The bottom line [3]

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The bottom line [3]

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The bottom line [3] - posted by Lamk on November 11, 2004

Oh I do get tired of all the usage of ‘He’ and ‘Father’. I know Brahma Baba was a wonderful and inspiring teacher and leader, a great humanitarian, social philosopher and spiritual human being, who did much for female kind in India. However, surely God, the Supreme Being, is genderless? This is one of the major problems I had as a BK for 8 years, and yes I know much is said of God the Father and mother, Brother, Sister and child, but basically all the Murlis talk about obedience to a patriarchal figure often seeming to confuse the supreme spirit with Brahma Baba himself. I felt very strongly and still feel that when we talk about the Supreme Spirit whose power we all obviously have experienced, it is not He or a Father figure, or any being that we would recognise. Are we humans so egocentric and unimaginative?

The experience of a spiritual all encompassing golden light and power of the universe is uplifting and wonderful but why do all religions - and I regrettably came to the conclusion that, contrary to the publicity as a university, Raj Yoga is a religion - insist on this archaic perception and style of language?! It certainly alienates me and many others. I stuck it out for so long because the BKs I knew were lovely, sweet and gracious people, and I learned much and gained a lot to enhance my life and awareness; but much of the teaching seemed to me stuck in 19th century uneducated India, and I feel that they need to move on.

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