please share your views to have our agenda.