Why does all human DNA go back to Africa not India?

Scientific challenges to the beliefs promoted by the Brahma Kumaris so called "World Spiritual University"
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Why does all human DNA go back to Africa not India?

Post01 Jul 2012

A Scottish lecturer was found to be 'grandfather of everyone in Britain' after he took a DNA test to find out where his ancestors came from and it was found that he was directly descended from the first woman on earth, who lived 190,000 years ago.

According to the BKs, 5,000 years ago only one continent existed, India, and it was heaven on earth for reincarnated BK adherents only for 2,500 years. It was only then that the other continents arose and civilisation spread.

If it is true that India was the true birth place of humanity, why does the DNA record not support this? Why do all the human bloodlines not go back to India?
Ian Kinnaird, 72, has a genetic marker inherited from his mother that traces his ancestry to an African lineage that has not been found before in Western Europe.

Researchers from Britain’s DNA, who carried out the tests, said the result meant that in genetic terms he was a “thoroughbred”, and could be described as the “grandson of Eve, or the grandfather of everyone in Britain”. They were so surprised by the results that they phoned Mr Kinnaird, a widower who lives in the far north of Scotland, to break the news to him.

They told him his mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), passed through the female line, was 30,000 years old and only two genetic mutations removed from the first woman, while most men have a genome with around 200 mutations since the earliest humans. Alistair Moffat, the historian and rector of St Andrews University, who was involved in setting up the DNA project, said: “It is an astonishing result and means he could have been in the 'Garden of Eden’.

This lineage appears in Africa, in Senegal, but has never been seen in north-west Europe. It is likely to have reached Britain through the arrival of slaves in Liverpool.

“A woman who might be called Eve and a man who might be called Adam really existed. Eve, the mother of all of us, lived around 190,000 years ago just as homo sapiens were evolving. Other women lived at the same time but only Eve’s mtDNA survived."

“Adam also lived in central Africa, perhaps only 140,000 years ago. Only his YDNA survived to Father all of the male lineages on earth."


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Re: Why does all human DNA go back to Africa not India?

Post01 Jul 2012

Had Lekhraj Kripalani studied "Biology" instead of opening a jewelery shop, he would have changed many aspects of BK religion.

He would also have saved the old women in Mount Abu the efforts and embarrassment to correct, rewrite, and hide so many BK related teachings and informations ... to make swallowable ..!!

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