God has Some Serious Issues [2]

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God has Some Serious Issues [2]

Post02 Jun 2008

What did XBKchat Do for You? & God has Some Serious Issues - posted by: Uddhava on February 1, 2005

I haven’t been here long but yes, my views changed already. Prior to this forum, it seems that there has been remarkably little about BKWSU available on the internet. There were the official BKWSU sites, the Advance Party sites, but that was pretty much it. There is plenty on the internet by ex-members of other eastern religious groups such as ISKCON, Adidam, Elan Vital, Sahaja Yoga. I used to wonder why there wasn’t any forum for XBKs. Was this evidence of BK’s divinity? Was BKWSU different from all these other groups? Did BKWSU have no problems? So this forum has really opened my eyes. It seems that ex-BKs have very similar issues to ex-members of these other groups after all.

I think this forum, rightly or wrongly, will not do any favours for BKWSU recruitment. It is that control of information thing. Oviously this wouldn’t be possible without the internet, but BKWSU is powerless to stop this off-message stuff being available to the general public. In fact, this is perhaps a small watershed in the history of the BKWSU movement: BKWSU arrives in the West - first Westerners join BKWSU - after many years, some BKs drop out - some XBKs become aware of the pattern re; dropping out - ex-BK stories become freely available on the internet.

I mean, by definition, there was no ex-BK forum when Westerners first encountered BKWSU in the 70’s, there was no ex-BK forum before there was a critical mass of ex-BKs. Isn’t it really a different situation now for people who encounter BKWSU for the first time? Of course, BKWSU will continue to win new recruits, but surely fewer than before. As for myself, all this causes me to further question the divinity of the BKWSU.

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