Organizational structure

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Organizational structure

Post07 Apr 2012

Does anyone know the organizational structure of BKs?
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Re: Organizational structure

Post08 Apr 2012

It is something we have asked before, and I have asked on the BK forum, and no one seems to know.

A number of us think it basically operates like an underworld mafia with a number of front organizations. That is to say, the *real* structure does not exist in worldly terms, it is all dependent on personal power and relationships within the movement.

I proposed a possible structure, here.

It does seem that,

    a) There is no such thing as the Brahma Kumari World Spiritual University
    b) No single registered organization, e.g. World Renewal Spiritual Trust, appears to have total control over the movement although the WRST in theory *should* be because it was registered to take over the business shortly before Lekhraj Kripalani died.
    c) Each zone seems to operate fairly autonomously like a medieval fiefdom under the control of its zone-in-charge, and so does each center to some degree.
    d) There are some kinds of charters between zone-in-charge and local centers but no universal model. It is a bit of a "first come, first serve ... and the person with the most money and property (or who brings in the most money and property) is king" kind of system.
    e) There are international committees, such as the International Coordinating Office located in London, U.K, but when you contact it, they will deny they have any influence over others, and only offer spiritual guidance.

For me, the whole system is based on exploitation, e.g. setting individuals up to hand over their property and take on maximum liabilities, and shirking responsibilities, e.g. passing the buck to their God Baba who does not exist in the real world.

Behind the scenes exist a small cabal of powerful Brothers and a few old Sisters ... which is where the real power lies.

Why do you ask?
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Re: Organizational structure

Post11 Apr 2012

Hi everybody! How are you all, old and new? I am fine and a bit sorry to notice that the Reach Approach issue has consumed a lot of your energies, but I guess that when the drive for truth and transparency is very strong, involvement and investigation become compulsory. Anyway, about this topic, it sounds really complicated. The question is interesting.

My first thought was: "the more you know, the less you want to have to do with the BKWSO".

If you live in a center, if you are close to the inner circles, if you have been in Gyan for long, and seen and heard a lot of stories, you end up "knowing too much". As a result of that, either you detach totally or partially, or stay on, even in a role of responsability and prestige, for a wide range of reasons, some of which are: Addicted to power or even wanting to climb higher and prepared to continue to turn a blind eye on things that upset you or clash with your ethics but do not harm you directly.

Still interested in getting a piece of the pie, whether that means respect or tangible stuff (cash, if you are selling books, counselling, CDs ... or profiting from donations, getting free accomodation, food, airplane tickets, etc ...). Don't know where else to go, difficulty in leaving everything behind, processing it, and in facing the reality that you will be a misfit in society.

When we deal with "underworld mafia" + cults, we are definitely propelled into something "unlimited"!! And a potentially fatal attraction.


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Re: Organizational structure

Post19 Jul 2012

Hi, All.
I came accross some videos of The Reach Approach on youtube and I have been using them for about 6 months and really benefiting from them.
I have also done some readings at their website.
I had thought of offering them to translate some of the content or the videos to other languages, not with the intent of making any money, but with the genuine intention of spreading it to other people in search of help.
However, after reading your posts I start having serious doubts of their real intention in spreading the material.
Anyway, it has genuinely helped me in my life. Most of it are things I already believe and feel like.
Though I want to help, I can never imagine myself helping someone to take advantage of anyone's beliefs or benefiting myself from it. Specially if the ideas spread were 'stolen' from some other organization.
I would appreciate any information you can give me.

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