Audacity and the BKWSU

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Audacity and the BKWSU

Post31 Oct 2009

Audacity wrote:I became a BK as a teenager and left at about age 21. I guess when I left I thought I would just try to get on with a normal life and put the BK experience behind me - go to college, get a job, meet new people etc, and that time would heal ...

However, it did not happen and I am kind of embarrassed to say that 25 years have passed and, if I am totally honest about it, I still feel that I cannot comfortably touch people, have friends, or eat normal food etc. I have been suffering alone in silence for 25 years, wondering why my life still seems to be constantly full of serious "bad luck", mental/emotional/physical pain & illness, and an inability to have happy relationships or make long term plans - despite years of therapy, positive thinking, good education and healthy living?

I discovered this site about a month ago, and the "penny finally dropped". I had no idea that so many ex-BKs existed and that the "programming" ran so deep, or that the BKWSU was, in fact, widely recognised as a destructive religious cult. I am amazed at how similar a lot of the ex-BKs stories are to my own. I am just so grateful to the people who started up this site and to ex-BKs who have been brave and kind enough to share their stories. At last I can know that I am not some kind of intrinsically defective person, but that my mind was programmed during my vulnerable teenage years with a lot of very insidious and destructive thought patterns, especially about what would happen to me if I dared to leave the cult.

Now, I hope that by talking about the BK experience and facing the lingering programming I can finally take back my life. It's never too late. I found a very helpful series of videos by an American therapist who specialises in post-cult recovery:

Best wishes to you all.


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Re: Audacity and the BKWSU

Post08 Apr 2010

Listen my love, Audacity,

Get a life, kick it off. These dimwits cannot be so-o clever as to brainwash you so-o drastically.

Get up and get on with it; join a gym, get a personal trainer, go for walks and smell the roses. Believe me, it is as simple as that.

The reason I am here is because I love the mother of my children and want her to see the other side of BK. I don't give a toss to these ''dumb #icthes that cannot save a drowning ship',' or for that matter sail a perfect one.

If they end up separating the mother of children from us, you will see Shivani and et al on Hugh Hefners channel. For every penny I have, by name of the lord I believe in ...

God bless you.

All the best.

I am different and sound brash, because I am a son of the earth. I worked my way and live a honest living. I will go to any lengths to protect the flock ...
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Re: Audacity and the BKWSU

Post10 Apr 2010

deniedhusband wrote:The reason I am here is because I love the mother of my children and want her to see the other side of BK.

Welcome onboard DH.

Sadly, you are by are the first and will probably be by far the last ... we can go into quite specific details about the collusion of the Brahma Kumaris of Dollis Hill, and elsewhere, and marital problems. We also have a far more in depth knowledge of the organisation and its history than most of its current pie-eyed evangelists.

How long has "the mother of my children" been involved and how deeply is she involved?

Given that the leadership live off other people's earnings and family inheritances, I would have to start by drawing your attention their use of the End of the World scenario to encouraging this one way shift of money and property. Newcomers to the cult do not know that their infallible god spirit has made numerous false and failed predictions of "Destruction" as it is known going back to WWII, 1950, 1976, mid-1980s ... they keep changing the dates and not telling one.

There is a lot they are not telling people.
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Re: Audacity and the BKWSU

Post12 Apr 2010

deniedhusband wrote:These dimwits cannot be so-o clever as to brainwash you so-o drastically.

Wish you were right. Fortunately for you, you will never be able to understand what most people here are talking about.

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