How could we fall for this nonsense?

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How could we fall for this nonsense?

Post17 Aug 2007

I feel, well ... embarrassed almost when i tell people about The Knowledge. They look at me and start laughing. That's why we are encouraged to be careful who we talk to about it because any normal person would see its a load of bull right off.

What opened my eyes was when a very rich newcomer was around and how the BK women sucked up to them and gave them all the praise and attention and me, a no money SOUL, was patronised and made to feel inferior. That's when it clicked.

These women who are teaching these so called meditation classes have no understanding of real meditation at all and they are with power to affect naive and well meaning people's lives deeply.

Sit around and listen to silly hypnotic music and call it meditation. What a joke. Well, thanks a lot BK. I sure will be more careful next time I choose a friend.
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Mr Green


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Post17 Aug 2007

Your eyes have opened further to the truth my friend.

peter de


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Post23 Aug 2007

Hello Jakeyboy,

Me too. I have embarrassment and so I became very careful to speak (in general) and particullarly about this knowledge.

I am not sure what you mean by "a load of bull" but my first thought was; 'Indeed, they call him a bull sometimes, Brahma Baba. It's an image from Bhakti. So The Knowledge is a load that is carried to us by a metaphorical bull'.

I look at it positively; money is power. Often rich people have more important social connection than 'poor' people. Important, I mean, in an influencial manner. So in terms of 'service' to a wider field of society they are more important than the unknown, who are in turn more important for spiritual service because they don't have that much attachment to worldly matters. God comes in the first place for the poor and unhappy ones ...

See the patronising behaviour as a weakness! Then you will feel superior in the right way!

What is real meditation? If they cannot meditate properly, how do they get the power you say they have? May be witchcraft?

They play, at the places I've been, nice music, I feel.

Be yourself, be happy!


floundering BK

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Post27 Aug 2007

Dear Jakeyboy,

I understand much of what you are expressing. But, of course, not all people would be attracted by this knowledge. You should not be embarrassed by having given this philosophy fair consideration. Many great ideas have been ridiculed such as, off the top of my head, the idea of man being able to fly. And what was it they said ... ? ... they said "If God wanted man to fly He would have given him wings." Just because not everyone believes something, does not mean that it is not true or not worth considering.

I believe that we as human souls are exposed to so much in terms of concepts, ideas, philosophy of the 'how', and 'why' we are here ... The BK explanation/philosophy is no more nonsense than the extremely confused Christian, or Muslim, or any other so called explanation of our very existence. We use our senses and our 'feelings' to find the truth ... or at least what rings true to ourselves. We are on a journey in search of truth and love.

We are all on a journey, and the BK experience is just a leg of it. We, at least I, have learned much valuable knowledge from it.

Love to you,
a Seeker of TRUTH

Just for the record, I updated my profile to "floundering-BK", and in fact almost ex-BK. But that did not reflect in my previous message. I just thought it important in the light of my previous message to say that I am nearly an ex-BK like you.

peter de


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Post28 Aug 2007

Hey seeker,

Nice words you wrote here ... Good luck on your path!

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Post28 Aug 2007

it is a nice journey ... just be acceptable, flexible and always wanting more and more ... not even the big guys have reached what we are all looking for. :D.

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