Me a distracted person

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Meera mehta

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Me a distracted person

Post24 Sep 2012

Helo everyone! I recently joins BK forum. Just get a help from you people. Actully I would like to ask a ques about study.... I love to study but my problem is that. Whenever I open my books I am lost someehere else. I am not able to concentrate. So please will you help me out that how could I concebtrate on my studies???
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Re: Me a distracted person

Post25 Sep 2012

I guess you are in the wrong place Meera, we are really here to help people get out of the Brahma Kumari 'End of the World' cult, or support those people who have lost their friends of family member to them.

If you are sure you don't suffer from anemia, simple dehydration or something physical that would cause it, then perhaps you just ought to go and do what you want to do in your dreams, and get it out of your system ... then study afterwards.

A cold, wet towel wrapped around your head can work to keep you awake. Just don't believe for a minute the BKs want to help you with this just of stuff, they just want to get you into their cult and waste your life.

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